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Welcome to CLG Enterprises. We are a family team and together form CLG Enterprises. We originally started out wanting to have a small home business to help with our family income. So we searched the internet and soon realized that most of the jobs posted were nothing but scams to get your money. We kept on looking and finally came across the one we have listed below. It amazed us but it actually worked. We were actually making a pretty good income with it. So at that point we decided, why not open up a website with a listing of jobs that are legitimate and can produce money. Included in the free software are many money making home businessess for free. So check us out below to see what we have to offer.


Home typist needed to process orders and respond to emails. Work 2-20 hours per week from your PC around your schedule. No experience needed. For more information send email to: or read job description below:


Processing Specialist. This position is done over the internet. It involves processing email orders, for software, from your home office. Each order must be processed promptly and copied to a 3.5 diskette. This will involve working 2-4 hours per day or more if you choose. Full training will be provided, including; software that is downloaded to your computer, an information packet, and a duplication license. This information will teach you how to receive and process the orders. The software and information is free but we need to charge $7.95 to cover the costs for shipping and handling. There will be no other charges to you.


No experience is necessary.
You must be self-motivated and disciplined.
PC, printer of good quality and an email account.


Payment for this position is based on your ability to process orders. You can earn $10-$15 per hour. You will be paid by check to your home office every week.


Send your name, home address, email address along with the postage and handling fee ($9.95) to:

CLG Enterprises
P.O. BOX 423
Cheektowaga, New York 14225

Please allow 10 business days from the date you mail your application to receive your free software and information packet.

As a bonus you will be able to download and use several documents to help you with your own Home Office Career!

Good Luck in your future business endeavers!!!