After Cabal was destroyed, the civilians feared that such an incident might happen again and established their own military force. The CDF [ Civilian Defense Force ].They had weak military force, but had huge manpower, so the CDF was able to search for more efficient and powerful weapons.

Of course you all who have played Firestorm will know the war of GDI with NOD has died down but it was not all peaceful. The alliance of Nod and GDI was short lived as General Anton Slavik was killed in a Montauk accident, which led to a new leader, General Steppenwolf.

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He is a brutal leader, who was noy much different from Cabal, he carried out the  'tiberium mutation project '  and has recruited many 'Shiners' as advanced soldiers. Which has caused more fear to arise in the civilian community.

Tiberium prices to fall sharply by end of 2031 due to increasing amt. of tiberium around the world. Prices of harvesters should rise too due to this.