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News and Events
December 9, 2002 : Just uploaded the replacement icons for Strategic Commander.
They can be found
here on the StratCom page.  Enjoy!
December 3, 2002 : What a frikin crazy year!  Now that life is calming down some I'll have a chance to do all the maintenance and updates that this site has needed.  A lot of the misc. graphics have been removed to reduce bandwidth usage and load times.
The CC strategy guide has been removed and in its place is a section dedicated to Battlefront's Strateic Commander.  A lot of graphic mods are almost done and will be released soon.  As a preview the replacement medals have been released
The Kursk Mod for CC5 is still moving along slowly and hopefully in Feruary I can begin releasing some maps.
Beyond all that just check back for more regular updates.
June 17, 2002:  Once again its been forever since any updtes to this page were done.  Im happy to report that the Kursk mod is alive and well and previews and information are available by following the Kursk Mod Page link.  Currently 37 maps are in various states of production.  Preliminary data has been done and new vehicles and screen icons are being worked on.  If its the last thing I do this mod WILL be finished.  Also as more is done and worked on more updates will be made available so check back from time to time.  My thanks to Brandenburg for working on the data and to Ruiner for working on the screens.
October 12, 2001 :  Its been a long time coming but finally the site has been entierly overhauled.  Heres a list of updates:
1. The entire links page has now been redone and all the correct URL are entered
2. My latest map Aachen has been finished and uploaded.  It can be found on Map
    Page 2 and uploaded from
CSO A 50% sized preview can be found here. My
    thanks to SG_C4nslo for hosting the preview.

3. Unneeded pictures, screeshots and enlarged graphics have been removed.  Also all
    hypertext sensitive areas have been reduced as well as a streamlined page format.
    I hope this leads to a increase in page opening times and a reduction in bandwidth
August 12, 2001 :  All kinds of updates and new stuff has been added.  On the Campaign page we have GDS_Tlokein's very own PacMod Grand Campaign which can be found here..  Also we have a new texture set for the map makers.  This one focuses on building interiors and should prove very useful.  The textures can be found here.  Theres also a small preview of my next map in the map section and a sample of the new armor for the 1946 mod on the Junk page.  Enjoy!
July 4, 2001 :  A small fix to the Real Red Grand Campaign has been uploaded.  It seems there was a problem at the end of Operation 6 were all troops lost moral and wouldnt move.  The new plugin can be found here.  Simply install this over the old version and continue your game.  Thanks to Zeppo9 for getting this fixed and sorry for any inconvience.
June 18, 2001 :  Just a little update of sort.  The two planes for the Nam Mod air support graphics are done and can be viewed on the Star's Junk page.
Also many thanks to KG Brandenburg for putting my Real Red Grand Campaign in plugin format.  Hes tested and checked and so far it works flawlessly.  The plugin format can be downloaded from the
Campaign page.
In other news Pacmod has been released as well as a new version of the AlliesIII submod.
June 10, 2001 :  I added 6 new texture maps for the map making community. They can be found in Zip format on Map Page 3 at the bottom.  The zip file is about 2.6 megs and they textures are in 500 x 500 TGA format.
I also added another fix for those that are missing the tenth op of my Grand Campaign.  All thats needed is to extract this operation into the Data/Camp_Ops folder in the CC3 directory.
On a totally different note I got my first interview finished which can be read
here.  Thanks to SG_c4nslo for the interest.
June 3, 2001 :  A few problems were found with the new Grand Campaign.  These have been corrected and the update files are on the Campaign Page.  Sorry for any inconvience this may cause.  If anyone else sees a mistake or a problem just let me
know and I'll try to fix it as fast as possible.
Im also finishing up some site cleaning.  The GC Score page is removed and I'm hunting down the last of the dead links that need fixing.
The PacMod GC is also coming along but a much slower pace then I planned.
May 27, 2001 : Ive updated the Campaign Page with 16 operations covering Barbarossa to Red Square.  All the needed maps are linked HERE so there is no confusion as to whats needed.
Id also like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Diegrinder for making a plugin version of this Grand Campaign.  Now your forces can be taken from one operation to another.  Thanks again Diegrinder, your such a peach! 
The Nam aircraft are also coming along nicly and should be finished soon.
I also recieved the PacMod ops to reworks and hope to have those done by mid-week.  Judging by the positive reaction so far Im looking into building two new Grand Campaigns for West Front and France 1940.
May 6, 2001 : I would classify this as a update so much as a "were still home" message. I've added the latest grand campaign score to the Campaign Scores page.  Also there is a new graphic of a Su-27 in the Junk page.  Its to be used in the upcoming Gulf Mod for CC3.  Soon to be added are several other planes for the Nam Mod.  These will include a F-105, A-4, UH-1 Huey and a AH-1 Cobra.  Other then that all the news I have I can't release yet.
April 23, 2001 : Its been a rather busy time for playing Grand Campaigns.  Ive added a GC page and Im also working on a strategy guide for the Real Red GC.  This will be a battle by battle break down of the whole war.  Each side will be covered seperatly and I hope it gives some insight on how it works.
In other news, ClubbSSI has finally closed.  I will update the Links page when the dust settles and all the sites have new URL. 
April 1, 2001 :  Well its been a while since I had any updates so heres some news.
Ive just added a Grand Campaign page for the Real Red GC Im currently finishing.  The individual operations are available for download
here.  This is a Road to Moscow GC and takes place in the first months of the war.
In other news the Mak Mod is coming along nicly.  I hope to have those up by the weekend. 
I also created a picture page for last weekends Ultra Party.  This was a 40,000 person rave in downtown Miami and it kicked off this years Winter Music Conferance.  So far this is the best one weve had here.  Special thanks to the Twilo people and Paul van Dyke for making it such a cool show.  Also an extra special thanks to Todd, Dave (he drove our sloppy asses home safe), Mike, Rick, Jason Stephanie, Claudia, Cindy, Repo and everyone else that was there.  It was truly a kickass time!  You can find the picture site
March 11, 2001 : Will be doing a little house cleaning here.  The GRBF page will come down as will most of the misc. stuff on the Junk page.

In Mod news I've gotten kind of bored with CC3 at the moment and decided to try something new..a Sci_Fi mod.  Happily I have a great anime story to use about a WW4 between Germany and Australia called SF3D.  The creators homepage is in Japenese and can be found here
SF3D.  Not only is this a very cool story but these are some of the best and most detailed model kits Ive ever got my hands on.  Look for them at your local hobby stores.  They are made by Nitto under the MaK3000 name.  The first two tanks done for this mod are on the MaK Mod Page.. The purpose of this mod is pure fun and to see how far I can push the CC3 engine in a direction it was never intended to go.  If anyone would like to seriously help with data editing please contact me.

Finally in map news Ive got several things working.  One is a map of the Reichstag.  The other is a map of Buckingham Palace.  I still need lot of info about this so any help is most appriciated.
March 1, 2001 : Sottevast is done and availabe for upload at CSO!  What a learning experience that was.
In other news we've recently found the automatic ladder for Homeworld Cataclysim.  Im pleased to report that our
very own Agcent is ranked 20th out of some 2000 active  players.  Copper is 96, SSpoom is 293 and Im at 77.  As
soon as a bit more is done Cooper will open his GRBF site for general consumption.