PRAYER REQUESTS
04-07-04  Deborah and Andy Evanoski Problem:  Not saved, Andy is in his mid 50s and has extremely aggressive form of prostate cancer (aggressivity level of 9 out of possible 10) that has moved throughout his entire body.  He is responding very well to treatment and has dedicated a portion of each day to praying the Rosary. Deb, same age, simultaneously (same day) diagnosed with possible colon cancer, not yet defined, spiritually the same as Andy.  They have two children, same spiritually, Holly and Andy Jr., both out of high school recently.   Thanks, Dave

04-07-04  I wanted to let you know about Jackie's Mom. The doctors have just discovered more cancer. She has been having alot of trouble with the chemo and other treatments. But most of all please pray for her Salvation. This is a BIG struggle for Jackie and her family. Pray that God uses every chance for someone to be put in her path to see her come to the Lord.

04/07/04  From my Neice:  I am still in some pain. I've been sick so I haven't been able to go to therapy on monday and tuesday. I still have therapy on thursday at 2pm

04/28/04   HEALTH UPDATE: Dr. Rembert Carter  We wish to express our deepest appreciation to each one who has supported our father and husband during this very special trial in his life. You may never know the depth of your partnership until we see our Lord in glory. But please know that your labor is not in vain.  Yesterday our husband and father underwent surgery to remove a tumor in his brain. The procedure was 'clean' according to the surgeon. Unfortunately, they found that the tumor did originate in the brain (not a good sign), is in all likelihood malignant, and had significantly grown and spread even in the last two weeks. Early next week there will be a meeting of several doctors, at which time a further plan will be developed for how to proceed from this point.  Here is some information and several current requests. One, updated medical information will be posted on the Summit Baptist Bible Church web site at www.summitbaptist.org. Also, the tumor has affected areas related to verbal and written expression, and recall of information. It is very difficult to communicate or understand with whom he is communicating. He has not been able to access e-mail for about the last three weeks or so. If you have written a note, please don't be offended if you did not receive a reply. In all likelihood it was never received. If light of this situation, we kindly ask you to please not write to his e-mail address nor call their home. We know you mean well. It's just that such messages cannot be processed at this time.   As many of you know, our father and husband loves to communicate with people, a cause to which he has dedicated his life. Thus being unable to communicate with others, or recognize those to whom he has dedicated his life, is indeed a special trial.  His emotional and spiritual conditions are remarkably strong, for which we thank God and the many, many who have been praying for him. He is sharing with all about the wonderful fellowship he is experiencing with God in the midst of this trial. He is also sharing his faith with many with whom he comes in contact.  We would ask your continued prayer support in the weeks ahead.  The Carter family
(04/26/04 7:46 AM)


Though Aril showers may come your way.  They bring the flowers
that bloom in May.