JULY 2002
                                              PRAYER REQUEST

07-05-03  Dear Gary, My daughter Lisa is flying out to Haiti 12 midnight- sat 5-- she will teach English to children.  Could you ask prayer for her? To keep her safe.    2 airplanes--  It is her second trip. She went before to build a church.   flo

07-05-03  update on myself.  had new cast put on this past wed.  The problems that I had were due to the fact that the cast was on too tight and would not allow for swelling.  Looks like about 2 more weeks before I get a walking cast.

07-28-03  On July 09, 2003 our 11 year old daughter, Cheyenne Fiveash, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (diffuse pontine glioma). This tumor is threatening to take our little girl away in as sort a time as a few months. We have contacted most of the leading Pediatric Hospitals in the United States and the prognosis is very grim. HOWEVER, in GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I am asking that you lift Cheyenne up in your prayers for GOD.   Roy and Donna


07-05-03  Update on my daughter Stephanie.  Her headaches have gone away.  We found out that her eye glasses were off quite a bit on her left eye and that was causing the problems.