Merry Christmas 2007 to those of you that still check the site! I was feeling nostolgic tonight, and  have to log onto the page ever so often to keep it alive,

I do wonder what has become of all you folks :) are you off in other morgs fighting dragons and dungon crawling?  or did that really all end with the demise of eq.

I did play eq2 for a time. untill around level 65 but Ive never been the one to finish. :) and I still havent found a game or home in a game quite like what we had in eq,  tiaman-  Jud and sammy ..hugs!    Ivy and pant..miss ya!    chad and Angus Mc Ravish ;P  miss ya ---sasha.. you bitch lol miss ya  too, :P    noo the ms didnt keel me, im just too freekin mean I think :P   

and Inca, I miss you lots, I hope all is well with you! I worry over you constantly

The rest of you dancers! over 2000 of you over the years! seasons greetings and remember what a great group we were for 8 years!!!
                               "I think in common law.. that makes us some kinda family :P"
                                                                 and remember
                                                     Once a Dancer... Always a Dancer

Ciarah / Nj
Guild co Leader
Grave Dancers Union


I dont have many screen shots left, just a few, too many computer crashes lol but this was a fun day in...cant remember the zone lol