GCC Services

GCC Services Offered

Educational Computing and Consultancy

Global Computer Corporation consultancy services cover the whole range of the integrating computing program. This covers the following areas, namely: pre-planing activities; integrating computers in the curriculum; staff development process; Hardware and Software acquisition; and organizing and implementing the program.


Trainor's Training Program

Schools which are financially equipped to purchase their own computers usually assign one of its own faculty to manage the computer program. Oftentimes, the EDP curriculum of the school remains stagnant even in the midst of brand new machines because there is no faculty available to design and implement innovations. GCC's role is to continually update the trainor so the she can implement the latest trends in educational computing. The teacher is given a tainor's seminar of 15 hours. This includes lectures, hand-on, program diskettes, books, syllabus, sample exams and printouts.


Courseware Development Program

Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) software is now used in GCC's affiliate schools. The students love the programs because they can see the relevance of computers to their subjects

The courseware can enhance the teaching and learning of subjects like math, spelling, logic formation, grammar, etc. The training (10 hours) includes program diskettes, manual and how to modify or add to the exercises.


System Development Program

A fast growing need in private and public schools is the customizing of software programs to suit the need of a particular set up. GCC develops this software based on the specification of the clients. GCC has developed Software Programs for its affiliate schools for their Payroll and Inventory Systems, Teacher's Evaluations Programs Accounts Receivable and Personnel Records Systems, Billing Systems, Library Management maintain and secure computerized system computing system developed.