Mexican Standoff

By DougsBrat

N 20° 22.004' W 86° 59.599' (WGS-84)
Date Placed:04/19/2001

Cozumel Mexico's 1st GeoCache
and possibly
1st Under water Cache

This is a 2 part cache

1st part

This Cache its on dry land and in a remote but populated part of the island.

Difficulty rating:
Terrain rating:

The Cache is a Tupperware like plastic container which I painted camo to help conceal it.

Things I recommend about this cache:
  1. Transportation - (moped, jeep or taxi) its way too far to walk from any where a tourist would arrive on the island.
  2. There is a store very near by for a drink or snack
  3. There are a few shops out this way.. but the deals are much better.
  4. A compass might speed things up once you are real close.

Once you find it:
  1. Sign the book
  2. Trade something if you like
  3. If you are a diver, copy the directions to the 2nd cache.

More Hints

use these only as needed they might spoil the challenge.

  1. clue
  2. clue
  3. clue
  4. clue

2nd part

This part requires SCUBA gear to reach. DO NOT attempt if you are not a certified diver.

Difficulty rating:
Terrain rating:

The Cache is 2 laminated sheets with the cache info printed on it.

Things I recommend to take to this cache:
  1. A buddy
  2. SCUBA gear
  3. A compass
  4. Dive Slate & Pencil
  5. Underwater camera or video recorder
Things I recommend NOT to take to the 2nd cache.
  1. Things to trade. (there is no container just the cache information)
  2. Un-Certified SCUBA divers, unless they are used to help on the beach.
Pictures available
when I return from trip
For more information on this Cache
look HERE at www.GeoCaching.com

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