StarScope: Aug 08-14
By: Gamini Dissanayake


ARIES: The Blue Moon [2 full moons occurring in a calendar month] has no significance, unlike the Chandra Month or Lunation . The Moon takes approximately 29 days, 12 hours and 44 minutes to travel from one conjunction with the Sun to the next or, to cover the 27 nakshatras/lunar mansions: Ashvini/Asvida to Revati- to complete a moon cycle.. The next eclipses-Solar and Lunar on Oct 14 and 28 respectively will be discussed as we move along. Mars, now out of Gandantha and strong can give the desired and expected results of the Guru-Mangala Yoga with Jupiter. The buzz here is leadership, energy, focus, dynamism and good judgment. With the Moon passing 2-4 houses this week it is more about assets: expanding and management and success in academic activities leading to good status. Luck, Grace and Fortune

TAURUS: Jupiter and Mars are not your best buddies.. In fact both have maraka/death dealing powers. Because they own 8 and 12th houses. Yet, they are great for yoga , meditation or evolving spiritually. However, Jupiter [rules 8/11 houses] can surprise with unexpected gain. There is a mention that Mercury in 5th, Moon and Mars in the 11th is a Dhana Yoga [wealth giving] for Taurus, mainly because of Mercury's 5th house lordship [Mars connects with the 11th house by aspect thru to Nov 2] . Mercury is nice for both learning and $$$ even now and will be best in the 5th house Aug 25-Oct 12. Note Saturn and Venus in the 2nd house which is nice for wealth as well. Note: Mutual exchange of Lagna 2,4, 5,9,10,11 houses by their lords and their placement in kendras and trikonas give more power and fortune.

GEMINI: Jupiter, Mars and Mercury bunch up in the 3rd house is nice for your competitive spirit and writing/cognitive skills. Journeys too. The next few weeks may not be good for brothers, both younger and older. Rahu in the 11th house is best for material gain/success, but the rogue sees the 3rd house. The period after Jupiter leaves Leo [with him the protective shield against Rahu] and when the Sun will be in Leo [Aug 25-Sep 16] is challenging for younger brothers' well being. The best right now is Venus and Saturn in Lagna when we consider their 5/9 ownership for fortune. Jupiter in Virgo [Aug 25, 04- Sep 28, 05] will witness a truly progressive period for career and financial success.

CANCER: Jupiter and Mars, your most helpful 9 and 5/10 lords are now together in the 2nd house of financial resources, livelihood, speech, taste, capacity for communication and commerce. While fortune in this domain are shown, Mercury's association can bring wealth thru foreign sources. Plus, of course, Venus the 11th lord of abundance in the 12th [foreign] house. The downside of Mercury and Venus is the tendency for an older sibling to get sick or fined, or a younger sibling to be frustrated. The Sun in Lagna is nice for improving earning capacity, persuasive speech, intelligent planning and happiness in the family. Next week he will be in his own 2nd house which is even better for $$$

LEO: So, we got Mars and Jupiter [5/10 lords] in Lagna [fortune and luck and grace, and fortunate travel] , Venus the 10th lord in the 11th house [fulfillment in career and public life] Mercury with Mars and Jupiter for $$$, and next week , the big guy Sun joining them in Lagna for glory. What you need is a little help from running dasas in your natal chart. By last week of August both Jupiter and Mercury will be in your 2nd house helping inflow of $$$. More importantly Jupiter sees the 10th house, and if the dasas are supportive, and the ashtaka vargas are strong for Jupiter in Virgo, and Saturn for Cancer, a significant raise in career is possible even as early as October.

VIRGO: Some interesting features/indications about career before Jupiter and Saturn switch to Lagna and 11th house respectively. Now that Mercury is in 12th house with Jupiter and Mars, seen by Saturn from Gemini, change in career, specifically the chances of landing new jobs look good. Provided: Your natal Moon was in Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries or Gemini. [Aries Moon has to be very strong in Astaka Varga, Shad Bala etc as it is the 8th house, and because Rahu is still parked there]. There is also an interesting Dhana Yoga when Saturn moves to Cancer [your 11th house] Sep 6,04 - Nov 1, 06. When the Moon is in Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn , Pisces and Taurus can bring you luck if other factors are supportive in your natal chart. Another major Dhana Yoga is when Mercury is in Lagna associated with Jupiter and Moon. Well, just around the corner, but don't you go bust your pay cheque on scratch tickets now.

LIBRA Now that Mars [ 2nd lord] is also in the 11th house, with Mercury the 9th lord, and the Sun will be there next Monday, and more importantly, Venus and Saturn are in the 9th house, let us look at a couple of major Dhana Yogas for Libra. Saturn being the 4/5 lord has to be associated [with Venus and Mercury] for a significant gain. That means he has to be in Aquarius the 5th or Leo the 11th or in Lagna [he is exalted here]. When he goes to 11th for 2 1/2 years starting Nov 2006 he sees the 5th house too and that will be nice. But that is 2 years and change away. How about the Sun the 11th lord in 11th [Aug 16-Sep 16] while Saturn and Venus are in the 9th house ? That's nice too. Provided, you got the supportive dasas etc running in your natal chart now. Also Venus in the 11th house Sep 28-Oct 24 and in Lagna Nov 17-Dec 12 and Mercury in Lagna Oct 12-31.

SCORPIO: A Major Dhana Yoga is showing up for Scorpio too, and why not? . If you have been "looking" Aries down [that's recommended reading!] at 5/11 lords [of fortune, and gain] playing a major role in wealth and luck. So, the first is: 5th lord in 5th and 11th lord in 11th with the Moon your 9th lord [for divine grace or poorva punya/good karma]. For that you need to wait until Jupiter gets to Pisces [May 10- May 11] And the 2nd is: Mars in Lagna with Moon and Jupiter [Jupiter in Scorpio [Oct 27, 06--Nov 23, 07] The first one is a hike and the second is still 16 months away. How about Jupiter in Virgo [the 5th lord in the 11th house from where he sees the 5th house too]. Could be nice when Mars, Moon and Mercury party with Jupiter in Virgo [Aug 25, 04-Sep 28, 05] then. Got pen and paper? Mercury in Virgo: Aug 25-Oct 12. Mars: Sep 17-Nov 2. And the Moon: Sep 15-16, Oct12- 14, in Pisces Aug 31-Sep 2, Sep 28-29, Oct 25-26. You also need supportive dasas etc in your natal chart though. Finally, this comes with the usual warning. If you buy lottery, remember all you need is just one ticket.

SAGITTARIUS: Speaking of dhana yogas in passing [see Aries down] Mars the 5th lord, and Sun the 9th lord in association with Jupiter are the best. Venus and Saturn in Libra your 11th house is nice too and for these two, the next best is Leo, your 9th house. Saturn in Cancer [Sep 6,04-Nov 1,06] can give unexpected gain. Right now Mars and Jupiter in the 9th house joined by the Sun on the 16th can bring luck if your natal chart strongly indicates other supportive factors. Jupiter to the 10th house Virgo is nice because it strengthens the kendras [ for stability.] The period thru to mid- November looks good for both career and wealth. Note also that Venus and Sun can give good results in debility

CAPRICORN: Major Dhana Yogas [see Aries down] for you involve the participation of Venus and Mercury with Lagna Lord Saturn. [Mars is also nice if placed in Lagna [exalted] Aries, Taurus, Virgo or Scorpio]. Mutual exchange of houses by Mercury, Venus and Mars [especially 4/5 houses or 9,10,11 houses or by Saturn- Mars 1-11 houses] and Saturn with Venus and Mercury are fine too. Check out your natal charts. Accordingly when Venus and Mercury [and Mars too] pass 9-11 houses starting with Mercury Aug 25, Mars Sep 17 and Venus Oct 24 thru to end of the year, looks very good for fortune. From Cancer [Sep 6, 04-Nov 1, 06] Saturn sees 9, Lagna and 4th houses which is helpful. Jupiter in Virgo can bring wealth thru travel and foreign sources.

AQUARIUS: For wealth and fortune, Mercury and Venus your 5/9 lords are the best with Saturn in Lagna or 4,5,9 houses. The 9th is Libra Saturn's sign of exaltation. Right now he is in the 5th with Venus thru to Sep 1 which is very nice.. Mercury goes to 8th on Aug 25 [see other signs for dates] and he can give unexpected gain here, and to the 9th house Oct 12. Venus gets to 9th house on Nov 17. These are good periods. Jupiter as 2/11 lord can also help and could cause a surprise in the 8th house Virgo, but next year in the 9th house is better. Note also when Mercury and Venus are in the 11th house: Nov 24-Jan 26, 05 and Jan 5-Jan 29 respectively.

PISCES: An interesting Dhana Yoga for Pisces which looks an enigma [yes we have a few major enigmas in Jyotish and KN Rao has produced an insightful book about them] is 9/11 lords Mars and Saturn not being in the limelight. Instead, Venus the 3/8 lord is given a role in Capricorn, the 11th house and the Moon the 5th lord in Cancer. What seems is the fortunate 5/11 axis of Moon and Venus when placed in Cancer and Capricorn.. Next, Lagna Lord Jupiter placed in Lagna with Mercury and Venus. Here the focus is on natural benefics. Venus is exalted in Pisces but neecha Mercury here loses debility. Vice versa for Venus in Virgo with Mercury [or Jupiter.] Now then, what happens when big guy Jupiter goes to Virgo? Very nice. And note the days when Venus, Mercury and also Mars pass 7 and 9th house thru what is left of this year. Ciao!

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