Emacs Info Files for Tcl/Tk Manuals

Having failed to locate any Emacs Info files for the Tcl/Tk manuals, I decided to create them myself. So here they are - Unix man pages for John Ousterhout's Tcl/Tk in Emacs Info with extensive hypertext cross references. The Info files are directly converted from the HTML version, created by Roger E Critchlow Jr.

The compressed tar files can be downloaded here:

These Info files are free to use. The legal stuff is described at the top of each Info file.

To install the Info files of a particular release, say 8.0,

  1. download the compressed tar file tcl8.0-info.tar.gz to a local disk;
  2. uncompress/untar it to either an existing Emacs Info directory, or a new one - in the latter case, make sure to update this variable, `Info-default-directory-list' in your .emacs file or some site setup file;
  3. update the top level `dir' by including the following entries into the menu:
    * UserCmd: (UserCmd.info).   Tcl/Tk 8.0 Applications: tclsh, wish
    * TclCmd: (TclCmd.info).     Tcl 8.0 Commands: commands built into `tclsh'.
    * TkCmd: (TkCmd.info).       Tk 8.0 Commands: additional commands built into `wish'
    * TclLib: (TclLib.info).     Tcl 8.0 Library: C functions which a Tcl extended C program may use.
    * TkLib: (TkLib.info).       Tk 8.0 Library: additional C functions which a Tk extended C program may use.
    * Keywords: (Keywords.info). Tcl/Tk 8.0 Keywords
    Note: If you are using the recent versions of XEmacs and you put the Info files in a directory which has no dir file, then XEmacs's Info will be able to automatically generate the info menu.
If you are interested in context-sensitive help for Tcl/Tk commands using tcl-mode in XEmacs, you can try the following simple elisp codes, which you can put in your .emacs file (Note: GNU Emacs seems to have a different tcl-mode. So I am not sure if this will work at all).
Jerry G. Chen
Last modified: Mon Aug 27 10:16:35 Cen 2001