GC Girls of Maine

Hey and welcome to the GC Girls of Maine website. We are dedicated to GC of course, for all the fans from MAINE! and for all those not from maine. We have some pretty cool stuff here, and more will be added as time goes on. I just thought, that maine was getting a little negelected. Not many bands come and actually play in Portland, which is near where I live. GC came here once! (YAY), and we have had BNL, Jimmy Eat World and stuff, but we don't have that many concerts...hopefully we will have more in the future. Please feel free to email me. Questions about the site, use the site email, and anything else that is IMPORTANT you can catch me at my privet email, I just don't want that one getting filled up with junk. Have a look around, and also feel free to IM me at Bubblicious9009 or absolutcitron65 :) ~mallory