11-10-03  This is an update on the prayers requests I have sent you...Here is an update regarding my friend with Cancer.  Again, thank you for your prayers and keep them coming. I just wanted to send a brief email to thank you all for your overwhelming support over the past 2 weeks.  Words cannot even begin to express how grateful I am for your kind thoughts and prayers.  The flowers, phone calls, emails, visits, cards, thoughts, and prayers helped me through some very long and difficult hours in the hospital recovering from my surgery and continue to keep my outlook positive.  An update - the pathology report found that all lymph nodes outside of the parotid gland were cancer free which is very good news.  It also concluded that the tumor was a result of the radiation I received 21 years ago when undergoing treatment for childhood leukemia.  Fortunately, technological advances in radiation treatment decrease the chances of this happening today.  My case will be reviewed on Wednesday to determine path forward.  Once again, I thank you all for the kindness and good wishes you have shared with me.  You are truly a group of remarkable people and I look forward to my return to work to thank you all in person.  Best Wishes, christie

11-15-03  Hello Gary.   I would appreciate if you and yours would keep me in prayer.  On Nov. 19, I will be undergoing a heart catherization procedure as my last stress test was not very good. This will determine a course of action for the future which may include angioplasty, or surgery. I also have been having severe tightness in my abdomen and pain which they believe is a gaulbladder problem. God is good, and in control, and I am grateful that the search for the source of my pain led to the discovery of my heart dysfunction. Leo

11/16/03  Mark's mom is doing much better!  The internal bleeding has stopped and her kidneys are functioning well again.  Now they can concentrate on treating the heart.  They will be moving her out of intensive care today and maybe even sending her home by Wednesday!  Mark will be flying home on Wednesday and I'll be picking him up in Philly that night.  Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts and calls.  God bless you all!Michele

11-18-03  Hi Gary My brother Frank and myself have been praying about this but I want to turn this over to the prayer group.  There are 10 siblings in my family .  It is my mother's desire to see all her children together before she goes home to be with the Lord; she is not ill or anything, it is just her desire, so I am asking everyone to pray for God to allow all ten of us to be able to go to Guam and visit my mother.  It costs  a lot  of money to travel to Guam,  but if it is God's desire that we be together, He will provide.  Please everyone, I ask you to pray.  We siblings have not been together or with our parents all at one time since 1963.  This would be such a blessing for all of us and for mom and it would so much fun too just to be together.   Thank you everyone for your prayers.  Frances

11-19-03  Hello again.......I wanted to let you know that the procedure I was scheduled to have on the 19th has been re-scheduled for Monday, Dec.1st. I caught a cold and the doctor decided not to carry thru until the cold has passed. thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words....they have meant a lot. Please continue to pray that the Lord will see fit to get all this one for the holidays. his will be done !   Pastor Mancini

11-24-03  From the Web - Dear friends and prayer partners: I am asking you to join me in urgent prayer for David Edwards, a football player from San Antonio Madison High School. While playing Westlake High School on Saturday night in a playoff game, David tackled one of Westlake's players with his head and in doing so injured his spinal cord.
He is in intensive care at Breckenridge Hospital. We are not sure of his total injuries but the possibility of paralysis is huge. All across Westlake prayer chains are being started on his behalf to barrage the gates of heaven  that he would be totally healed and would not be a quadriplegic. David needs a miracle from God. He is 17 years old. Please pray for his family, for continued outpouring of love and support from the Westlake community, and for a miracle of healing
for David.