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K*S Player Map:
This has been moved to the K*S Page.If you would like to be added to the map please e-mail me the following 3 pieces of information:
1) Main Character Name
2) City, State (or its equivalant and country)
3) If you are still a member of K*S

UO Mining Project:

I have never really liked the recall method for general mining. Sure it was great if you only needed one type of ore in a hurry but I generally had several that I need and without a high enough magery to constanlty gate my packy around with me it was a real pain (the recent addition of bonded animals have greately helped). So what to do? Enter UOAMap.

Ive started to map ore spots with this great program so now I recall once to a mining cave, or cliff area with my bonded packy and simply run to all the spots that I need ore from. No more recalling 8 tiles over because I forgot thats where my next spot was or having to go right back to mine the next spot over for a differant color.

So far I have mapped about half the mining caves and a large stretch of cliff below the old GH. Now im sure that I have probably missed some good ore spots in the ones that I have mapped, but this makes things a lot smoother. I will be updating this as my time allows.

LS Mining Spots
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Who am I?
I play on the Lake Superior Shard of Ultima Online and I am a guild member of the
Knights of Superior (K*S)

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Kobak I
Ode To UO
This is a little program I wrote that will allow you bards to "sing".  Use it at your own peril as "singing" bards have been known to provoke people. ;-)

UO Key Looper
This program will send a single keystroke to the UO program at a timed interval. Works with REN, LBR and AoS.