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The end of the line……..
It is nearly 2 years since that day when GCNWorld started and during that time I have seen a lot of sites close, their excuses usually say that they can not compete with big sites like ign cube. For me it was a hobby it was something I did because I enjoyed it and have a love of all things Nintendo. I never saw the site finishing but as the Gamecube was released and the excitement of big news is gone. I do not want to spend my time doing game reviews or posting news of new games.

People have asked me do I think Nintendo will be around in 100 years and this is what I say to them.
Nintendo has been around for over 100 years, They started making playing cards and today they make game consoles. Whatever new technology the future brings I believe Nintendo will be there “To make life fun”

“If pacman affected a generation we would all be running around in the dark eating happy pills and listing to techno music- hey pacman invented                                    rave” - Nintendo

To any regular site visitors “goodbye, I hope you continue to support Nintendo and Nintendo fan sites. I think there is a good chance you will hear from me again when Nintendo announces their next console, Until then Keep on Gaming.”

----Robert Henderson----
GCNWorld History

The day after The first pictures of the Gamecube console were released Robert Henderson posted the news on his personal website. Soon he had four pages with details about The Gamecube and Gameboy Advance.

This was the beginning of “Roberts Gamecube World”. The site soon grew into 20 pages and it became obvious that having a site this size as an off shoot of a personal page was going to limit the sites capability to grow into a good site.
So “Roberts Gamecube World” moved and changed its name to “Gamecube World” (and later “GCNWorld”).
It was at this stage that a second Staff member was employed. The only thing this staff member (who shall remain unnamed) did was one update which stated that he was working for “Gamecube World”. His excuse for no more updates was he forgot the password, and he was never heard from again. It was also at this stage that the first “Gamecube World Forums” were introduced.
Layout changes became a regular thing for “Gamecube World” and the second layout was very nice indeed. It was the only layout that received positive remarks from visitors. It was now that the site got its first affiliates.

“I just wanted to say that I really like your site, so easy to                       navigate, just like a site should be”

The layout should have stayed the same but it became a bit too boring as other sites were moving forward onto greater things.
So once again the layout changed. This was to be the greatest mistake in the history of the site. I wanted to try something new and different but an orange and purple site did not go down well and it didn’t last long either.

Up until now I had used white as the background and this was because I had read that dark backgrounds caused depression. It was time for a change and so the finally “GCNWorld” layout was introduced.

“Nintendo Gamecube Rated T for Teen” 
                - Gamecube TV ads

Roberts Gamecube World - Unavaliable
Roberts Gamecube World - Vol. 2
Gamecube world - unaviable
World - Vol. 2
Final GCNWorld

Roberts Gamecube





I never made any money out of this advertising. Goodbye, this site will self destruct in............