StarScope: Dec 19-25
By: Gamini Dissanayake

Forecast for Lagna/Ascendant

ARIES: With more planets heading for 9/10 houses, the new year promises good fortune and fulfillment, we said last week. Right now, the 5th lord of fortune- the Sun-is in the 9th house, and we have discussed him in the past couple of weeks. Both 5/9 trikona or Lakshmi houses [along with the Lagna , the first house which is both kendra and trikona] are about your good karmic accumulation and their manifestation, divine grace, higher knowledge and fortune. While the 5th denotes children, creativity, investments and mantra siddhi, the 9th denotes the father, prime values, benign power, spiritual teachers and overseas journeys and over all fortune. Helpful planets when they come to 9/10/11 houses in transit [and supported by running dasas] help fulfill our aspirations/dreams in a big way. With 9th lord Jupiter in the 6th house of service and aspecting the 10th house, the highest point of a chart, professional success is on a roll and when Jupiter gets to Libra, your 7th house on Sep 28 success in partnerships, good support from partner, business in foreign lands, and good fortune will be well supported.

TAURUS: The Sun is out of hostile Gandantha/GD in the 8th house but it pays to be cool as his downside here is problems with: mother and her health, your assets, reaching academic goals and inner joy. Inner joy also means what is achieved thru inner work. And in this sense the Sun can be very helpful. . By the 4th week of January, Mercury your money-man, and the Lagna Lord Venus will be in the 9th house. The period Feb-Apr 14 is one of the best for overall fortune [see Aries for 9/10 indications] and professional success. Do not forget the 11th house [Labha or major gain, goals, aspirations, fulfillment, expansive and articulate intelligence, will, ambition, help from elder siblings, friends and associates, and as the downside, hurt and sickness] when Venus gets exalted Mar 19-Apr 12. And Mercury loses his neecha here during the same period. You need to watch Mars, for possible tensions with partner, especially on his MB/Mrityu Bhaga: Jan 16/17 and on his GD: Jan 24-Feb 3 [in 7/8 houses] His 8th house transit Jan 29-Mar 12 merits much cool.

GEMINI: The new year promises good career advancement and expansion of assets with Jupiter playing the major role thru Sep 28, 05 and then goes to Libra, your 5th house [see Aries down] for another year. In the 5th, Jupiter blesses heart connections, upgrading professional skills, investments, child birth, success of kids, luck and fortune. Importantly, he sees the Lagna , the 9th house and the 11th house, bestowing divine grace, fortune and fulfillment both for you and partner/mate. Saturn will be in Lagna Jan 13-May 25. He is both your 8/9 lord and unless Rahu, Mars or weak Moon was around, Saturn at worst can cause health problems and aggressive emotions. The danger period is when Mars connects with him, Jan 29-Mar 12, across 1/7 house axis. Both can give travel. On the downside, they can challenge harmony in relationships, cause aggression and health problems.. The best early transit next year is when Mercury and Venus go past 9/10 houses. Mercury- Feb 13-May 8 and Venus-Feb 22-Apr 12

CANCER: When YogaKaraka [5/10 lord] Mars gets himself exalted Mar 12-Apr 24, he also connects with Jupiter [your 9th lord] making it an outstanding period for career/public life, and also for fulfilling romance, higher education and overseas journeys. Right now Mars in your 5th house is also nice with Venus the 4/11 lord. See Aries down. Jan 29- Mar 12 Mars is great for providing service, spiritual exuberance , resistance to disease, energy of kids. It is when Mars gets stuck in the 8th house Apr 24-Jun 4, you can have enmity/jealousy on the work place and stress from kids. When Mars goes to the 9th house Jun 4, he gets connected with Jupiter [from the 3rd house] promising fortune thru career, and overseas journeys. When Mars passes the 10th house Jul 19, 05- Feb 6, 06 it is glory to career/public life, awesome power. If Saturn has donated 0-2 bindus in his AshtakaVarga to your 9th house and the Sarva Ashtaka of your 9th is below 25 [especially below 21 in your chart] and also if you are in a Saturn Return/Erastaka, the period Mar 14- Apr 14 can cause health problems to father.

LEO: Nice way to enter the new year with Mars and Venus [your 9/10 lords] in the 4th house and the big guy Sun in the 5th house of fortune. See Aries down. Mars in 5th, Jan29-Mars 12, for fortune and outstanding performance in academic activities, exalted in 6th: Mar 12-Apr 24 for energy to win, Apr 24-Jun 4 for productive journeys, expansion of assets and shine in public life are all very nice. Mars goes to the 9th house on Jul 19 and stays thru Feb 6, 06, even better. However, note Rahu comes to the 8th house on Feb 22 [True Nodes , not Mean] for 18 months and this occurs every 18 years. The first [Annular-Total] Solar Eclipse occurs on Apr 8. What happens here is that it is your Lagna Lord who gets eclipsed in the 8th house. Rahu can cause major tensions with partner and health problems to you and [also to father, see Cancer for Ashtaka scene] . The only redeeming feature is Jupiter aspecting Rahu, but only thru Sep 28, Jupiter will do best to stave off major problems. Note also that: Saturn aspects Rahu from the 11th house Feb 22-May 26. Time to be proactive. [Annular-Total eclipse means total for part of its path, annular for the rest. An Appulse -a penumbral eclipse where the Moon enters only the penumbra of the Earth- will be on Apr 24. The next two Solar/Lunar eclipses will be in Oct.]

VIRGO: You too enter the new year in bliss with Mercury and Venus [your 9/10 lords] moving to the 4th house, and Jupiter in Lagna like a true Guardian Angel thru Sep 28 and then to the 2nd house [financial resources, beauty/appearance, taste, speech, capacity for communication and commerce, family, learning etc] for another year, all very nice. Even better is Rahu leaving the 8th house [tensions in relationships, health problems, stress, sudden breaks/changes] on Feb 22. In the 7th he can give long journeys and heart connections, especially with persons outside your cultural background. Saturn is fine both in 10th house Jan 13- May 26 and in 11th May 26, 05-Nov 1, 06 unless you are in an Erastaka with a weak Moon [See Sep/Oct 04 StarScope columns for detail analysis]
The AT Solar Eclipse occurs in your 7th house, and April is particularly not great for partnerships. The next challenge is when Mars passes Rahu in the 7th house June 4-Jul 19 hurting relationships. Jan and Feb are the first great months of the year. with Mercury and Venus in 4/5 houses. See Aries down

LIBRA: The new year looks especially good for financial fortune. Have you checked out your Indu Lagna yet? Venus, Mars and Mercury [Lagna/2/9 lords] in the 2nd house. See Aries down. Saturn in 9/10 houses, very nice unless in a bad Ersataka. And Rahu coming to the 6th house on Feb 22. Unpredictable on the 7th house [marriage/partnerships, public life] Rahu is great in the 6th for success thru sheer hard work. The danger periods here are when Mars passes him Jun 4-Jul 19 hurting relationships and causing hurt mostly thru conflict. The Sun gets eclipsed in April, [see Ashtaka Scene for father] . The correlation of 6/11 houses -hurt, sickness, accidents, enemy problems, litigation] is worth noting here for possible adverse results, provided running dasas etc in your chart are supportive. . The best periods come later in the year when Venus and Mercury pass 9-11 houses Jun thru Sep.

SCORPIO: The Lagna is loaded with Mars Venus, and Mercury as the New Year begins indicating many travels in the year. The Sun, your 10th lord is strongly placed in the 2nd house : excellent for earning thru learning, making your voice very influential on the work place, prosperity of the family and good promise for starting family business. The downside of Mars/Mercury is the danger of getting macho. The big guy Mars is well placed during the whole year. [See Aries down] Rahu may not do much mischief in Pisces, your 5th house at least thru Sep 28 reined in by Jupiter from the opposite house. Jupiter is great in the 11th house, especially as the 2/5 lord of fortune. Rahu gets to the 5th house on Feb 22 for 18 months. If the Ashtaka in Pisces: the Sarva and that of Jupiter who owns it are less than 25 and 3 respectively, Rahu can cause difficulties in child birth, problems with kids and with deep cravings/addictions etc. Especially Mar-April and again in Aug-Sep. The AT solar eclipse can cause an unexpected event like "taken down a peg or two" in your career

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun, your 9th lord of fortune heralds the new year in Lagna packaging luck, fortune and Divine grace. Helps higher academic work, the higher side of the mind and also good help from father. Promotes strong sense of justice. When Mercury joins the Sun, the fortune and shine in career/public life gets defined early. Lagna Lord Jupiter is very nice in 10th house thru Sep for career, prestige and expansion of assets, and thereafter in the 11th house of Labha and fulfillment.. Saturn can give prestige, marriage and travel in the 7th house Jan-May, and unexpected gain and research skills in the 8th house May 05-Nov 06. If afflicted, frustrations, health problems, conflicts with siblings and neighbours. If Venus is badly placed in your chart, Rahu in 4th house can give foreign residence. Those living abroad have to be very careful and conscious when Mars joins Rahu Jun-Jul for possible losses/break-ins at home and damage to vehicles. The AT solar eclipse can hurt the health of parents

CAPRICORN: 9/10/11 lords of fortune, career and achievement/fulfillment: Mercury, Venus and Mars are together in the 11th house of fulfillment as the new year begins. Very nice. So is Jupiter in the 9th house of fortune. Lagna Lord Saturn fine in 6/7 houses for energy and prestige and travel. 9/10 lords Mercury and Venus are in Lagna before Janury is over making the first half of 2005 fortunate, fulfilling and full of opportunities. Rahu is great in 3rd house Pisces for great energy and success thru hard work.. Note his GD/MB for possible hurt to younger siblings. Also note solar eclipse [see Aries down] for aggravation of health problems: your upper limbs, ENT , problems in communications and disputes with siblings and neighbours. Not great for father if the weak Ashtaka Scene is present. The second best period begins in August as Venus and Mercury head for 9/10 houses. Then Jupiter goes to the 10th . New job offers from foreign sources if that is your scene.

AQUARIUS: You seem to have the best planets in the best places as you herald the brand new year. 9/10 lords Venus and Mars in the 10th house, the best spot for raising yourself up in career/public life, supported by Mercury the 5th lord. Lagna Lord Saturn in 5/6 houses [see Aries down] for fortune and energy. Jupiter in 8th excellent for inner work and also on the material side, for unexpected gain. The Sun in the 11th excellent for success.. Rahu in the 2nd gives money but not consistent here. Ketu in 8th with Jupiter nice for profound knowledge, but can cause health problems plus losses thru scheming persons of opposite sex especially when Venus gets involved Mar-April and Aug-Sep. The best of the year is when the money-man Jupiter , your 2/11 lord swings to the 9th [after 12 years] house for a year on Sep 28. Watch the AT solar eclipse for possible hurt to partner and relationships

PISCES: You enter the New Year nicely with 6 out of 9 planets sitting in Kendras and Trikonas. For starters, Lagna Lord Jupiter is in the 7th for mega-wattage-self-projection, Mars.Venus., Mercury in the 9th house and the Sun in the 10th for high-octane performance in career/public life. Saturn too is excellent in the 4th Jan-May for public life. Rahu comes to Lagna in Feb. This guy is non-confirmist/Bohemian, anti-social? . Can urge you to do unpredictable things in Lagna, especially after Jupiter [who will have him on a leash] moves out to the 8th house in Sep. Do not let Rahu energize you toward any free-for-alls. Also watch the Sun as he gets eclipsed [see Aries down] With Venus also in Lagna [note the 6/8 lord connection] be very cool in first half of April. Mars in exaltation Mar-Apr is very nice for big gain.






StarScope: Dec 12-18
By: Gamini Dissanayake

Forecast for Lagna/Ascendant

ARIES: Venus is in the 8th house thru Jan 5. As the 2nd lord he can give unexpected wealth: inheritance, insurance, gifts etc. Excellent for healers and spiritual investigations. As the 7th lord, not great for bliss in relationships. Retrograde Mercury is also with Venus thru Dec 20 and will go to the 9th house on Jan 5 as well. Mercury hones healing [broadly medico-legal and law enforcement] skills. The Sun goes to the 9th on Wednesday for a month which is the best transit for fortune, spiritual evolution, success in learning, childbirth and success of kids, father's fortune and long journeys. Mars gives good health and vitality in the 8th house plus strong intuition and great for inner work. As more planets are heading for 9/10 houses, the new year promises good fortune and fulfillment. See other signs

TAURUS: The Sun is nice for prestige in the 7th house but watch him as he hits hostile Gandantha in Scorpio Dec 13-16 for problems with mother and her health and your assets. Also for possible conflicts with partner. Partnerships, and travel, commerce and trade get the spotlight with a hot 7th house. While Mars and Mercury help and bless partnerships and romance, Venus, as the 6th lord can cause financial difficulties to partner as the downside. Mars and Venus, as you know, are noted for strong passion which obviously need conscious control. Journeys can be very productive. Good shine in public life supported also by Saturn from the 3rd house. Check your Ashtaka Varga of Saturn Whenever the Sun transits a sign where Saturn has donated less bindus [like 0-2 ] it is a month of difficulties.

GEMINI: Lagna Lord Mercury has re-entered Scorpio in retrogression. With the 6th Lord Mars also getting there on Friday, the period Friday thru Jan 5 can cause hurt and accidents, health problems to mother and damage/losses to house and property/vehicles etc. The Sun in the 7th [from Wednesday] is nice for prestige in the outer world but not great for relationships. There is great energy for the competitive spirit with a hot 6th house. Venus and Mars can also help service overseas. Nice for healing [also thru spiritual performance] , security/defense, social work. Success in litigation. Many short journeys. Watch the Moon in the 8th house [Tuesday thru Thursday noon] for financial losses/difficulties and stress. Friday and Saturday are the best with the Moon in 9/10 houses, for fortune and career.

CANCER: As the 2nd lord of financial resources, the Sun helps well in the 6th house of service for a month on Wednesday. He even makes money from enemies/competition.Watch his Gandantha Dec 16-19 for possible losses thru accidents or health problems. Especially Thursday-Saturday when the ruler Moon is hooked in the stressful 8th house as well. Venus is the best [your 4/11 lord] on fortunate PushKara Navamsa/PN in the first half of this week and in the 5th house thru Jan 5 for help from mother, success of children, expansion of assets, education and luck. These get well blessed [even better] when Mars comes to his own 5th Scorpio on Friday [thru Jan 29.] Mars, your YogaKaraka 5/10 lord is excellent on PN Dec 17-21 and again Dec 26-31. Note his Mrityu Bhaga [for possible reversal of good results] Jan 16-17 and his Gandantha Jan 24-29. Retro Mercury [back in the 5th] is great for reaching goals thru teaching/communication

LEO: Very nice with 5 planets [6 with the Moon] on Kendras and Trikonas for success and fortune. Success in career/learning, public life, expansion of assets, and fortune in investments, with kids, creativity, journeys, luck and spiritual activities. For starters, the Sun comes to the 5th house on Wednesday for a month [except for his GD/MB. See Aries down] the Lagna Lord in the natural/naisargika house of judiciary and royal gazette Sagittarius gives fortune and noble behaviour. The best is Mars and Venus , your 9/10 lords meeting in a Kendra, the 4th house Friday-Jan 5. Money Man Mercury is also in the 4th house. 5th lord Jupiter in the 2nd house for $$$ and speech full of wisdom. Rahu in the 9th for productive journeys. Even Saturn [despite his downside causing tensions with mate] can give glory in foreign places, a vipareetha raja yoga.

VIRGO: Nice week for outstanding job performance and awesome energy/determination to succeed, writing/communication. The 3rd house, hot with 3rd lord Mars and 9/10 lords make you very goal oriented. This energy on a roll thru Jan 5 will set you up for true glory when 9/10 Dharma/Karma Lords: Venus and Mercury meet in the 4th house of prestige, assets, inner joy, home, mother, learning Jan 5-26. Note also that Mercury and Jupiter will exchange 1/4 houses during this period again, making it about the best of 2005. The next best will be when Venus gets herself exalted Mar 19-Apr 12 and when Venus and Mercury go past 9/10 houses. Depending on the dasas you run and AshtakaVarga strength 2005 can definitely be a milestone in your financial fortune, career/public life , marriage or long-term relationships, overseas journeys/residence.

LIBRA: Venus, Mars and Mercury in the 2nd house this week [see Aries down] is all about fortune and inflow of money. The Sun as the 11th lord will also greatly help to achieve your financial goals, provided other factors are supportive in your charts. The mutual exchange of 4/5 houses and 10th house by Moon and Saturn is excellent for career or outstanding job performance. Jupiter and Rahu can help those seeking foreign employment or residence. Mars, who can cause discomfort with partner/mate on the Rahu-Ketu-Axis across Lagna and the 7th house, comes to his own 2nd house of $$$ on Friday. It will be Mars and Mercury who will give most wealth. The Sun is nice in the 2nd house, except for his Gandantha which can reverse good results.

SCORPIO: The Lagna is loaded with Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon as the week begins. The Sun goes to 2nd house on Wednesday and Mars comes to Lagna on Friday [See Aries down] The 10th lord Sun is weakened on Gandantha which also can block powerful job performance and self-projection. This can be compensated by Mars your Lagna Lord when he gets to Lagna. Jupiter is great for consistent gain and high academic achievement and fulfillment. Saturn is good for parents fortune , health and harmony with siblings. The 9th lord Moon passes Lagna thru 5th house all very nice for fortune, especially the second half of the week. The downside of Mercury and Mars in Lagna [Friday-Jan 5] is, being 6/8 lords they can cause aggression if other factors like Dashas are supportive in individual charts.. And Mars/Venus can cause strong passion. In extreme cases [in lower type Scorpio] this can lead to sex crimes.

SAGITTARIUS: The best is 9th lord Sun coming to Lagna on Wednesday for a month but note his Gandantha from Aries down. Out of Gandantha and MB, the Sun brings luck, fortune and Divine grace. Helps higher academic work, the higher side of the mind and also good help from father. Promotes strong sense of justice. Mercury can bring job offers from outside thru Jan 5. Financial fortune thru foreign sources by Venus also thru Jan 5. Journeys by Mars. The Moon -Saturn exchange of 2/3 and 8th house can give unexpected wealth and investigative skills. The downside here is problems to younger siblings and problems with food, drugs, addictions and politically incorrect speech. Those who successfully explore foreign sources [the dominant feature being a hot 12th house and the 9th lord Sun in Lagna, will have especially good results after Jan 5.

CAPRICORN: 9/10/11 lords of fortune, career and achievement/fulfillment Mercury, Venus and Mars are together in the 11th house of fulfillment thru Jan 5 [See Aries down] The Sun goes to 12th house on Wednesday and he too can give a vipareetha raja yoga for glory in foreign lands, deputations, exam and career success once out of Gandantha. Jupiter and Saturn are strongly placed in 9/7 houses ready to help productive travel, higher learning, spiritual expansion, fortune, relationships and public life. Almost all planets are well placed. Focus on the 11th house. Those seeking change in career, employment abroad will be blessed after Jan 5 if dasas and other factors are supportive in individual charts

AQUARIUS: The career and public life plus father's financial fortune is the dominant scene with 5/7/9 lords Mercury, Sun and Venus in the 10th house. As the Sun moves out to the 11th house for more success in career/ business, partnerships, and with good help from friends, older siblings and powerful people, the 10th lord Mars comes to the 10th house on Friday, making Friday-Jan 5, a very significant period for fortune and success. Venus and Mars are your 9/10 lords and Mercury is your 5th lord. Venus also owns the 4th house. This is awesome power for you to make good use of them. Lagna Lord Saturn is fine foe success in the 6th house, so is Rahu in the 3rd.

PISCES: The 9th house of fortune, prime values, higher side of the mind, Divine grace, luck, father, spiritual teachers, benign power and long journeys gets loaded with Venus, Mercury and Mars as the Sun moves out to the 10th. The Sun has natural directional power in the 10th, the highest point in a chart and will serve to raise you up and shine bright in public life once out of Gandantha [See Aries down] Venus as the 8th lord can also give more income with her ability to work well with supervisors, and if dasas are supportive gets inheritance from father. Mercury brings blessing from parents and helps higher knowledge. Relationships/romance blessed by elders in the family. The best is Mars your 2/9 lord who gets to 9th house on Friday for overall fortune and persuasive speech and finesse..

StarScope: Nov 28-Dec 04
By: Gamini Dissanayake 

ARIES: Except for the Moon who passes 3/4/5/ houses this week, no major changes from last week. The week is nice for creative expression, trade and commerce, communication and writing, expanding assets and $$$. Last week we touched on a unique jyotish tool and wealth indicator, the Indu Lagna, and the many e-mails from my readers [around the planet] tell me that it was fun, and helped better understanding of their financial fortune. When it comes to celebs, we see sometimes that birth data used even by reputed astrologers are subject to controversy. Western Vedic Astrologers like Hart de Fouw [author of Light on Life, and Light on Relationships] have used 9:05 pm for Bill Gates' birth time. The authoritative Lois Rodden's Astro Data Bank cites 10:00 pm. Its source is US astrologer Cindy Rempel who quotes Bill Gates [ at a Microsoft function in Seattle] "Sure it was right on 10:00 pm or within the minute" Gates was born on Oct 28, 1955 in Seattle. Rodden, however, gives the time of birth an A rating for accuracy [like for John Kerry] and not an AA [like for George W. Bush] Anyways, 9:05 pm gives Gates a Gemini Lagna, and 10pm a Cancer Lagna. What is interesting for you, at this point, is that Gates' Indu Lagna/IL is Gemini. [His Moon was in Pisces and 9th from there is Scorpio owned by Mars who is given 6 points. The 9th house from Cancer Lagna is Pisces and its lord Jupiter is given 10. Add both, you get 16. Deduct [multiples of] 12 and you get 4. From the Moon the 4th is Gemini, right?. Now you can work out his IL even for 9:05 Gemini Lagna. For his planetary placements see other signs below
TAURUS:  This week, the Moon your 3rd lord [siblings, neighbours, prowess, writing skills, short journeys, relations with aides, upper limbs and respiratory system etc] passes 2/3/4 houses. Today thru Wednesday 4:30 pm working hard to earn more but pays off well in the second half of the week, which is much better for getting results with ease or less effort, success in sales, writing, success to siblings and short journeys. Here is Bill Gates' Cancer Chart [See Aries] Jupiter in 2nd house Leo, Mars and Mercury in 3rd Virgo, Sun, Venus and Saturn in 4th Libra, Rahu in 5th Scorpio, Moon in 9th Pisces and Ketu in 11th Taurus. Navamsa Lagna is Leo. Moon in UttaraBhadra/UttraPutupa 4th pada. Lagna is Cancer 03:43:48. Lahiri: -23:14:40. Two weeks ago, we discussed how Sarva Ashtaka totals in 10,11,12 and Lagna indicate outstanding success in career /public life. Here is Bill Gates totals: 26, 37, 32, 37. Just for comparison here is George W. Bush again: 35, 38, 25, 32 who is also Cancer. Their respective totals of the 4 houses are: 132 and 130. See Nov 14 StarScope.
GEMINI: Glory with 4/7 lords Mercury and Jupiter who are also Lagna and 10th lords exchanging 4/7 houses [prestige, academic pursuits, diplomacy, partners' wealth and success and journeys etc] and the $$$ and sweet speech, taste, trade and commerce lord Moon, passing Lagna thru 3rd house. Nice , fulfilling week. As for big money, here is Bill Gates again, this time his Indu Lagna/IL which is Gemini. Any- which-way, [Cancer or Gemini] this guy is mega-bucks, period. I am not peddling jyotish, no need for that. Look at the chart, the IL. Note, I am looking for $$$. For Gemini, the Yoga Karaka is Venus who is in her Moola Trikona Libra [within the fortunate PushKara Navamsa orb] and 9th lord Saturn exalted in the 5th house of poorva punya, luck, creativity and dignity. [Venus and Saturn are 5/9 lords of fortune, what more you need? Lagna Lord? He is exalted too, in the 4th house of assets] The Sun, debilitated 3rd lord [who is also the Yogi, another unique indicator of wealth] causing a great neech banga raja yoga. Mercury exalted in the 4th house with 11th lord Mars. The Nodes also helping success in a big way. Jupiter in the 3rd house, Leo , the royalty. See other signs for more wealth giving features of IL. 
CANCER:  Lagna Lord Moon in the 12th thru Wednesday 4:30 pm very nice for spiritual expansion, community service, journeys/retreats. In Lagna Wed- Fri for good energy, strong sense of pupose and independence but if Saturn, Moon and Cancer Ashtaka Vargsa are weak and, afflicted inner joy and successful self-projection can be challenged.The weekend is the best. Welcome Bill Gates [still the richest guy or the 2nd- some say IKEA boss is now numero uno] to your club. See Aries down. Lagna Lord Moon is in the 9th house of fortune aspected by Mars the 10th lord who also aspcets the 10th house which is excellent. 9th lord Jupiter is in the 2nd house of $$$. The IT guy Mercury is exalted. 4/11 lord of assets and major gain Venus is in her Moola trikona, with 7th lord Saturn aslo exalted, and neecha banga for the Sun, the 2nd lord of $$$. Lagna, Mars and Venus sitting within the orb of PushKara Navamsa, all awesome. Now that you have worked out your own IL, let's look at some wealth indicating features. "High financial status is granted when several planets associate with the Indu Lagna, or aspect it, or fall in the 2nd or 11th from it, or occupy kendra from it." [Vinay Aditiya's Dots of Destiny] Bill Gates charts fit well here. 
 LEO: Sun is in the 4th house Very nice for business deals, expanding assets, buying house and property, vehicles, investing on education and on agriculture/farming. Mercury is even better for fortune in the 5th house and exchanging 2/5 houses with Jupiter. Back to Indu Lagna story, final part. See Aries down. "An unblemished benefic or an exalted malefic in the Indu Lagna/IL makes one a multi-millionaire. In Amitabh Bachchan's IL which is Taurus, Yoga Karaka [9/10 lord] Saturn sits unblemished in Lagna with 33 Sarva Ashtaka. IL Lord Venus is in the 5th house with exalted 5th lord Mercury [ Mars and Sun]. The dhana-yogas are formed by the combination of 1,2,5,9,10 and 11th house lords in the Indu Lagna. See how their dashas unfold. In transit, when planets are in upachaya or 3,6,10,11 houses from the IL, they offer wealth in proportion to the individual/binna and Sarva Ashtaka Varga/SAV values of the transiting planets in those houses.
VIRGO:   Mercury to the 4th and in mutual exchange of Lagna and 4th house with Jupiter is excellent for fortune, prestige and high status. Expansion of assets and career advancement The 11th lord Moon kicks off the week in your 9th house where she is exalted and passes 10/11/12 houses this week. Today- Wednesday excellent for fortune thru career and the 2nd half of the week for significant gain [if Saturn is also strong and so is SAV] and good gain in foreign trade or in foreign places
LIBRA  Sun, your 11th lord in the 2nd house is nice for financial fortune and to your older siblings as well. Mercury-Jupiter mutual exchange of 3/12 houses give productive journeys and opportunities to build fortunes in foreign places.. The 10th lord Moon is very nice this week passing 9,10,11 houses. The career gets the spotlight and will shine bright. You need help from a AshtakaVarga strong Saturn as well as a 10th house for significant progress in career. See Aries down for Indu Lagna scene.
SCORPIO:  The 10th lord Sun is now strong in Lagna for benign, powerful, persuasive and authoritative self -projection, success in career and public life. The 2nd half of the week best with the Moon, the 9th lord passing 9/10 houses. These houses must have high Ashtaka for desired results though. Lots of travel. Strive to avoid conflicts which could lead to lawsuits. In 3 weeks Mars, your ruler, now in your 12th house [losses] will be in your Lagna. Until then be cool.
SAGITTARIUS:  The Sun in your 12th house excellent for fortune thru foreign sources, fulfilling spiritual travel, and some temporary separation from father or father may go overseas, as discussed last week. Jupiter/Mercury exchange of 1/10 houses thru Jan 26 is the best for career. You will be able to launch or handle very challenging ventures, go all out to achieve desired results, good health and tenacity and you will enjoy what you do. Next time Sun and Mercury will meet in Lagna : Dec 15- Jan 14 promising more glory. See Aries down for Indu Lagna
CAPRICORN: Mercury now in the 12th house supports your involvement with community and spiritual or charitable causes and build a fortune thru foreign sources [import/export, foreign funding etc] or places. As the 6th lord, Mercury will be strongly supporting community service projects, care-giving, healing. Some travel is certain and depending on running dasas, it could be long journeys. The mutual exchange of 9/12 houses by Mercury and Jupiter bless all these indications. See Aries down for Indu Lagna
AQUARIUS:   Mercury in the 11th house can give a significant financial fortune and success for kids as well. With Jupiter and exchanging 8/11 houses Mercury can bring money from unearned sources and also from investigative or mystical work, anti-aging, nutritional supplements etc. As the 5th lord, profits by the grace of poorva punya, and from investments, sports, entertainment and academic work. For IL see Aries down. In Amitabh's Aquarius natal chart , 2/11 lord Jupiter is not only exalted but also sitting in PushKara Navamsa in Cancer the 6th house. SAV is 42, the highest and Jupiter's own donation is a 7 out of 8! The SAVs of 10th-Lagna are: 29, 32 24, 31
PISCES: The exchange of 7/10 houses by Mercury and Jupiter is excellent for prestige in career or public life. Partner plays a significant role in success. Enhances your business skills, diplomacy and people skills. Long journeys on business bring good results. The Sun can help you excel in job performance/service, and enhance the benefits from higher learning and the commitment to justice. You will be urged to support centers of higher learning and also to spiritual organizations. In 3 weeks, more glory and fortune with Mars coming to his own 9th house. See Aries down for Indu Lagna

















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