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What is the most memorable component of a business meal?

As a business executive, I take my customers to dinner to enjoy a pleasant meal to take the opportunity to understand a prospective customerís needs, to discuss a current situation with a customer, or to propose a business solution.

It is not always easy to identify the correct time to introduce the purpose of the business meal because this is dependent on the client. With a current customer, the objective of the meeting is often discussed first, leaving room to have a memorable dinner the rest of the evening. With a prospective customer, you often engage in small conversations.

The topics of† these small conversations in a business meal always involve a delectable appetizer, an enigmatic salad dressing, a succulent steak, and a memorable dessert. Quiet often, the objectives of the business meal have been met and the focus of conversation is around the dessert and becomes the most memorable component of a business meal.


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