DECEMBER 2003

12-06-03  We have been praying for Leo, a friend of mine,  he had open heart surgery on Wed.  The surgery went well and he is up and around.  He will be in the hospital for 7 days and then should be going home.  As I get more information I will pass it on.

12-09-03  Hello Everyone,  I got the chance to visit Leo today at the hospital.  He is doing fine considering all that was done.  Leo will be going home today (this evening).  His spirits are good.  Continue to pray for him for strength and also his family.  ....Gary

Dear friends.......As many of you know, on Dec 1st I underwent a cardiac catherization to see if I needed further attention to my heart. The doctor gave me the sad news that I had multiple blockages and would need open heart surgery. On Dec.3rd, surgery was done at Wilkes barre general and all went well. I had five by-passes and spent a total of nine days in the hospital. I am home now recuperating and this is the first day I have been strong enough to sit and reply to all of you. i can't thank you enough for all the prayers, cards and letters of encouragement that i have received. The folks from our church have been great and loving and caring....and I am thankful for our friends in Wilkes barre also who spent much time coming to visit me st the hospital. Please pray now for my wife Cindy.....she developed walking pneumonia lst friday and was admitted to the hospital that day. We have been apart now for five days and hope to be together for Christmas. She is receiving antibiotics and resting. Joel and our boys have been terrific in helping us out thru this time, as well as others in our church and community. Once again, thank you for all your prayers and concern....Pastor Leo

12-31-03  Please pray for my friend Ray.  We have prayed for him before when he had open heart surgery.  For the past year he has been fighting cancer.  Today he is loosing the battle.  He now has a large tumor on his liver and is in hospice.  He does not look well and is sapped of strength.  I lead him to the Lord right before his open heart operation.  Today he is looking for anything that can help him.  I told him to read the Bible and to pray.  He put his trust I the Lord and now he need to turn to the Lord for help.  Pray that he will give all his heart to the Lord and to put all his trust in the Lord and look to the lord for his strength.  Gary

12-31-03  Hello everyone.  This is an update on Leo.  He is home and is doing better.  Please continue to pray for him after his open heart surgery.  Also pray for his wife Cindy.  She was in the hospital recently.  I have not gotten any recent update as of today.  Please pray for them both during these trying times.  Gary