StarScope: Stars in 2005

In the highlights section of the StarScope special report " How is 2004 For You? " we started off with this paragraph: " Last year [in Aug, 2003] Mars got closest to the Earth in 58,000 years, causing in its wake [and in its orb of influence] substantial devastation around the globe. This year began with Saturn following suit. Since last in Jan 1975, Saturn in fact heralded the new year [2004] at a distance of 1.2 billion km [from approx 1.27 billion km ] , and won't be this close to us again until Nov 2032. Already he has caused much trauma, Bam Earthquake [Iran] , Egyptian Plane Crash included, with his partner in crime Mars aspecting each other from Gemini and Pisces. Lot more to come with 2 Total Lunar Eclipses on May 4 and Oct 28 and 2 Partial Solar Eclipses on Apr 29 and Oct 14. "

The major and rare planetary phenomenon witnessed in 2004 was the Transit of Venus on June 8, 2004. Whether this transit influenced the Dec 26 Tsunami disaster is an area we will be exploring deeply in the coming months.
On Feb 22, the Lunar Nodes Rahu and Ketu will switch to Pisces [Water/South] and Virgo [Earth/North] respectively for 18 months thru Nov 8, 2006. Note: I am using True Nodes not Mean.
Saturn, in retrogression, will be back in Gemini [ Air/West] on Jan 13, will return to Cancer [Water/South] on May 26 and will move to Leo [Fire/East] on Nov 1, 2006.

Jupiter in Virgo, will retrograde on Feb 2, begins direct motion after Jun 5 and will switch to Libra [Air/West] on Sep 28. Jupiter will have erected a protective shield against Rahu Feb 22- Sep 28,
The most likely danger periods for, explosions, floods, conflict during the year 2005 are: 1. Jan 24-29 when Mars hits dangerous Gandantha/GD in Scorpio [Water/South]. Especially when he conjuncts Pluto - also on GD in both Scorpio and Sagittarius [Fire/East] throughout the year. Mars is on Sagittarius GD Jan 29- Feb 03. His Death Degree/Mrityu Bhaga/MB in Scorpio will be on Jan 16-17 and in Sagittarius Feb 1-2.. GD/MB days are specially dangerous.

2. Mars will oppose Saturn in Gemini Jan 29-Mar 12. And Pluto opposes Saturn Feb 8-May 15. These are more likely to be, fire, explosions and air disasters.

3. The period Feb 22-Mar 12 Mars is square or throws his 4th aspect to Rahu in Pisces. Saturn will aspect Rahu Feb 22- May 25. When Rahu. Saturn and Mars connect it is generally a period of acute calamities. And they include floods, quakes, accidents. The Sun, also hooked with Mars can give warmer temperatures.

4. Mars/Rahu conjunction in Pisces [Jun 4- Jul 19] seems to be the most dangerous planetary phenomenon in the year. Note: GD/MB of Mars here: MB [the 6th degree] Jun 11-14. MB of the sign Pisces- the 10th degree- Jun 16-20 [with orb of influence]. Mars/Rahu conjunction with the orb 5 degree influence both ways: Jul 1-15. The exact conjunction: Jul 8

5. The next danger period is when Saturn and Mars mutually aspect each other from Cancer and Aries. July 19-Feb 6, 06. Note also that Rahu will be aspecting Saturn, Feb 05- Nov 06 making it more hostile. From Fire Aries Mars GD - Jul 19-23. MB: Aug 20-22. Aries sign/lagna MB: Jul 19-20. Mars/Saturn get to closer degrees Jul 30-Aug 3 and again both Rx or Retrograde [give them more power] Nov 18-21. Both will be on the same degree Dec 28-31. Note also GD of Rx Mars Sep 12-Oct 24

6. In Nov/Dec Mercury will also be in Scorpio with Sun aspected by Rahu, making this period prone to explosions, quakes and floods. In July-Aug Mercury will be in Cancer, with the Sun and Saturn aspected both by Rahu and Mars indicating quakes, air disasters, accidents, unusual changes in temperature, melting ice caps and other calamities.

7. The period Jun-July indicates heavy rainfall [The Sun in Gemini and Venus connection] This is well supported by Saturn and Rahu in watery signs Cancer and Pisces with Mars also in Pisces Jun/Jul. Supportive Moon transits will be discussed in weekly StarScope

8. In 2005, we have no total lunar eclipses but an Appulse eclipse [a penumbral eclipse where the Moon enters only the penumbra of the Earth] on Apr 24 and a Partial eclipse [where the Moon enters the umbra without being totally immersed in it] on Oct 17. On Apr 8 we have an Annular-Total Solar Eclipse [total for part of its path, annular for the rest] and an Annular eclipse on Oct 3. An Annular eclipse is a 'total' but the Moon is too far from the Earth for the apex of its shadow to reach the Earth's surface. Therefore, the Moon will not entirely hide the Sun so a narrow ring of light will surround the dark New Moon. At least 3 months following eclipses can be turbulent.

Against this backdrop, Let us now look at the general significance of these major transits and others of 2005 as they affect the 12 signs: Aries thru Pisces.

Note: The indications given for all signs are based on transits only. The intensity of good and bad results will be determined by a number of factors including Progressions, Ashtaka Varga, unfolding Dashas, and other planetary relationships in individual charts.

ARIES: Career/education: As both Saturn [after May 26] and Jupiter, thru Sep 28 connect with the 10th house, career or academic activities get blessed. Better still, if the Natal Moon was in Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Pisces. Your Lagna Lord , Mars, gets exalted Mar 12-Apr 24 in the 10th house [success or career and public life] which is nice and, his sojourn in the 9th house [fortune, higher side of the mind, higher education, fortune in foreign lands] Jan 29-Mar 12 and, his 11th house [ fulfillment, major gain] Apr 24-Jun 4 are also fine. The Sun [your 5th lord of fortune and higher education and rational mind] gets exalted in Lagna Apr 14-May 15. The other good period of Sun is in his own 5th house Leo: Aug 17-Sep 17. Will both Jupiter 12th lord in the 6th house] and Mars [8th lord in the 12th house] and the mutual exchange of Mercury and Jupiter [6/12 lords] be able deliver unexpected raja yoga [in this case relating to foreign employment/residence during the periods Mar 1-Jul 19 depends on running dasas and other supportive factors in individual charts. Note also that Rahu will be aspecting the 10th lord Saturn from Pisces May 26, 05-Oct 06, a factor that can disturb career and education. Also the eclipes for difficulties to parents, education, career and fortune

Finance/Fortune: Jupiter, when associated with Venus, the Sun, Moon and Mars are best for financial fortune. For the Sun: Apr 14-Jun 15, 05 and Aug 17-Sep 17. For Venus: Sep Jan 5-May 30, 05 and Jun 24-Oct 3,05. For Mars: Jan 29-Mar 12, 05, Mar 12-Apr 24, 05 [best when he gets exalted in Capricorn] Apr 24 to end of 2005 and beyond. For the Moon please note the days when she passes Cancer-Virgo, Sagittarius-Taurus from the weekly StarScope column. Jupiter in Libra, your 7th house after Sep 28 is clearly better for financial fortune especially thru partnership or after marriage and thru travel or in foreign lands or thru foreign sources.

Romance/Marriage: Venus your 7th lord [long term relationships] can bond relationships or marriage with the blessings of the family Jan 5-29 05, Apr 12-May 6,05, May 30-Aug 13 and Sep 7-Oct 3, 05. The unfavourable periods for bliss and harmony in relationships are. 05 Mar 19-Apr 11, and Aug 13-Sep 7, 05. Jun 4-July 19, 05 when Mars gets stuck on the RKA across 12/6 house axis.

Family: The best periods of the Sun given for career above are also nice for the success of children and father. If the Saturn is badly afflicted and weak [like with Mars or the Nodes plus Venus] Saturn's stay in Cancer can cause trouble to mother and family, a restricted feeling at home, problems with house and property and emotional challenges. The Sun in Libra Oct 17-Nov 16, in Scorpio Nov 16-Dec 15, Pisces Mar 14-Apr 14 and in Cancer are periods of challenges to father and kids. With siblings conflicts can arise Oct 31-Nov 24, Mar 19-May 8, 05, and May 26-Jun 8, 05. Note Jupiiter in the 6th house thru Sep 28

Health: Unless you are running hostile dashas of badly placed Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn and the Nodes, Jupiter in Virgo cannot challenge your health in a big way. Note Mars MB , GD and with Rahu days from the highlights above. These are days that can cause hurt and sickness. A double Vipareetha of Mars and Jupiter here Jun 4- Jul 19 [ 8/12 lords in the 6th house] can give unexpected elevation and fortune and gainful travel, but can also cause sickness and hospitalization if you are running bad dashas. . The Nodes in Pisces-Virgo axis [Feb 22, 05-Nov 8, 2006 True Nodes] has got Rahu in the 12th house, whose downside is feet and sleep problems, bad dreams, confinement/hospitalization. Ketu in 6th gives good health and success. Jupiter's presence on the RKA, thru Sep 28 as said above erects a protective shield.

TAURUS: Career/education. Jupiter as your 11th lord of gain can give material wealth, unexpected gain , research skills, kids and, as always, spiritual wealth . Virgo, your 5th house, is excellent for all these. Saturn, Mercury and the Sun are the ones that help your career: professional or academic. Mercury and Saturn play a major role as they lord over 2/5 and 9/10 houses. For the Gaja Keshari Yoga/GKY, your natal Moon has to be in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini when Jupiter is in Virgo. For the GKY to roll when Jupiter goes to Libra on Sep 28, the natal Moon has to be in Libra, Capricorn, Aries or Cancer in your natal horoscope/chart. . For any significant raise in career, your natal Moon has to be in Libra or Cancer supported by dasas of Saturn, Mercury, Venus or Sun or planets associated with 10, 4, 7 houses in your chart. When Saturn gets back to Cancer on May 26, he aspects your 9th house: fortune, higher learning, benign power, productive overseas journeys. The other good periods for career are: The Sun: Feb 12-Mar 14, Apr 14- Jun 15, Aug 17-Sep 16 and Nov 16-Dec 15. Mercury: Jan 26-Mar 1, May 26-Jun 25, Sep 2- Sep 25, and Sep 25- Oct 12 best, For Venus: Jan 29-Mar 19, Mar 19-Apr 12 best, May 6-Jun 24, Jul 19-Aug 13 and Sep 7-Oct 30. For Mars Mar 12-Apr 24 If these periods overlap, it would be extra nice and cool. Mars can cause change within career or job offers from outside Apr 24- Jun 4

Financial fortune: Mercury in Virgo naturally is the best period, Sep 18-Oct 6. Mercury in 9-11 houses [do not worry about his neecha/debility in Pisces, especially if Venus gets connected from Mar 19] Jan 29-Mar 1, 05 . In Pisces Mar 1-May 8, 05. May 26-Jun 25,05. In Lagna and 2nd house, Sep 2-18, 05. In 4th and Sep 18-Oct 6 exalted again in Virgo. For Venus: better in 9-10 houses Jan 29-Mar 19, 05 and best is in 11th house Pisces exalted Mar 19-Apr 12, 05, in Lagna and 2nd May 6-Jun 24, 05, and 4/5 houses Jul 19-Oct 6,05. Look for periods that overlap or run together. Saturn is nice. From Cancer he sees 5th and 9th houses and also 12th house. Many productive journeys. Brings the best of your caring and humanitarian ideals. Donating more to worthy causes like helping the vulnerable: kids and elderly persons. The Sun is nice too, Jan 14-Mar 14 and Aug 17- Sep 16. Rahu in 11th house Feb 22, 05- Nov 8, 06 can also give good material success

Romance/marriage: The best is Mars your 7th lord in the 9th house [blessed by both Jupiter and Saturn] Mar 12-Apr 24, 05. Nice also in the 11th [the 3rd leg of the Kama Trikona] Pisces Jun 4-Jul 19, 05 but the problem here [as explained in the highlights last week] is Mars will be with Rahu and aspected by Saturn and Jupiter can also cause hurt/accidents or sickness to mate if other factors are supportive. For romance or starting relationships gp for Mercury when he gets exalted in your 5th house Sep 18-Oct 6. Note: Pluto , mean and hostile on Gandanatha/GD is hovering in Scorpio after May 12. He can cause stress on GD in individual charts as well but more for nations/countries. Check also your correct navamsa chart and its 7th lord, and dashas and other factors for timing of marriage. For marriage the running dasas must involve the 7th lord or planets placed in the 7th or associated with 7th lord

Family: Mars in 8th house Jan 29-Mar 12 and Jun 4- Jul 19 and to a lesser extent Jul 19 thru end of 05 can challenge the happiness of partner and harmony in relationships. The good periods given above in romance/marriage, promote happiness and well being of partner. The best periods of Mercury given above are best for the success of kids. In our Special Report on Jupiter in Virgo we noted : Nov 24-Jan 26. 05 involves a parivartana or mutual exchange of 5/8 houses by Mercury and Jupiter and can cause unexpected difficulties, health issues with kids. Also May 8-26, 05 for health problems, possible hospitalization if running bad dasas in charts. If you got teenage kids Rahu and Ketu on 5/11 axis [from Feb 05] can cause problems with passion or addiction. Be very sensitive to their emotional needs. Especially when neecha Mercury joins Rahu Mar 1-May 8 For mother and father the good periods of the Sun given above are nice.. For health challenges: note the eclipses given in highlights: in Apr and Oct and 3 months following them. Saturn aspected by Mars [here a mutual aspect on RKA] Jun 4- Jul 19 can be especially unfavourable for father. For siblings the period Mar 12- Apr 24 or if your Moon was in Gemini-Leo weak and afflicted can cause challenges to their health and prosperity

Health: Although Jupiter and Venus are called the great natural benefics, and though Venus gets herself exalted in Jupiter owned Pisces, if they associate in unfolding dasas they can cause hurt, sickness and death of close relative, especially if they were badly placed in natal charts and if the person is also in Saturn Return/Erastaka. This is a significant 'enigma' in vedic astrology. Nothing is black or white. For Taurus, Jupiter being 8/11 lord can be Maraka. . When Jupiter gets to 6th house he also aspects the 12th house of sickness/hospitalization. That will be after Sep 28. And as Mars, your 7/12 lord will also be in 12 th house Jul 19- Feb 6, 06, you need to make health and safety top priority especially in the 2nd half of the year. The Solar eclipse can also hurt your assets/property/vehicles. And adverse Saturn Return or Sani Erastaka, if operative can make things worse. The Lunar eclipse can cause problems to siblings, and your upper limbs and respiratory tract. Other bad periods are . For possible hurt and auto accidents: The Sun's neecha in Libra Oct 17-Nov 16, in the 8th house Dec 15- Jan 14 and in the 11th house caught up on RKA: Mar 14-Apr 14 and Jun 15- Jul 16 in the 2nd house aspected by Mars from the 11th house on RKA. Mars Jun 4-Jul 18, can be difficult, hooked on RKA. Can cause problems to siblings as well. Venus in the 8th Jan 5-29, in the 12th Apr 12-May 6 are the other periods that require more health and safety consciousness.















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