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Dev C++ Review

A small review of Dev C++ is now available featuring a few words from the creator of Dev-C++.

There should be an article on application licenses available sometime next week. Until then theres a large range of articles avialable on the long running website.

GGD Launched

This site hopes to provide all the tools and knowledge needed to create and distribute games.

In the Articles section we have three parts of the series named Learning The Basics of C++ which is a guide that aims to teach, as the title suggests, the basics of C++. Then there are two other articles, the first is of the game library Allegro, the second is a quick list on programming languages.

Take a look at the books section if you want something to accompany the articles on the website. This section will grow through the weeks.

Check out growing list of free software.

Have a opinion you want to voice or problem you need solved? Go to the forums section.

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