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Basic (Doesn't Get Much More)

Name: Greg                      DOB: 7/25/1982
Location: Tampa, Fl.         AIM: GregCaracci82
Yahoo IM: GCRock82
To Try And Encapsulate Oneself In Several Paragraphs  
Iím a senior at USF majoring in English (creative writing) and philosophy. I look to be graduating at the end of the year, and I guess Iíll go to grad school after that for one of my focuses. I was born in Long Island, NY and bred in Ocala, so forgive me if I shudder when I see horses or senior citizens. If you didnít just get that, good for you. Iíve gotten pretty comfortable in Tampa since my awkward beginnings here, though I donít know where the future will lead me post graduation.
     I live in Avalon Heights, an apartment complex close to the school that Iíve grown to find less charming with every ceiling leak. Itís okay, though, I just kind of keep my eyes on the prize and tell myself that crappy furniture is temporary, but pride is forever. Unless you happen to be crappy furniture, but fuck you, then.
     As for my nightlife, I spend time in Ybor, sometimes at the Castle, or seeing a show at the Masquerade, and I like dive bars. Iím fond of bookstores when the sunís out.
     Machismo aside, Iíve got my artsy/moody/JesusChristIímweirdandnobodygetsmeeventheotherweirdone
s side, and that usually takes the form of crazy fiction pieces. I have a few other potential outlets for expression that Iím probably too lazy to gain any competency in, but weíll see.
      I ask why not more than why. I get the joke.
     I can say that at the very least, the future is looking compellingly odd, if not blindingly bright.

My interests include, but arenít limited to:

novel experiences; laughter; satire; inflicting myself on the reading public; philosophy; literature; junk culture; ancient Greece; psychology; comic books; winter; history; cartoons; religion/mythology/beliefs; Homestarrunner; art; music; Europe; taking the box and tossing the damn thing already; cinema; old woodcuts; walks at night; the eighties; nWo; drinks with peeps; car rides (but not down Fletcher); being places that I'm not supposed to be; places with atmosphere 
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Misc.  Interests
CFCC graduation, 2003
Senior prom, 2000
The most badass dog in the world giving my brother a sort of unique hug.
Yes, Arnie, you should be ashamed.Of course, not as bad as me for my prom date.
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