Welcome to Gary's Place
Welcome to Gary's Place

Welcome to my little bit of the web!  I am just starting a complete redesign of my site, so please be patient.

I am a Senior Software Developer for a Kansas City area manufacturer. I specialize in .NET programming in C# as well as Visual C++ and Visual Basic client/server systems against relational databases.  I also know Java, Oracle, SQL Server and  Sybase.

I am a widower with one child, a daughter named Emma.  Emma was adopted in June 2001 from Odessa, Ukraine.

I have been playing guitar since 1968, which makes me sound older than I am because I started playing when I was 6 years old.  You do the math.

This site is ALWAYS under construction!
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Misc Info:
Name: Gary Luebbert
Email: gdluebbert@yahoo.com