Well, I am a 20 yr. old female living in Ohio.  I am currently a senior at Wright State University majoring in Sociology with focus in Women's Issues. 
Currently lovin the single life and enjoying the search to find myself and create empowerment.  *GOOD VIBES*
Likes and Dislikes
Mychii Likes: honesty, caffeinated soda, Swedish Fish, tattoos, being silly and outrageous, breaking norms, unusual eye make-up, observing people, unique names like Crewzel, art and theatre, strong female singer/songwriters, sleeping next to someone, quotes, dying her hair, being pampered on occasion, being a tomboy, the movie Amelie, second-hand smoke, strange humor, sociological imagination, Chinese food, inside jokes, tequilla shots, writing poetry and prose, new bands, and feeling special.

Mychii Dislikes: dishonesty, people who create needless drama, conforming to "scenes", self-inflicted ignorance, inconsiderate people, closed minds, being mature, getting up early, depending on others for things, college monopolization, church or any group carrying the same airs, cds that skip, elitists, George W. Bush,  non-reciprocation in courtesy and conversation, hinting around, and a number of other things that she is unable to conjure in her mind presently.
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