The GCH Website
Girls Can Help
Hi, and welcome to the one and only GCH website. GCH (girls can help) consists of three girls trying there hardest to make the world a better place. We are doing this by having fundraisers left and right! We have just recently redone our site, so we hope you like it! We are just starting the club up so we have only done one fundraiser so far and that was a bake sale to raise money for the SPCA. We are currently working on a new fundraiser in which will be a bakesale for the local soup kitchen.
   Did you say "book"?
Yup! you herd it correctly, the GCH club is writting a book! I won't be out for a while because we just started. The three of us are writing chapters every two weeks.After that,we are going to try and get it published. We don't know if that last part will work out, but, it's worth a try. If anyone knows of any publishers that might like to look at our book when it is complete, please tell us in the guestbook! We would love to know! Thank you!
                                                        -The GCH club
    The Beginings
Our Club first began when one of our members was reading a magazine. She got the greatest idea and talked to three of her friends about it. They all worked together and made it happen. If one of us thought of it while reading a magazine, you guys could probably think of a lot. All you need to do is think of what kind of club it is going to be, what your club is going to be called, and who is going to be in it, once you have figured those things out, it's all a piece of cake. Most people dont want clubs because of work, but it's barely any work! Believe me, i dont lie!
Meet the GCH club!
We feel you should know us a little bit better, because know, for all you know, we could be aliens, or bears, or fish... you get the idea, so we are going to you a little about us!

Courtney: Hi, im Courtney and I am the leader and founder of the Gch Club. (even though im titled leader, at the meetings, no one really is!) I am a goodhearted girl, i play soccer, and i love to act! and... I actually like school!

Alexa:Hello there! Pleased in advance to meet you.  I am the secretary and co-founder of this club.  I love dogs, shopping, and learning. No I don't like school but i like learning. I know, that makes no sense but neither do I....

Erica: Hi! I'm erica and im the tresurer and co-founder of the gch club! I like acting, and i love animals! But the thing i love most has to be my family!
"It takes pride, wisdom, and courage to be a leader, but before you become a leader of others, you must first become a leader of yourself."
-Courtney, president and founder