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Number of men who want me now.
So this is the real me.  It took me 25 years without toothpaste to achieve this effect.    Anyways, if you can tear yourself away from my pic for a few,  find the hidden links on this page.  For you slowbies, that means when your mouse pointer turns into a hand (duh.....that is a link!) my best!!!!!!
My fantasy man...anyone know where i can find one???
What is green and flies over Poland?
Peter Panski!
Patience folks.....I am still working on this.....check back periodically for the meantime,send cash donations to : Gwen Wagner, 50 Date Palm Dr, Sparks, NV 89436
*If you do not send anything,  you will have BAD LUCK for 10 years!
*A little thanks to the artist formerly known as "cokeman" for a great link on here!