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Do you have a recipe for your life?-site under construction

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This site is under construction. Im hoping to add new content on an almost daily basis.
The plan for the site is to present the things that will lead to enrichment of your life. The recipe for life consists of several things such as relationship to God, relationship to others,and care of our bodies.

Initially I will have sections dealing with spiritual matters, recipes and diets.

On the spiritual page, there will be links to other sites where you will be able to find daily devotional writings by Oswald Chambers and Charles Spurgeon. There will be a link to an oral reading of the scripture and online bible sources.

In the diet section I hope to compare the diets Sugar Busters, Protein Power, Atkins the Zone , Carbohydrate Addicts, Weight Watchers, diabetic and low fat.
The recipe section will include low carb sections and weight watcher compatible recipes.

I hope that you will benefit from this site and the content you read on here. If you have suggestions or requests please email me.