*random wheeze laughing* and he shit... and, and it went all over his leg.

It's sad, because if you're here... You probably suck.


But hey, so do I.

PS:  This site is as messily organized, as my mother's unbathed hairy ass is smelly.  Be warned.


The cast of characters:

Paul  "Jess can't think of anything to say so YEAH!" Thomas, Joel "Thizzle my fizzle, fo shizzle!" Madden, Billy "I'm so pretty" Martin, Benji "I'm so hardcore I wear woman's mascara" Madden, and Chris "Fuck you!  I'm in the band!"...  Yeah, what is his last name?  Anyone?  I'm kidding, somewhere in my head, his last name lurks...  But I'm just not finding it.  It's all a part of the, Good Charlotte drummer conspiracy.  But hey, at least they're letting him show his face in videos and pictures now.  The bitches.


Much need disclaimer for the common sense challeneged:

Hi.  *Waves*  I'm not Good Charlotte.  I won't have sex with you for money, or the promise that you will let me borrow your retainer someday.  I'm just me an eighteen year old girl, who obviously has only a fraction of a very stupid, pointless life.  Don't send me your fan mail, because I'll just print it out and wipe my ass with it.  Thank you.  Also, don't hate me, because I love you and want to be impregnated with your many horribly deformed babies.  That is, as soon as you reach an age where producing sperm is possible.  *Bites the face of random teenies*  Ahem, now to the point of this mass mayhem.  Don't sue me, because I will shout from the roof top that none of this is true.  It's fiction.  Thus the title of this mundane (Is that a word?  HmMmMm...) and pointless website.  I don't know them, own them, walk their dog, molest the siding on their house... Etc, etc.  Also, since I am a sick, sick fuck, this site contains TWINSEX (Benji and Joel, doing "it") and random pieces of slash (any other two hot slices of man flesh from Good Charlotte "getting it on").  This site also contains pretty fucked up shit by ways of suicide, masturbation, and buying condoms from hairy cashiers at Wal-mart during the wee hours of the night.  You are for warned.  As an example to the mounds and mounds of fucked up shit that are within the imaginary walls of this site, I offer you this.


Enough said.


If you're still alive, or even remotely interested in seeing what the fuck lays beyond this link... Then freaking click it.  I can't think of anything to fill up this space.