A New Year's Prayer

I thank you for this year
A fresh start given once again
New seasons to appear
I'm in a season of my life
Perhaps you'd call it fall
But does it really matter much?
Not really, not at all!
You've given life eternal
So time is no concern
We're only here a little while
To serve You and to learn
Oh thank you Lord, your precious gift
Of unending devotion,
Will steer me through each little storm
Or get me across an ocean!
Sometimes I think I know a lot
But then I realize Man's wisdom
is just foolishness In God's eternal eyes
So, Loving Father, be my guide
Through every situation
Words fail me when I try to show My deep appreciation
So I put this New Year in your hands
And know that it will be
The path that you have chose for me
Your plan eternally!
Karen Shaw Matteson