JANUARY 2003
                                     PRAYER REQUESTS
01-18-03  Please pray for my wife Jackie.  She will have a cauterization on her heart on Wed. 01-22-03.  Please keep her in prayer.  Gary

01-18-03  Please pray for my sister Gale.  She is having some problems with her other foot now.  She is getting along with her artificial foot that she has been on for a few month.  Gary

01-18-03  Please pray for my brother Rick.  He is having back problems and is on meds that is making things tough for him.

01-20-03  Please pray for my church.  We are looking for a new pastor.  3 weeks ago our pastor resigned.  Please pray for guidance for our church leaders as they look.  Pray we will take our time in finding the right man that God wants for our church.  Gary

01-22-03  Please lift up Mary Deschesne in prayer.  Mary is a one month old premie who is gravely ill in Dartmouth Medical Center in Hanover, New Hampshire.  Mary was taken to the hospital last night with a temperature of 89!  She has an undeteremined infection.  The doctors have told her parents (our friends John and Diane) that they have a very sick daughter.  Sincerely,Steve and Dana

01-23-03  Please pass this along and ask everyone to pray.  My Aunt is suffering from kidney failer and has been on a waiting list for a kidney transplant.  God can perform miracles even in times when it seems just impossible that one would survive an illness but with the Lord, all things are possible.  I am praying that if it His will that my Aunt be healed, that a kidney would be available for her.   Most of all, pray for her salvation.      Thank you everyone for your prayers.  Frances

01-23-03  Don Wallace and Tom Younger Hi, We received word that both Don Wallace and his brother-in-law, Tom Younger, went to be with the Lord yesterday (Wednesday, 1/22). At our IFRBC pastors and wives' conference on Monday and Tuesday they gave a report on Don and had prayer for him and his wife, Onalee, who was recently hospitalized again with another stroke.  Brenda and I visited with both of them in the nursing home at Plainfield in September. I believe Don's visitation (and possibly funeral--but I'm not sure on this) will be next Wednesday, January 29.  It will be at University Heights Baptist in Indy, where he served a few years as associate. Jerry

01-27-03  Justice Josephine G. Taitague is five years old and originally is from Merizo, Guam.  She is now a patient of leukemia at the Loma Linda Children's Hospital in Southern California.  She is the miracle child to Anthony and Lynn Taitague after 14 years of marriage and a few unsuccessful pregnancies. Justice was just diagnosed with T-Cell lymphoma in  August of 2002. The Taitague family packed one suitcase and fled to California. She is desperate need of a bone marrow transplant to survive, and doctors estimated last December that she has a 30% chance to live.  With such a very small number of registered Asia-Pacific Islanders bone marrow donors, we barely stand a chance to find a match for her.  As Justice is a Pacific Islander, in the National Registry there are only a total of 4,796 registered donors. To find a match for Justice the statistic is 1 in 20,000.  In the national registry we make up not even half a percent (0.1%). Justice's family wants to make sure the Asian/Pacific Island community is aware and educated on how important it is to get registered with the National Bone Marrow program.

01-29-03  Jen left for Israel on Saturday pray for safety for her

01-22-03  My wife had her heart cat. and they did ot find any blockage.  There is still a problem there and I am sure there will be further tests to see what is wrong.  Gary