Welcome To Doug's Home On The Net
I'm 31, divorced, and single.  I currently work at a university bookstore but that was not my original carrer choice.  More about that in my bio section. 

I was born and raised in Kentucky but have lived in Florida, West Virginia, and Ohio.  I currently live in Ohio and, in spite of what you may have heard, this state really sucks.  If you are from Ohio and love this state, I'm sorry.  I'm not sorry that I may have offended you, just sorry that you don't know any better.
(See, that was a joke.  Just because I find Ohio to be less than tolerable, I don't really expect everyone to share my view.)
Hello and welcome to my webpage.  I would like to think that this is going to be an exciting page with lots of great information or interesting things going on. The truth is, I lead a fairly boring life and am a fairly ordinary guy.  But, you are here so there must have been something that caught your attention. 

So, enjoy!  And, by the way, if you are easily offended, you may want to leave.  I cannot guarantee that there is nothing offensive on this site.  After all, I can be a fairly offensive person.
Favorite Things:
Not that you necessarily care what I like but I thought I would throw out some things.  I like to know what people are reading, the music they are listening to, and movies they like so I can check out some new things.  So, here are a few of mine.

Must Read Books:
**Crossan, John Diminic. 
Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography
              This is a great book and really challenges traditional ideas about Jesus as well as the lame interpretations of the Bible.  Crossan's other books are great too (especially his memoire,
A Long Way From Tipperary) but can become so technical that it is difficult for the average person to process everything.

**Pratchett, Terry: Any of his
Discworld novels.  The character Death is by far the funniest one.  A friend of mine (hey Mike!) introduced me to this series and I have been addicted ever since.

**Camus, Albert,
The Plague.  A great classic.  Some of his other stuff (The Fall and The Stranger) are not quite as good (in my opinion) but everyone should read them.
These are the boys from Louisville, Kentucky (if you don't know how to pronounce Louisville, you are pronouncing it wrong). They've got great music but the website is so-so.  Enjoy it, anyway and get some info on the band.
Pretty Good Family Guy Site.  Love Family Guy.
You can go to iTunes to download some of the music I talk about.  They have tons of Jack Johnson and My Morning Jacket,  Gods know they've got lots of my money! You can set up an account and download everything you need.  It kicks ass!
Currently I am really into the band
My Morning Jacket.  Their music has been described as rock, southern rock, country, and alt country.  It's difficult to classify but I think that is the way good music should be.

I also love
The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, CCR, and lots of other classic rock.  If you are ever in the Dayton, Ohio area, check out 104.7 WTUE.  They play some great classic rock AND are the area home of Bob and Tom.

I also have a thing for jazz.  Check out
Jamie Cullum (Twenty Something and Pointless Nostalgic).  He's a great piano player, songwriter and singer.  In a sense, he's sort of like Harry Connick Jr. on speed.  Billie Holiday is also great. I love her voice and her songs. 

Jack Johnson is also another favorite of mine.  iTunes has a lot of his music so check it out.

I also have a thing for classical music.  Mozart, Hayden and William Byrd are some of my favorite classical composers.  Check out Mozart's "Great Mass in C Minor".  The final movement, the "Ave Verum Corpus" is one of the most beautiful pieces of music to ever be written (although Mozart didn't write it).

If you have some favorites sign my guestbook and leave some suggestions in the comment box.  I'm always looking for new music
Apple iTunes store
Sophomoric, puerile, immature.... Yes, this does describe the great morning show out of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Huh, mayb ethe midwest has made a meaningful contribution to society.  Or maybe not.  Enjoy them anyway!
Bob and Tom
Dayton's best, well, only real classic rock station.  Also home of Breakfast with the Beatles with Ann Stevens.  A great way to spend a Sunday morning (in spite of what any of my former girlfriends, wives, or roommates might say.)
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