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"Hey! I love your good charlotte site! It's got great stuff....Do you think you could add some more pictures of Benji and Joel?"

Yes. That was an actual E-Mail i recieved.. and because of it I'm gonna stop updating....I'ts not just becuase of this one particular person.. I feel like alot of the fans arent into Good Charlotte for the music, but sadly the looks.  I've even had people admit this to me.  It really sucks that some bands especially ones like Good CHarlotte have fans like the ones im talking about.  My objective for this site wasnt for people to stop by check out the pics and leave. Alot of my time and energy has gone into this site and I wanted it to be for fans wanting to learn more about the band.  Good Charlotte is still my favorite band and they probably will be for a very long time, i kno it sucks but thats life.  Keep Representin GC cuz theyre representin us....
oh and for all you stupid ass people : dont sign my guestbook saying how wrong I am for shutting down the site... i dont give a flying fuck what you think.