PRAYER REQUESTS

10-01-03  Gary  I have a prayer request Please pray for Bill and his negotiating committee.  The committee is meeting today with their employer to negotiate the new contracts.  Please pray for God to provide the workers their needs.  The company owners are already able to get what they want and what they need; we need to pray for the hard workers that keep that company going, that the Lord will give them what they need.  Please pass this along thanks frances

10-14-03  Please pray for  "Rodney  B."  for" SALVATION."  He is around 34 years old. I would appreciate help in seeing this soul come into  the Kingdom.

10-27-03  (From the Web0  That my oldest son visit and call us.  He hasn't come to see us or call us since I told him I love him but not his lifestyle and would not allow him to stay in our home with someone else.  Please pray that he be liberated from Satan's chains, be healed emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Thank you and God bless you.

10-27-03  (From The web) A co-worker has just found out she had a malignant tumor on her neck and is in surgery today.  She (33 years old) is a cancer survivor (had leukemia as a child and has been in remission since).  To make the story even more sad, she is married, has a 2 year old son and is currently 12 weeks pregnant. The results of the surgery will be unknown.  They may need to remove up to 50% of her neck muscle and as a result may suffer facial paralysis.  Please put her (Christi Beattie) in your prayers.  Thanks. Tammy

10-31-03  I sent you the prayer request for this girl a few days ago..here is the update:  Here is the updated news that I have heard today.  She went through surgery well and they think they removed all the tumor, but only time will tell.  I guess it was near the lymph nodes, so that is pretty scary to think that it may have traveled.  Anyway, there was a scare that she would loose muscle control of her face due to the surgery, but I guess she has not.  The outcome so far is good.  But she still needs prayers.  The hope is that the cancer has not spread, and that she can fight the cancer while maintaining her pregnancy.  (she doesn't want to compromise her pregnancy) It is amazing how strong she is emotionally. Thanks for your prayers..Tammy