My music style is one of a conservative person.  I normally do not use tape accompanment tapes when I sing.  I have an accompanist that has played for me the last 23 years.  I do have accompanment tapes and do use them when I dan't have the availability of a piano.  If using tapes I am careful not to use any thing that would not be appropiate.  If a pastor requests that I do not use them, then I don't.I believe that the music that I do needs to be done to the glory of God and not to myself.  I believe that all we do needs to be done to the glory of God.  I try to keep all my music "vertical".  What I mean by that is to keep everything going up to God.  I will work with the pastor on whatever style of program that he wants. 

As I do my concerts they are always an evangelistic view.  I sing about God, Jesus and salvation.  At the end of my programs I like to give an invitation as to allow people to have an opertunity to make a public show that they are giving their life to God.

Yes there will be some churches that I will not sing at.  This would involve churches that are not of like faith with my doctrinal statement.  That can be viewed on my
statement of faith page

I do not believe in the "Contemporay Christian Music Movement" and do not use that style of music in any of my programs.  Althogh I don't believe that all "Contemporay music" is bad, I believe that we have to becareful of what music we listen to and performe.  I believe we need to keep ourselves seperate from the world.  Many churchs today believe that they have to use this kind of music to "bring them in".  I do not!  And I will not!! 

We are in this world, not of this world.