My name is Gamini Dissanayake and I have been studying Jyotish (Vedic Astrology or the Science of Light) and psychology for over 20 years.

I was initiated by my late father DMA Dissanayake who was a student of Buddhist Philosophy and Buddhist Mindology and who was inspired by the works of Carl Jung and great Vedic astrologers, Suryanarayan Rao and B.V.Raman.

Over the years, I have come to understand how Karma manifests through one's birth chart. I have also been a broadcaster, foreign correspondent, and an activist (for social justice and for protecting the environment) and I have recently earned diplomas and certificates in child psychology, psychology and social work (Stafford College, Montreal. Canada), and Radio and Television Arts at Ryerson Polytechnic University of Toronto, Canada.

From February 1999 to November 23, 2001, I went back to my home country, Sri Lanka, to research for a book entitled Astrology, Collective Deaths and Destiny to be published later this year. I am the Jyotish columnist for the Sri Lankan Sunday Observer in Colombo and I also write a weekly column for the Jyotish online magazine, Jyotish Discovery. These are some of the places I have worked in the past:

Sunday Times columnist (1975 - 77)

  • Lanka Guardian staff writer (1978 - 80),
  • Travel Lanka, Colombo (1999 - Aug 01)
  • News Lanka, London, England (2000 - Oct 01)
  • co-host and programmer Radio Shanthi CHRY 105.5 FM
  • York University of Toronto (1997 - 98),
  • host and co-producer Open Heart SLBC Colombo
  • and now living in Toronto, Canada since 1989.


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