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The G.C.B.R.O. is proud to announce two different  Chat Room's, for the open discussion of Bigfoot
related topics.  All are welcome to join in on the chats, but we have a few guidelines you must follow.  There
is to be NO harassment of another chat person.  NO slandering or profanity, or de-grading of another chat
person. NO harassment of any kind will be tolerated.  This is NOT a pornographic Chat Room so if this
is what you came for, then please leave. If any of these rules are broken we will take all necessary means,
to report the individual/individuals to the proper authorities as well as have them blocked and permanently
banned from our Chat Room as well as our Message Board found elsewhere on our web site!  Please
read the Chat Room topic's below and choose the correct chat room that fit's your need's.


Room #1.  This is the GCBRO GENERAL CHAT ROOM, Open chat room to all, but remember this IS a Bigfoot web site, and most that come here want to talk about Bigfoot.  Great place to connect with us, and see what is going on in the Bigfoot world.


Room #2.  This is the GCBRO PRIVATE ROOM, where members as well as friends of members can come to chat.  NO paranormalists, or internet armchair researchers are welcomed here.  If you are NOT
a Hunter who actively Hunts Bigfoot, or you are NOT a Member of the GCBRO, then please go to the GENERAL CHAT ROOM link instead.  You will be pleasantly accepted at the GENERAL CHAT ROOM, but not at this one.


In both chat rooms if you don't have a microphone you can use the text part of it.  So now you have a choice of three different places to go chat by text, and now even a voice chat.  And the voice part sounds really good too.   Choose your room below.  Remember the above statements when choosing.




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