I'm Back

"LORD, take my hand and walk with me"
In my mind these words a constant song Lately,
I have finally come to know YOU have been there all along.
I need YOUR help to ease all this pain.
Now comes the hardest part,
Since I'm giving it all to you my LORD.
I can not call it back into my heart.
I will walk with YOU and hold YOUR hand.
I'm giving YOU the entirety of my life.
Now I feel so light and free,
YOU have taken all my strife.
I am but a mortal But I'll strive to be like YOU,
And try to stay on YOUR path.
YOUR words are the only ones absolutely true.
I have sought the world And looked for earthly love,
But now I know it all starts With YOUR love from heaven above.
If I live by YOUR three words "TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER".
No conditions attached for myself.
No judging any other
And now that I am with YOU,
Life will be so very good.
And that whatever comes at me in life I'll know with YOU.
I stood As I write these word,
Deep in my heart I know That with YOU beside me,
now My earthly love will grow.
Now I have my focus Where it should have been all along,
And in this heart once full of pain Now there is a song
Pam 4/99 PAMRED@aol.com