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Global Computers Corporations (GCC) has been actively in servicing the educational computing needs of schools and universities for the past fourteen (14) years.

It was founded in 1980 by a groups of MBM 1979 graduates of the ASIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (AIM) .GCC pioneer the unique way of "computer education subcontracting " arrangement with various educational institutions. The company provides the course syllabus and curriculum, qualified computer instructor and the computer hardware and peripherals. Burden by lack of capital and computer knowledge, the arrangement is very attractive to the school, not to mention the prestige and credibility generated by their holding of computer courses. The school only provides the classroom and student which are existing in their campus.

GCC's primary objective is to provide high quality and relevant computer education to schools and universities. GCC's computer instructor has been carefully recruited and trained for elementary , high school, collegiate and professionals classes to ensure the delivery of high quality education. GCC has prepared standardized teachers' guides and manuals, textbooks and instituted faculty performance monitoring and management systems.

GCC's top officers are member of prestigious educational computing associations namely International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) in Eugene, Oregon, and Computing Using Educators (CUE)-USA in Santa Clara, California. In 1994, GCC launched and sponsored a telecommunication project in cooperation with AT&T Learning Network Team. A group of high school students from San Beda College were joined electronically through MODEM with ten (10) different high school classes in the United States, Canada, Japan, and Germany. At the end of a four-month long program, the participating students were able to distribute Delta Drawing Today developed by Power Industries of Boston Massachusetts, U.S.A. In 1995, it also signed an agreement with Logo Computer System Inc., based in Montreal Canada, to exclusively distribute Logo Writer Intermediate, a programming software for the grade school and high school.

GCC manages to keep abreast with innovations in computer technology and education through its Associates here and abroad. As a member of the Philippine Computer Society specifically in the Education Sector.

GCC, more than a business organization is committed to make computerization available to everyone, and thus, enjoy the benefits of high technology. As responsible educators, we do not concern ourselves with training our students with latest hardware and software, but we emphasize the proper and morel use of modern technology in ones's life. To date, GCC has graduated more than 80,000 students in various academic levels.