the brilliant green ~ english page  

the brilliant green ~ english page

Welcome to my fansite, here's my page of info on my favourite Japanese pop band The Brilliant Green.

They are a very popular Japanese band, but their is not a lot of information on them in English so I have started this page.


Added the 14th single and the long awaited "The Winter Album" to the discography section. You can find a fairly detailed reveiw of the album here at

And what's this... an article at names the brilliant green as one of the ten best bands on the planet Earth, way to go. (link found here)


Hey I've added the 12th and 13th singles to the discography section. And I'd like to recommend the yahoo group for the most current information for English speaking fans of the brilliant green.


Howdy, the brilliant green have a new single out, you can listen to a sample here. The new single is called "Rainy days never stays" and I will be updating the appropriate sections shortly.


I've added several new songs to the tabs section of the page, enjoy.


I was looking at Green Star through a translator, and came across some more news. Tommy is going to be doing some voice work on a Japanese cartoon show based on the Aibo robotic pet, and her next single (out November 21?) may serve as a theme song. LINK


Well, it looks like nbci is stopping free web hosting so I am over here on Oh well, I'll have to get my own domain one of these days...


More big news, another tbg fan sent me this:

Tommy is branching out into solo singing work under the moniker "Tommy February 6" (the "6" is silent.) Her first single is scheduled for release on July 25, and will also contain a music video and assorted other goodies on DVD. As far as I can tell, she isn't leaving The Brilliant Green entirely, but merely wants to do some "summery" solo work to complement the more autumnal/wintry mood of TBG. The plan at this point seems to be to do the solo stuff every summer and return to TBG for the rest of the year.

Links (from Green Star):
Sony's mysterious official page (includes video preview)

Also included were these links from various newspapers, 1, 2, 3, 4.

It's great to hear that their is more music coming out, though what I heard from the website sounds really different from the brilliant green, it has a really eighties synth-pop sound to it. Very, ahem, kawaii. I'll have to add a "Tommy Febuary 6" section soon.


I got an email a couple of weeks ago from another tbg fan wondering about tabs for Maybe We Could Go Back To Then. I hadn't seen any but I decided to add a tabs page with stuff I've found on the net. Also I've changed the dates on this page so that they use the dd/mm/yyyy format consistantly.


Got an email from a tbg fan telling me about, another fansite, which i've added to the links page. Also, please check out my weblog, green cell grey, which is just a collection of interesting sites i come across on the web, be sure to check the archives.


Added History section, it still needs some work as I've left out a lot of stuff and the translation is a little on the literal side. Also added Brilliant Music to Links section.


Added new album (out January 1st) and 11th single to Discography


Woo Hoo, new TBG single coming out on the 15th in Japan, 11th single, called "Angel Song", an audio clip is here on their official website.


Took down cute construction gif  but I still sort of miss it... look for it in other sections.
Added links and discography sections.


Page is up... welcome.