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This site is dedicated to the old BBS SysOps out there. He or She is the person behind the scenes, making sure that everything is working properly so people can call and connect with without any problems. Keeping a system on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is not always easy. For me it involved keeping over 60 pieces of software running and like most sysops, we do it voluntarily, without compensation or reimbursement. So treat your System Operator with kindness, and show them respect by adhering to the policies of their systems.

The B.B.S. is Alive and Well!!
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The Electronic Bulletin Board System is alive and well! Contrary to popular belief, the BBS is still kicking. On this Internet version of BB's BBS we offer you some of the features found on our old dial in service.

While a bulletin board system is basically a text based system without fancy graphics and images it can still provide you with a variety of software and graphics to download and online games to compete in with other computer heads. To say nothing of the many different message networks offering communication with hundreds of other bulletin board users from around the country.

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