StarScope: Apr 04-10
By: Gamini Dissanayake


ARIES: As the Sun goes hostile Mrityu Bhaga/MB Tuesday 1500-Thursday 1600, And On Gandantha/GD 10th-13th. Romance, kids, your spiritual activities can frustrate. Kids can get into trouble: health, fines/punishments by the law, and you can face penalties and losses [litigation, health, speculation] and mental restlessness, sleep and heart problems. Venus in Taurus goes fortunate PushKara Navamsa/PN Apr 4th- Apr 7th . As your 7th lord Venus can bring more $$$ thru partnerships, inspire others with persuasive speech. On the downside she can hurt partnerships and cause tensions in the family. As the 2nd lord she is nice for $$$, enhances personal appeal and promotes language skills. Mercury retrogrades/Rx Wednesday. Yet 2/7 houses being maraka/hostile as their downside, and Venus is with Mars who represents your body, Mercury Rx can cause more problems, aggression and injury to body [being the 6th lord]. Take good care

TAURUS: The Sun , your 4th lord in your 11th house is nice for popping out windows of opportunity, support from well placed buddies, influential folks, and mother's side, and help realize your aspirations. But watch his MB/GD downside this week. See Aries. Be extra sensitive to needs of mom and elder siblings, and do not take any new offers lightly , your skills may not measure up to required high grades. Your 8th house will have the aspect of Mars [not good for partnerships] Jupiter and Rahu [can cause unexpected changes/breaks, and health problems] Saturn can cause a surprise gain if involved with good dashas, and Moon will be in the 8th house on Saturday hooked on GD

GEMINI: The exchange of 3/10 houses by the Sun and Jupiter is nice for career development, creative work like writing and performing arts, teaching/presentations/seminars/workshops, and for short travel. Watch partnerships as 4 planets [ Mars, Saturn can cause tensions] an afflicted Moon on GD negative emotions on Saturday, and Jupiter hell bent on some criris-management. Venus in Taurus, with Mars is nice for earnings from foreign sources/connections, success in foreign lands. Helps bring out the best in you to help the vulnerable like kids, mothers, and old folks, and expand your spiritual activities like yoga/meditation. Mercury on the 11th house of big gain, with Rahu doing best to keep your wallet loaded

CANCER Mercury in your 10th house [with Rahu] can cause job offers from outside or a change within. In politics, likely to change colors/loyalties. The period May 9- Jun 2 especially when Mercury and Mars exchange 10/12 houses. Watch out when the Sun goes MB/GD the financial fortune and learning and father's finances too can get obstructed. Food problems: bad food or food poisoning especially while traveling. The best is Venus and Mars for reaching goals/fulfillment of aspirations including career. And Jupiter supporting from the 2nd house for fortune, personal health and charm, speech and communication as well. As 4 planets connect with the 6th house be conscious when your travel/drive [ Note the days Sun is afflicted in the 9th house for long travel] take good care of your health especially Fri-Sat, and be cool in your relationships

LEO: Mars and Venus giving their best to raise you up in career and illuminate your public life, helping you to win high public office if other factors are supportive. Very nice for $$$ as well, as Mercury the money-man on the 9th house of fortune is aspected by Jupiter, the 5th lord of fortune from Lagna. Those seeking kids will be blessed too. Watch your Sun though when he hits MB/GD. See Aries down.. Can make you physically and mentally weak and fatigued , vulnerable to scandal, moral conduct challenged. As Jupiter is Rx to May 5, this exchange of 1/8 houses by Sun and Jupiter can bring out its downside this week. Those having problems with reproductive area, those with chronic health problems need to take more care of themselves. The Sun will be fine after April 14

VIRGO: Mercury your ruler in the 8th house and with Rahu is not nice for health and investments. Note that Rahu in the 8th also causes diagnostic confusion and problems with toxins. Those venturing out like camping, hiking can be troubled by snakes/reptiles. Chronic or acute problems will even be tackled on the operation tables if running bad dashas. Partnerships challenged by a weak Sun [See Aries ] and Jupiter. Trouble while traveling. The only bright spots are Venus in the 9th for $$$ , outstanding success in higher learning, productive travel, fortune and luck. Mars can give unexpected gain here but can also cause problems with dad and those in high office. And Saturn for shine in career. Be more conscious in the weekend with the Moon and Sun both hitting GD. Pay more attention to security of vehicles and property and also health of parents

LIBRA: The Sun on MB/GD this week. See Aries down. The health of elder siblings and dad could be a major concern to you this week. They and some friends can cause unexpected expenditure. Your health needs good care too as the Sun and Jupiter exchange 6/11 houses of hurt and sickness. Today and Monday jealousy in the work place. Tuesday and Wednesday are best for career when the Moon passes Lagna. Thursday and Friday be very cool [with co-workers] as the Moon hits debility sign plus GD. Venus in your 8th house is nice for sudden windfalls, inheritance, gifts, insurance claims and for investigating the mysteries of life. But it is the YogaKaraka Saturn on the 9th house of fortune who is well placed both for you and your kids..

SCORPIO: The week begins nicely with the Moon in your 11th house of gain and fulfillment. Tuesday and Wednesday she helps travel and and $$S thru foreign sources. Thursday -Saturday she will be in your lagna and 2nd house. Nice except for her GD [see Aries down]. Be cool with what you express in the weekend. Career is fine with Jupiter in the 10th house [better after May 5 when he stops Retro/Rx] and Saturn connecting with the 10th house and 10th lord. But your 10th lord Sun is weak this week. Plus the theory that the 5th house is the 8th [obstructions/abrupt change] from the 10th house. Health needs a lot of care with Mercury and Rahu in the 6th house [skin, sugar, LDL, knee and digestive problems] and also the health of partner and cool in relationships [Mars in the 7th]

SAGITTARIUS: The good things of Sun/ Jupiter exchange of 4/9 houses like higher learning, expansion of assets, support and blessings from parents and family, prestige in the outer world can go into low gear as the Sun hits MB/GD this week. See Aries down. The downside of the 10th lord in the 5th [see Scorpio] in an enemy camp to boot, that is Mercury in Aries, also applies to you.. Passion well charged by Rahu and Mercury, so take care. Venus and Mars in the 6th house nice for giving your best in the work place with awesome energy. Good health consciousness and interest and profit from healing, legal, security activities. Gets good help from others. Both Venus and Mars on fortunate degrees.

CAPRICORN: So Venus and Mars in your 5th house are still fine around their fortunate PN degrees for creativity, success in academic activities, fortune and expansion of assets, reaching goals. It is the Sun hitting MB/GD this week [see Aries down] that is challenging: your parents' health, harmony with siblings and neighbours, what you speak and write. Problems with ENT, neck, upper limbs possible. Mid week best for career but not romance in the weekend when the Moon hits GD Saturday. Be more cool when traveling. Mercury goes retro/Rx on the 7th. Can cause hurt/accidents. Especially on the 17th when he hits MB in Rx.

AQUARIUS: We have no problem with Mars and Venus on your 4th house : the best combination for fortune and $$$, astounding success in career and public life. More planets are still well placed. For reaching goals and for fortune. Note, the affliction of the Sun. See Aries down. When strong partnerships bring more $$$, gives good business and financial management, success thru speech and communication, good taste and profits thru travel, transportation, food and beverage trades. These can slow down as the Sun goes MB/GD. Need more cool with partner/spouse.

PISCES: The Moon is fine for fortune except for GD on Saturday. See Aries down. Venus on the plus side gives daring, gets results with little effort, great for writing and communication, sales and marketing. A weak Sun can cause unnecessary aggressive emotions and conflicts leading to hurt if not conscious. The career shine is OK with Jupiter in the 6th connecting with the 10th house and Saturn aspecting him: your Lagna and 10th Lord. Much depends on the natal Moon's and Jupiter's connection and the Dashas now running. If Moon and Jupiter were together in a Kendra or trikona at birth, or the Moon was in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio [this is her neecha sign though, hence less power] or Aquarius. Note : this combinations have to be present in your Navamsa/D9 and the Dashamsha/D 10 charts as well for true glory

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StarScope: Apr 11-17
By: Gamini Dissanayake


ARIES: The Sun comes to Aries on Tuesday around 1832 hrs and will be exalted up to 10 degrees here. In Aries the Sun gives awesome energy, benign power, authority and leadership, sharp thinking and good judgment, courage, $$$, good health, helps others. As the 5th lord, good interaction with kids, profits from hobbies and investments, good status, romance/passion, higher knowledge and spiritual expansion. Due to his exaltation, his hostile Gandantha/GD thru to Apr 17th 0450 is mostly neutralized.. Also his Mrityu Bhaga/MB the 20th degree May 4th 0700- May 5th 0830 because the MB is located in fortunate PushKara Navmsa/PN May 4th- May 7th 1800 hrs. and May 11th 1130-14th 1600 hrs.. Be alert however, to curb any strong/aggressive emotions thru to May 9th sunset as Mercury [your 6th lord of aggression] is combust, retrograde and is on GD as well. Especially on Saturday when Sun and Mercury will be on the same degree.

TAURUS: The Sun comes to your 12th house on Tuesday for a month. See Aries. Nice for spiritual expansion, philanthropy/community service, long travel. Watch also the downside on his MB/GD: problems with sleep, house and property, unexpected spending on kids and parents, feet and chest ailments [if running bad dashas] Four planets [5 with Moon today] connect with your 8th house. Some unexpected gain/income is shown in the house of mystery which we have least control of. Yet it can happen [depending on the strength of individual charts] like inheritance, windfall, insurance benefits or gifts as the Moon passes 9/10/11 houses. Take good care of your dad. Too much partying during the festival days can aggravate chronic health problems as the Sun and Rahu are close to each other third in the last week of April thru to May 5

GEMINI: The Sun now swings to Aries , your 11th house on Tuesday. See Aries down. The megawatt power of energy generated here can be properly channeled to reach your goals and make good the many opportunities popped up. Note also that when Rahu hugs the Sun, its generally trouble big time, around the globe. We call it a Solar Eclipse and around the 19th [when the Moon enters the umbra of the Earth without being totally immersed in it] we get a Partial Solar Eclipse, to be followed by a Total Lunar Eclipse around May 4th. More on these later. But they urge all of us to be very cool. For Geminis, Mars joins Saturn in Lagna on Apr 28-Jun 14. This could be more scary than an eclipse, if you try to sweep your cool under the carpet.

CANCER Mercury and Rahu is joined by the Sun. See Aries down. The career gets a boost from the Sun. The power of expression in turn will express power. Be cool though as Mercury and Rahu can cause the unexpected on the workplace. This could be jealousy/discrimination to change within job or offers from outside. Like I said last week, jumping ship as well. Thursday/Friday are the days to watch , when the ruler Moon in the 8th house connects with Jupiter. A surprise, could be a windfall too. The best still is Venus and Mars for fulfillment of aspirations including career. And Jupiter supporting from the 2nd house for fortune, personal health and charm, speech and communication.

LEO: The Sun brings fortune and power in Aries , your 9th house. See Aries down. This enhances the Dharma-Karma Yoga of Mars and Venus which serves to raise you up in career and illuminate your public life, helping you win high public office. The other good things I said last week like: Mercury/Jupiter/Sun nice for fortune and higher learning, productive travel and spirited approach to any situation are still very good and getting better. Even Rahu can help fortune and fruitful travel from the 9th house. Busy with journeys Mon-Thu. Wed and Thu are the best days for fortune and prestige. Go easy/slow down in the weekend as the Moon hits the 8th house

VIRGO: The Sun gets to your 8th house house on Tuesday. See Aries down. He can bestow unexpected gain like inheritance or similar unearned income, excellent for those in healing, research especially into longevity and forensic sciences. Gives fine intuition. The downside is , especially on Sun's MB/GD and when he gets closest to Rahu is lack of vitality, problems in the reproductive and GI areas, and financial problems to partner. Those living away from home [foreign places] can experience sudden elevation [career/status]. Health, however, gets priority, hands down. Note again, that Rahu in the 8th also causes diagnostic confusion and problems with toxins.

LIBRA: The Sun comes to your 7th house . See Aries down. For starters, there will be many journeys. Some long. Many profitable. Partner actively participates in business activities. Also with older siblings and help from influential people. Yet, the intimate relationships are still not well blessed. Mars your 7th lord is still stuck in the 8th house until the 28th. Rahu with Sun and Mercury can cause deception as well. For those seeking it pays to be patient for a couple more weeks. Mon-Thu are very nice as the Moon passes 4/5 houses of prestige, fortune and higher learning. Good visibility on the work place.

SCORPIO: The Sun now arrives at your 6th house of service, struggle and determination: to overcome competition/adversaries. See Aries. Good time to accept very challenging [career-related] assignments. Excellent for those in medical, legal, law enforcement/defense, security areas. Your skills in logistics/formulating strategy will be well enhanced and welcomed by the those in power. Ruler Mars is well placed in the house of social interaction thru to Apr 28. Apr 28-Jun 14 he still can cause un unexpected Raja Yoga in the 8th house, but be cool here as he passes Saturn. On May 14 the Sun comes to the 7th house. Excellent for outstanding performance on the work place. The three months starting June 14 are the best of the year

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun will be in your 5th house. Those seeking kids will certainly be blessed but be mindful as Rahu can also upset by causing challenges like miscarriage. Especially when the Sun gets closest to Rahu. See Aries down. The power yoga of Sun-Mercury [your 9/10 lords] is blessed by Jupiter who does his best to tame Rahu, the spoiler. Yet if you are running good dashas [including that of a well placed Rahu in your natal charts] you can be elevated to dizzy heights. The downside of Mercury in an enemy camp in Aries, still can cause some humility or sudden downfall. Be cool until 22nd Venus and Mars in the 6th house nice for giving your best in the work place with awesome energy. Good health consciousness and interest and profit from healing, legal, activities.

CAPRICORN: The Sun comes to your 4th house on Tuesday. See Aries down.. Generally he is nice here for inheritance or other benefits [from mother's side], super charged intuition, real estate deals, estate planning and interest in mysteries of life. The downside is mental restlessness [especially with Rahu] strong emotions, and possibility of accidents [with Mercury] thru 22nd and gain May 9-15. Difficulty with academic work/inability to focus/concentrate. The best still is Venus and Mars in your 5th house for creativity, success in academic activities, fortune and expansion of assets, reaching goals.

AQUARIUS: The Sun comes to your 3rd house. See Aries down. Ideally promotes joint ventures with siblings or spouse. Profitable journeys for siblings. Nice for writing and publishing and other media work. The downside is too much adventurism from siblings/partner, and heightened sensuality can cause problems within family circle. Be cool thru to 22nd and again May 9-15. The best still is Mars and Venus on the 4th house for fortune and $$$, astounding success in career and public life. For reaching goals. Mid week is best when Moon connects with Jupiter. Good energy and fine personal appeal will many many friends and fans.

PISCES: The Sun comes to your 2nd house. See Aries down. Gives healing speech and power of expression. Nice for those in medical, legal, law enforcement and also in food and beverages. Hard work will truly pay off but watch Rahu who can incite you to make money thru any means. The downside is: watch your tongue which can speak ill of others and also cause food poisonings/allergies, and problems with ear, nose, mouth, throat and eyes. Strong Venus and Mars are still good for venturing out, getting results with little effort, great for writing and communication, sales and marketing.

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StarScope: Apr 25-May 1
By: Gamini Dissanayake


ARIES: This Wednesday around 0042h Mars enters Gemini and will be there until 1107h June 14. Note his dangerous Mrityu Bhaga/MB Jun 6-8 and favourable PushKara Navamsa/PN May 24-29 and Jun 03-09. The significance [mostly unfavourable] of Mars in Gemini are: He will be with Saturn here and a Total Lunar Eclipse occurs on May 4. The plus side of Mars/Saturn are high energy and tendency to be aggressive and to engage in risky ventures. With the Sun [still grimacing from a Partial Eclipse on the 18] and is still "darkened" by Rahu until May 14, Mars with Saturn period can cause major devastation around the globe in the shape of war/conflict, explosions, accidents, famine, floods and earthquakes. . Sage Brighu [Nadi Astrology] gives additional evil results when Mars joins Saturn: Troubles, accidents, health problems, blood diseases, obstructions to career, harassment from supervisors, financial difficulties due to enemy activities, tensions with spouse and stress to brother. Mars will be conjunct [on the same degree] on May 25/26. Also note when they get to 5 degrees with each other. That is May 13-June 5. The only redeeming feature seems to be that Saturn will be on PN May 18- June 16. Simply it pays to be very cool. See other signs for more

TAURUS: Sure, Saturn is yoga karaka/most helpful for you and is on PN [see Aries] but Mars is your 7/12 lord, and that urges you to be extra conscious of relationships/partnerships, how you interact with others and also when traveling. Let us briefly look at the Nakshatra connection: Saturn is on Ardra/Ada Jun 8, 2003- Jun 16, 2004. Ruled by Rahu, this Nakshtra indicates destruction and dissolution, weeping [the symbol is a tear drop] processes thru which loss and disappointment takes place, malice, treachery, deception, criticism, cruelty, lawlessness, perversity, ego-centric attitudes, lying and cheating. The good thing about this Nakshatra is that loss may lead to new growth, and all those trials and tribulations makes one realize how much it costs to accomplish one goals. When Mars also gets to Ardra/Ada May 8-29 the Rahu connection becomes prominent and is not good as these are the three major bad guys. Mars then goes to Punavasu [ruled by Jupiter] May 29- Jun 19. And Saturn gets to Punavasu on June 16. Punavasu's symbol is quiver of arrows and indicates its capacity to penetrate its target no matter how distant, mentally or physically.

GEMINI: Mars and Saturn scene [see Aries down] unfolds in your Lagna. Although both own 9/11 houses, it is their 6/8 ownerships that is dominant. Also during May 9-Jun 2 your ruler Mercury will be exchanging Lagna and 11th house with Mars. Be very conscious in everything you do. Be extremely cool and take good care not lose your cool and not to hurt yourself. Note MB and other hostile days from above. A neecha Mars Jun 14-Aug 1 can give better results in the Artha Trine/$$$ as a debilitated 6/11 lord. As Mars out, Mercury gets to Lagna on Jun 17 which is nice

CANCER Mars, your most helpful or Yoga Karaka gets to the 12th house on Wednesday. See Aries down and note both good and bad days given above. Gemini is not friendly to Mars who is just 30 degrees away from his debility/neecha.. While Saturn who is presently on PN can give productive travel, success thru foreign connections and spiritual expansion and philanthropy, Mars can cause obstructions to career, enmity on the work place, change of jobs, job offers from outside [those seeking foreign employment specially blessed] and unexpected expenses on kids. Saturn's downside [due to his 7th house lordship] ability cause strong tensions to partnerships. Take good care to avoid losses/fines and look after your health, ensure adequate rest/sleep

LEO: The big guy Sun coming out of eclipse [See Aries down] is certainly not good for dad and teachers/gurus. That it occurred on the 9th house was better for you than if it had happened in the 8th house. Mars, in theory [4/9 lord in the 11th house] is expected to bring in lots of wealth and fortune. Be wary though and lower your sights a notch or two. If the Ashtaka Vargas of your 11th house and that of Mars and Saturn are strong [in your natal charts] Mars will certainly generate some good $$$. But he is in enemy zone, on his way to neecha and , above all with Saturn. Saturn is dangerous in the 11th house for hurt and sickness. So, note all data given above including the nakshatra indications. We are heading into another Total Lunar Eclipse. When Mercury gets to Aries [see Gemini] Leos can expect some good $$$

VIRGO: For you [like for your sister sign Gemini] Mars is the big bad guy. See Aries down and note all data given. On those hostile days be cool and conscious on the work place. Professional jealousies/back biting, you name it, so take good care. The only plus side of Mars is the support he can give for research and investigation, especially those into life's mysteries which includes, forensic/DNA and other biological sciences. Mars can give $$$ when gets Neecha but before that watch when Mercury gets to Aries [see Gemini] and be very cool. Saturn on his own is nice for public life in the 10th house and on PN to boot.

LIBRA: For the big picture of Mars and Saturn in Gemini, see Aries down. Saturn is your Yoga Karaka and placed strongly in the 9th house of fortune. We have discussed this already. Mars being the 2nd lord can give some $$$ in the 9th house of fortune. Yet note he is on his way to neecha, and when he does Jun 14-Aug 1 be very conscious on the work place for enmity/obstruction to career advancement. Generally when the 7th lord [Mars] goes to 9th [elders/preceptors] we expect heart connections to be blessed by the elders in the family [circle]. However take note of this unique energy or rather synergy of Mars and Saturn that does not support the understanding of your loved one's motivations and emotional needs all that well.

SCORPIO: The Sun rebounding from last week's eclipse can now support your 6th house of service, struggle and determination: to overcome competition/adversaries. Ruler Mars goes to 8th house [see Aries down] and this needs conscious handling. Yes, there is the theory of 6th lord giving unexpected raja yoga in the 8th house. Be wary though and note all data given above including nakshatra indications. It is Saturn's company that is dangerous here. His plus side is promoting research like what Mars does for Virgo. But generally when the 8th house gets hot [Rahu connecting thru Nakshtra as well] it pays to be cool, period. Expect Mars to cause some good fortune on the 9th house [including profitable journeys, connecting with spiritual gurus etc] when he goes neecha.

SAGITTARIUS: The Sun can now help those seeking kids but be mindful as Rahu can also upset by causing challenges like miscarriage and problems to kids. Especially this week when Sun gets closer to Rahu. Mars who is your 5th lord causes strong passion [certainly needs conscious control] when he goes to 7th house. Less evolved persons can cause sexual offences during this time, even to kids. As Mars also represents your 12th house, these can cause strong tensions to harmony in partnerships. Can Jupiter from the 9th house mitigate the adverse indications? Yes, to a point

CAPRICORN: The Sun in the 8th and eclipsed [last week] and with Rahu not great for health of parents, and you may still experience emotional restlessness for another couple of weeks. Mind how you drive and also ensure security of house and property. Mars and Saturn scene [see Aries down] is not great either. Note all the data given above including naksha connection. For starters be extra careful when you drive/travel, and never get into conflicts with others. All this unfolds in your 6th house of sickness/hurt, wounds, surgery, enemies, aggression, struggle, debts, losses, litigation etc etc.

AQUARIUS: The Sun rebounding from last week's eclipse can still cause problems/losses from siblings/partner, and heightened sensuality can cause problems within family circle. Mars in the 5th with Saturn [see Aries down] will energize you to seek quick bucks in business and other ventures. And to speculate and take unnecessary risks. These can trap you with wrong choices or devious behaviour. A time you really need to preserve your integrity, especially in financial transactions, writing and communication

PISCES: The Sun coming out of last week's eclipse can still make you speak ill of others and also cause food poisonings/allergies, problems with ear, nose, mouth, throat and eyes. Mars-Saturn scene [see Aries down] is not great for health and happiness of parents and be mindful when you travel. Your vehicles can break down, and some losses shown with house and property or agricultural produce etc. Ensure harmony with father and spiritual teachers. As Mars is also heading for neecha in the 5th house be extra sensitive to the needs of father, teachers and kids, and avoid speculation/gambling

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