A Peace of My Being

Peace is the loud silence
Between me and the rest of the world
Peace is what I live in
What I bathe in, what I love in
Peace is forever with me
I must have silence
To truly enjoy it
Peace breathes within me
Giving me strength
To endure my voyage
Peace is the calm
That soothes my soul
Peace is the whirlwind
Of joyous pleasure
That can only be felt
When you're sitting still
Peace is real

(c)2001 by Gabriella Cloci
This is my "official home page".   Why?   I feel "at home" in PEACE.   I think this page best portrays my personality, my being, my center.   I'm proud of all of the pages I've created thus far (even though I'm not a web genius) so I've created links to them.   Feel free to browse the thoughts of my mind if you wish.   Enjoy!
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