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Gold Club International is a long term high yield private
loan program backed by various funds and activities. Profits are used to
enhance our program and increase it's stability for the long term. We
offer Members the opportunity to earn a daily interest rate of 10% for
13 days on all funds deposited with us. Gold Club International with
our growing membership welcomes you to join our network and profit
with us. We have solid long term programming in the areas of
Offshore Data Management, Advertising, Computer Technical Services
as well as programs for Wealth Building, and Financial Independence.
Our program pays 10% For 13 Days Monday - Friday.

Unitiy Of Purpose: Our efforts are for the good of our Members 1st
then GCI Corp. This putting your Members interest before your own is
revolutionary to the HYIP world. When your purpose is to live up to
your Membership's expectations then the business decisions day to day
are easy because you only have to answer one question does this serve
the best interest of our Members. This unity is built and earned by hard
work and dedication to principal. Once earned it is rocket fuel to any
organization & it is our rocket fuel. Secret blend and very effective.

We use our Exchange Service to produce revenue plus new business
leads. We are very active in this field to keep burden of under planning
and over commiment off GCI's radar.

Professional Management: We will say that our Management is very
strong. This ball field is not for the timid. The decisions we make are
difficult at times and one must be able to lead this group of fine
honorable people to the profit while maintaining their good will. While
at the same time the management of investment operations, advertising,
policy & procedure review, various national laws & customs, planning,
delegation, follow up etc. The list really is endless. All managed and directed in a professional manner with Unity Of Purpose. That purpose
is to go out there and make our Members money & keep our word acting
in good faith and producing strong results.

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