McLeighs Hydroponics Opportunities
McLeighs Hydroponics Opportunities
Hydro = "Water" and Ponics = "Labor"
A little bit of heather
Fresh Vegetables Then and Now
As a boy growing up on a farm in Ohio, I enjoyed the pleasure of eating fresh beans, tomatoes, and other vegetables right out of the garden onto the dinner table.  Strangers frequently stopped by to purchase seasonal fresh vegetables that tasted so much better than any of the stores were able to provide after the necessary picking, storing, and shipping time normally involved.

I also remember the hot sun beating down on my back, the sweat, sweat bees, hoeing endlessly to try to keep up with the weeds, insects, walking to and from the garden, stooping over to plant, weed, or pick the vegetables.  It was also very weather dependent.

Now, I have the opportunity to once again grow and pick fresh vegetables.  But this time, the vegetables grow in a temperature regulated room any time of the year, at a convenient location and level that makes it a pleasure to plant and pick the ripe vegetables.  Weeding is a fading unpleasant memory and the weather outside is immaterial.

Hydroponics (Soilless Gardening)
The difference is Hydroponics or soilless gardening which permits growing fresh vegetables, herbs, or flowers in a container placed almost anywhere rather than being restricted to an outside garden or a windowsill.  Hydroponics equipment and systems can range from inexpensive but frequently labor intensive home built equipment to somewhat more expensive but reliable and labor saving systems.

Hydroponics equipment enables a gardener of almost any age to enjoy fresh vegetables in an almost effortless manner.  The equipment can be set up at a convenient height eliminating the need for most of the uncomfortable bending and stooping required for normal gardening.

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