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Congrats to tha guys for makin it to #1 on TRL and #7 on tha Billboard charts!!! Let's keep on representin'!!!

Hey hey...welcome. Well, this site is not really in its best shape. I'm still thinking of stuff to put
on it. E-mail me some ideas! Also, its pretty messed up at the moment. For example: I think
some of the stuff on the other pages (like the complete bios) don't show. GgRrR...I'm so damn
frustrated right now. I'm bombing my math class and school is becoming a huger and huger
bitch every second. I'm in desperate need of pics to put up because I have nothing to show on
this site! Anyways, for now, checkout the stuff that's currently on the site and enjoy!
Later...*Nicole~representin GC*
P.S. Looking for a new host...e-mail me your has to be a free one though! I
don't have any way of paying for my own domain. Hehe...I know, I'm a very sad person.

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