Curriculum Vitae



György C. Kálmán

Home: 2092 Budakeszi, Rigli u. 8.

tel (36-)23/450-910

Office: Institute for Literary Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, H-1118 Budapest, Ménesi út 11-13

tel (36-)1/4667-271


Present positions

Senior researcher, Department of Literary Theory, Institute for literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary


Education and Theses

Habilitation (theses and lectures in order to be qualified as a full professor): “Communities, Canons, Interpretations” (in Hung.) 2000, Graduate School of Literary Studies, Pécs University, Pécs.

PhD     (= Candidate’s Degree, CSc) Literature as speech act: A study in the history of literary theory (in Hung.) 1990. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest.

MA      Critical receptions of a Hungarian volume of poetry (in Hung.), 1977.Eötvös L. University,Budapest. Supervisor: Prof. P. Pándi.

BA       Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Arts, Budapest; majors: English Language and literature, Hungarian Language and Literature, and Aesthetics; 1972-1977


Current areas of research

Interrelations of pragmatics and literary theory

Interpretation theory: interpretive communities, professional/lay interpretation, sociology of interpretation

Contemporary and 20th century Hungarian literature


Knowledge of languages

Hungarian        native

English excellent, written & spoken

French             good, written


Positions held

2000-2007      Professor, Dept. of Modern Literature and Literary Theory, Pécs University, Pécs, Hungary

2000-2004      Head of Dept. of Modern Literatures and Literary Theory, Pécs University

1991--             Senior researcher at the Department of Literary Theory, Institute for Literary Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (henceforth ILS, HAcSc)

1990-              Senior lecturer (as of 2000, Professor) at the Dept. of Literary Theory at the Pécs University, Pécs

1986-1990      Researcher at the Department of Literary Theory, ILS, HAcSc

1983-1986      Researcher at the Department of Modern Hungarian Literature, ILS, HAcSc

1979-1983      Librarian, ILS, HAcSc

1978 - 1979    Teacher of literature at the I. Stephan Secondary School of Economy and Accounting, Budapest

1977 - 1978    Odd jobs, translating, writing lexicon entries and book reviews, teaching Hungarian language at the International Preparatory School, Budapest



2004    Award for Teaching Excellence, Faculty of the Humanities, Pécs University

2003    Prize for the Year’s Publications, Pécs University

2003    Writers’ Society Award for Critics

2000    Alföld Award (for the best publication of the year in the literary magazinAlföld”)

1999    Soros Award for Critics

1997    Széchenyi Professor Grant (a four year state grant for outstanding university professors)

1991    Akadémiai Publishing House Book Award (for the book “Literature as Speech Act”)

1989    Z. Móricz Award of the Ministry of Culture

1989    Z. Kanyó Memorial Award


Major publications


Az irodalom mint beszédaktus (Literature as Speech Act) Budapest: Akadémiai, 1990.

Te rongyos (elm)élet! (You Freakin’ Theory/Life!) Budapest: Balassi, 1998. pp. 293.

(ed.) Az értelmező közösségek elmélete (The Theory of Interpretive Communities). Budapest: Balassi, 2001.

- és valódi élvezetek ([P]leasures of the [he]art). Pécs: Jelenkor, 2002. pp. 221.


Articles and Book Chapters

Kafka’s Prometheus. Neohelicon 34(2007), 1: 51-58.

„Translating Language, Text, Short Story, Genre, Style, Literary Trend… and Culture.” In: Rein Undusk, ed. At the End of the World. Text, Motif, Culture. Tallinn: The Under and Tuglas Literature Centre, 2005. [Collegium Litterarum 18.] 82-93.

The Novels of György Konrád – Fiction and Experiment. Literatura (English Special Issue) 30(2004), 58-73.

The Professionals’ Field of Operation: Canons. In: Raja Kuncheva at al., eds. Da otgledas smszela. Sbornik v chezt na Radosvet Kolarov. Sofiya, Izdatelski centarBoyan Penev”, 2004. 74-82.

Marginal Characters of (Literary Hi)story: The Popular, the Avant-Garde, the Subcultural in Totalizing Literary Historical Narratives. Neohelicon XXX (2003) 2, 41-48.

After Dictatorships: Transition, Modernity, Post-Modernity and Power. In Djelal Kadir, Dorothea Löbbermann, eds. Other Modernisms in an Age of Globalization. Heidelberg: Universitätsverlag C. Winter, 2002, 63-73.

Literaturovedennie, 90-e gody. Inostrannaja Literatura 2001, No. 3., 223-229.

On happiness, or the performative without conditions. Neohelicon 28(2001), 2, 51-54.

Ideologies of (and in) interpretation. About 400 pages, Prague: Virtus, homepage of Open Society Institute/Research Support Scheme, 2001:

Kanonizirani interpretacii. Literaturna mis’l (Sofia) 45(2001), 1-2, 122-132.

Canonised Interpretations. In: Mihály Szegedy-Maszák, ed. National Heritage - National Canon. Budapest: Collegium Budapest Workshop Series, 2001, No. 11, 95-106.

“Literariness of Theory,” Neohelicon 27(2000):1, 15-20.

Ways of Representing Discontinuous Memories: Re-arranging the Canonical Order by Breaking with Classical Literary Historiography. In Vervliet, Raymond and Annemarie Estor, eds. Methods for the Study of Literature as Cultural Memory. Volume 6 of the Proceedings of the XVth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association “Literature as Cultural Memory”, Leiden 16-22 August 1997. Amsterdam/Atlanta, GA: Rodopi, 2000, ??-?? pp. [Series: Textxet. Studies in Comparative Literature 30 Proceedings of the XVth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association “Literature as Cultural Memory”]

„What Is Wrong with Interpretive Communities?” In: Ernő Kulcsár-Szabó, Mihály Szegedy-Maszák, hrsg.: Epoche, Text, Modalitaet. Diskurs der Moderne in der ungarischen Literaturwissenschaft. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1999. 195-212.

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Hungary. In: New Literary History International Bibliography of literary theory and interpretation 1984-1985. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins U. P., 1988.

(With Gábor Prószéky, László Kálmán, Ádám Nádasdy) Hocus, focus, and verb types in Hungarian infinitive constructions. In: Werner Abraham, S. de Mey, eds., Topic, focus, and configurationality. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 1986, 129-142.

The rise of the absurd (?) in Hungarian drama. Neohelicon 13(1986), No. 1.: 163-176.

Some borderline cases of translation. New Comparison 1(1986), No.1.: 117-122. (In Turkish: Çeviride Bazı Sınır Durumlar. Metis (İstambul), 14(1991 Kiş), pp. ??) – See also in José Lambert, André Lefevere, eds. La traduction dans le développement des littératures. Bern etc.: Peter Lang, 1993, 69-72.

(With Gábor Prószéky, László Kálmán, Ádám Nádasdy) Topic, focus, and auxiliaries in Hungarian. Groningen Arbeiten zur germanistischen Linguistik 24(1984), 162-177.

Context. The main factor of the receiver's creativity. Proceedings of the 9th International Congress of Aesthetics. Dubrovnik, 1980. Vol. 2. Beograd, 1980. Vol. 3. (Abstracts) Beograd, 1980.




1992-2007      Senior lecturer, then Professor at the Department of Literary Theory, Pécs University, Pécs, Hungary (Head of Dept., as of 2000)

1986 - 1987    Teacher of Hungarian language, courses for American students at the Budapest University of Economy

1987-1988      Teacher of literature, courses in the history of Hungarian literature for American students at the Eötvös Collegium, L. Eötvös Univ., Budapest


Conference Presentations

2005    Pécs, Hungary, Jacques Derrida Memorial Round Table with Jean-Luc Nancy

2004    Limoges, France, Université Limoges and Pécs Univ. joint conference on linguistics and literature

2002    Dubrovnik, Croatia, Conference of the AILC Committee of Literary Theory

2002    Sofia, Bulgaria, joint conference of the Bulgarian and Hungarian Academies

2002    Tallinn, Estonia, joint conference of the Estonian and Hungarian Academies

2002    Pécs, Hungary, invited keynote speaker of the Congress of IGEL (International Society of Empirical Literary Studies)

2001    Berlin, Germany, Conference of the AILC Committee of Literary Theory

2000    Pécs, Hungary, Round Table with Jacques Derrida on the future of universities

2000    Cairo, Egypt, Conference on Literary Criticism

1998    Leiden, The Netherlands, congress of the AILC

1989    Varna, Hungarian/Bulgarian conference on literary theory

1989    Barcelona, Perpignan, 4th International Congress of Semiotics

1988    Munich, 12th Congress of the AILC

1986    Vienna, 2nd International Congress of Hungarian Studies

1985    Paris, 11th Congress of the AILC

1984    Novi Sad, conference on 20th century Hungarian literature

1980    Dubrovnik, 9th Int'l Congress of Aesthetics


Other scholarly visits

1993 - 1994    Tel Aviv, Porter Institute of the Tel Aviv University, 4 months grant of the Soros Foundation (New York) and an additional 4 months grant of the Hungarian Ministry of Culture and Education

1993    Stockholm and Lund, 2 weeks grant at the University of Stockholm and Lund

1992    London, 2 weeks grant at the London University

1990    Amsterdam, 2 weeks grant at the Univ. of Amsterdam

1989    Amsterdam, 2 weeks grant at the Univ. of Amsterdam

1987    Toronto and Montreal, 30 days (grant)


Other Scholarly Activities

2003-present               Editor, BUKSZ (Budapest Book Review)

1997- present  member, Literary Studies Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1997- 2002     Honorary Secretary, Literary Studies Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1995-96          Editor of the literary journal 2000

1993- present  Member of the editorial Board, Café Babel

1992-95          Regular book reviewer and member of the editorial board, Beszélô

1991-94          Honorary Secretary, Poetics Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1990- present  Editor, Literatura, journal of the Institute for Literary Studies


Professional societies

1985-              International Association of Hungarian Studies

1984-              AILC/ICLA: Association Internationale de Littérature Comparée

1987-  1993    International Association for Semiotic Studies

1997-2004                  Member of the Committee of Literary Theory of the AILC