PRAYER REQUESTS
02-01-04  In the light of our circumstances, and the treatments for Dale’s cancer to                                 occur these next weeks, we ask that you pray that we focus our attention on God and                               not on the things that surround us. Psalm 9:10, “They that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.”  February is known, by the world, as the month of “love.” May we reflect upon the perfect love which only God can give. Be assured of our love for each of you and the work you are accomplishing for Him. We enjoy hearing from you and of your work. Dale & Marie Moore  Serving with Baptist Church Planters

02-03-04  Gary,I wanted to update those on the prayer list about the infant girl in OKC. I apologize for taking so long to update.   She did come through the second open heart surgery that she underwent in two weeks. She is stable but still in ICU.   You can pass on that she is having difficulty with some fluid in her lungs. They are drawing it out hourly and the culture tests on the fluid have not shown anything yet. Pray they can find the reason for it and get it to clear up. Also pray that her digestive system will get going again. For now they are feeding her by I.V.  Thanks for your prayers, she has come this far because of the mighty work of God in her life. Pray for her young parents as well. She is their only baby.  Bryan

02-04-04  Hey Gary!Just wanted to let you know that Russ is in Mercy hospital.  He may have had a stroke.  He was so disoriented when I got home from work today.  He was vomiting and not feeling well.  I took him to the hospital and he was still disoriented.  They did a CAT scan and took some blood.  His kidneys are failing so they admitted him to watch him and run tests on his kidneys.