StarScope: Jun 06-12
By: Gamini Dissanayake


ARIES: And so the Mars-Saturn conjunction will be over around 1107 on the 14th. The devastation it caused around the world we all witnessed, to cite one tragedy for example, the floods in Haiti and the Dominican Republic alone taking almost 3000 human lives [and still counting]. Last week we touched on the Transit of Venus due to occur on Tuesday and some features of Retrograde Venus. When we reckon the 6th house [service, and part of the Artha Trine] ownership of Mercury, the trio in your 2nd house [Sun, Mercury and Venus] can help inflow of $$$ with the Moon actively helping from10/11 houses thru to Thursday. In fact Tuesday -Thursday 10:32 am is your best of the week when the Moon and Jupiter connect [the 4/9 lords] to form that power-packed Gaja Keshari Yoga

TAURUS: The Lagna is hot with three helpful planets supporting independence and leadership, strong purpose in life, benefits thru upgrading skills, more harmony in the home environment and with mother, success in sports/hobbies and of children. Mars may not be good for partnerships or partner's financial resources. More journeys. Good for writing/communication, sales, teaching, presentations/workshops, , career development. The best is Tuesday and Wednesday. The second half of the week more fulfilling with new opportunities popping up

GEMINI: The week may begin with some mental restlessness caused by Mars in Lagna [with Saturn] and Moon in the 8th house of stress. Tuesday, the Moon will be in the 9th house of fortune and connecting with Jupiter thru to Thursday 10:32 is excellent for fortune and , power and expansion, luck, more earning thru career and also from travel. Father ready to help out. The loaded 12th house with Sun, Mercury and Venus is excellent for spiritual and humanitarian work. As Mars is still with Saturn and 12th house loaded, health and cool get priority. Mars moves to 2nd house on 14th: his neecha/debility in Cancer gives $$$ to Gemini, and ruler Mercury gets to Lagna on the 17th which is very nice too

CANCER The week kicks off with ruler Moon in the 7th house enhancing our sensitivity of human feeling, a strong social consciousness, and the need to exchange emotions. She hones our skill in relating to people and strongly bonds relationships. Excellent support from partner. Tuesday and Wednesday can cause surprise gains [Moon and Jupiter on the 8/2 house axis] well supported by Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 11th house of major gain but watch your health [ toxins, fatigue both mental and physical, and possibility of hurt and abuse] . Thursday thru to Saturday sunset looks the best with the Moon in your 9th house of fortune, prime values/dhamma and higher side of the mind.

LEO: All that was said last about your hot 10th house or the highest point in your chart or the prime indicator which shows success in career/public life, our effect upon the world/the status we are able to achieve in life: shine in public life, the love of social life, feeling of love, popularity and power of attraction, strong sense of beauty/aesthetics, music and potentialities of artistic development, more earnings/gain, for fulfillment and an inspiration to others etc is still very good. Lets' now follow the Moon. Today -Tuesday 0507 she will be in your 6th house of service, especially in caring/healing and charitable/humanitarian efforts, success in litigation. Tuesday-Thursday 1032: for business travel or pilgrimages, and those seeking connecting with their soul mates, and the weekend for unexpected gain.

VIRGO: Any stress caused by Mars in your 10th house to your career or public life [ in the form of work place jealousy/backbiting] will go away as Mars moves away to the 11th house Cancer on the 14th. The best of Venus/Mercury is still rolling to give fortune/prosperity/expansion thru spiritual activities or inner work. Love to be charitable, and urges you to pursue/acquire higher forms of knowledge. Will support/donate to spiritual causes or places of learning. High level career, the love of social life, feeling of love, popularity and power of attraction, strong sense of beauty/aesthetics, music and potentialities of artistic development. Success in publishing, law/justice. Great help from father. More $$$, energy in first half and romance/passion in the second half of the week.

LIBRA: Last week we focused on the " Transit of Venus" in your 8th house. Strong intuition and supersensory abilities, chances to get inheritance, gifts, insurance benefits and other incomes or windfalls, profits thru health/healing activities, estate planning, investigative work. Support from father's side of the family, interest in esoteric learning, medicine and healing, love of the transcendental, gains from others' losses etc and it is still good. The Moon passes 4/5/6 houses. The spotlight is on your career/workplace. Very nice for success in learning, happiness at home, expanding assets, fortune, well being of kids, and energy for delivering best service.

SCORPIO: The Moon plays a special role for the Scorpio for integrating the consciousness of the human being and the pure receptive awareness due to her lordship of your 9th house of principles, ideals, dhamma, spiritual/ethical disposition, revealing our profession, purpose in life, grace, fortune, luck, honour, prestige, father, kids and their well being, long journeys , gurus etc. This week she gives strong focus, communication skills, fortune from siblings, profits from learning/upgrading skills, real estate, vehicles, resources of the earth, philosophical/analytical knowledge, gain thru hobbies. Be wary of speculation especially in the second half. The Moon sure will be in your 5th house but Lagna Lord Mars cannot guarantee luck from the 8th house. Great for inner work though.

SAGITTARIUS: The week begins with the Moon in the 2nd house [thru to Tuesday 0507] supporting interest in healing of the soul, mystical knowledge, research, and gain thru unearned sources like gifts, in the 3rd house [Tuesday-Thursday 1032] supersensory abilities in arts, music, drama, writing and promotional/marketing and in the 4th house Thursday-Saturday : some gain from the mother's side of the family, great intuition and interest in esoteric knowledge. The Sun, Venus and Mercury continue to energize competitive spirit, shine in public life, the love of social life, feeling of love, popularity and power of attraction.

CAPRICORN: Nice to start a brand new week with the Moon in Lagna: for good business and people skills, success in partnerships, productive business related travel. In fact the whole week for profitable new opportunities with partner. Strongly supported by [note however that Venus losing power getting closer to the Sun] the Sun for unexpected gain and Venus and Mercury for all round good fortune in the 5th: a house of fortune and luck, and excellent for creative activities. More blessings from children and excellent for intense spiritual activities

AQUARIUS: A week that will find your speech is effectively healing, and self effort alone [not luck] yielding results/$$$. Support from siblings. The best still is the hot 4th house with the Sun, Mercury and Venus and also Mars and Saturn in the 5th house for shine in career, popularity and power of attraction, strong sense of beauty/aesthetics. Success to kids spiritual peace and inspiration from mother. Rahu continues to help you succeed by making you extremely competitive. Jupiter for profitable business transactions [ especially with foreign sources] partner bringing wealth or income improving after marriage.

PISCES: Good week, with the Moon passing 11th,12th houses and Lagna. Help from friends and older siblings, children bring fortune, success from the grace of good karma, strong drive to expand spiritual base [also of the kids] success in sports, hobbies. Good emotional nourishment from parents/guru. Good fortune with cars and real estate. Awesome prowess, mental stability, good qualities, inspiration, short journeys and help from neighbours, co-workers, aides. Charitable , gives to the less fortunate, journeys and chances to learn in foreign countries. Money comes easily.

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StarScope: June 13-19
By: Gamini Dissanayake


ARIES: Ruler Mars switches to Cancer tomorrow around 1107 and will stay there until Aug 1, followed by the Sun to Gemini at 2203 for a month. Mercury comes to his own Gemini on Thursday 0720 for a short stay of 13 days. Saturn moves to Punavasu Nakshatra [Wed-Oct 29] and Mars to Pushya [ Sat-Jul 10] The week begins with the Moon in Lagna. Thanks to Jupiter aspecting the Lagna from the 5th house, Rahu is on a leash here, unable to challenge mental balance. Tue-Thu is bliss with Moon joining Venus in Taurus where Moon gets exalted. Nice for both $$$, to gracefully project yourself. Friday and Saturday the Moon with Mercury and Saturn brings out your empathy for the less fortunate. You need not worry about the "neecha" /debility of Mars in Cancer. True, he gets neecha up to 28 [out of 30] degrees. This is a friendly Kendra house for the Aries person and being 8th lord, Mars can also give an unexpected Raja Yoga for power and prestige. Note his MB/Mrityu Bhaga Jul 20-22, and his GD/Gandantha Jul 26-Aug 1. Take more care when you drive, watch mother's health, and strive to be cool. It is the 9th lord Jupiter who protects you from Leo. See other signs

TAURUS: It is always nice to have the Lagna/Ascendant Lord in Lagna and that is your Venus thru to July 31. She is great for independence and leadership, strong purpose in life, sense of service, stamina, to prevail in conflict situations. As Sun and Mercury go to the 2nd house to join Saturn, they cause a bunch of power yogas being 4,5 and 9/10 lords of fortune, learning, luck, grace, career and travel. Mostly, they give wealth/more $$$ thru career, success in learning, fine taste, speech and communication. Mars is your 7/12 lord who gets neecha in Cancer. See Aries. Note that a neecha planet in 3/6/8 house also gives unexpected raja yoga. Watch the downside: delay or tensions in marriage, lack of sharing, adventurous partner, trouble thru writing, problems with siblings, neighbours, aides/employees.

GEMINI: Like for Taurus, you also get the Lagna Lord in your Lagna. That is Mercury: Thursday- Jul 1. The Sun gets there tomorrow. The Sun generally gives energy and spirit of adventure, success thru own efforts, in competitive events, sales/marketing, writing, speaking/seminars, workshops. Together these three can give many journeys, some long. Mars, generally is not nice in the 2nd house for the financial resources of partner, and Saturn/ Sun connect with the 7th house can reduce harmony in relationships. But neecha Mars, while has the capacity to cause unexpected [being debilitated 6th lord] raja yoga, can also give unexpected gain, windfalls. After all he is also the 11th lord of major gain in the 2nd house of financial resources

CANCER The 5/10 lord or the yoga karaka Mars is neecha in Lagna. Do not worry unless he was sitting on MB, GD or with Saturn or Nodes. Mars here gives a sharp mind, wealth, healing powers, especial skill in surgery, independence, desire to help those they love, and profound love for academic pursuits. The downside is: aggressive emotions, tensions with mother, lack of interest in family matters, unreliable/unpredictable in work assignments, and problems with eyes, digestion, miscarriage, blood diseases, and hurt thru fire, electricity or auto accidents. For adverse results hostile dashas have to be unfolding with a bunch of other supportive factors. Venus is excellent for big bucks in the 11th house and Mercury and the Sun will urge to spend some on spiritual or humanitarian causes. See Aries

LEO: We extolled the power of a hot 10th house with Venus, Mercury and the Lagna lord in the last few columns. While Mercury and the Sun switch to the 11th house this week, Venus remains thru to Jul 31. This is clearly a best period to forge ahead in career. Those in creative, sales, hospitality fields will do very well indeed. Mercury, Sun and Saturn are nice for big gain but watch health, especially Saturn who can cause knee, ear and left upper limbs. Note also that a loaded 11th house can also speed up recovery if you have been ill. It is neecha Mars who can cause more health problems and hospitalization, or fines/penalties, and health challenges to both parents, and damage/loss to vehicles and property. He is nice, however, for inner work and spiritual journeys.

VIRGO: The best still is and thru to July 31 is Venus in the 9th house of fortune. Then she joins Saturn the 5th lord in the 10th house Jul 31- Sep 1, again excellent for fortune and elevation in career. She is on a roll, teams up with Saturn again in the 11th house of fulfillment and big gain Sep 6-28. Jupiter comes to Lagna for a year on Aug 28 [Note Jupiter in Lagna helped Bill Clinton won the US presidency] and Mercury [also your 10th lord] too gets exalted in Virgo Sep 25- Oct 12. Even the debilitated Mars, your 8th lord can give raja yoga [windfalls to some] in the 11th house. watch health and be cool with siblings though. And the Sun, can cause jealousy on the workplace. Those planning a career move or stint on a foreign soil Jul 20-Sep 25 is the best period

LIBRA: It is said that Libra is the sign of reformers [Gandhi, and Hitler too!] revolutionaries, prophets, idealists, and fanatics. Evolved Libra types have a strong sense of harmony , justice, and balance. They want to see heaven on earth. By the way, did you have a glimpse of Venus last Tuesday!. That Transit of Venus [see last Sunday SS] occurred in your 8th house is no cause for kill-joy. The 8th house connects you to profound knowledge and Moksha or Liberation of the Soul. As children of Venus like to "live in the clouds" and have strong connections with the higher astral plane, Venus in the 8th is excellent for them to "attune themselves to the love of truth and thereby quickly learn to transcend the world."

SCORPIO: So, the big guy goes neecha for a month and half. See Aries. Getting neecha on the 9th house is easier to live with. For starters, Mars is also your 6th lord and his debility causes a raja yoga. Gives power to probe deeper into dhamma/scriptures or gain higher knowledge. How about Mars and Jupiter Aug 1-28, in the 10th house of career and public life? These are 2/5 and 1/6 lords. Significantly the Lagna and 5th lord of fortune, luck, dignity, spirituality in the 10th house. Imagine the glory. Anyways, let me re-wind you to the present. Mercury and Saturn can cause health problems, allergies, nerve related , reproductive, and with the Sun eruptive fevers and a road block or two thrown into the career path. For only a month though. Watch parents' health.

SAGITTARIUS: Mercury and the Sun [your 10/9 lords] are very nice on the 7th house for career and glory in public life. The big story [see Aries down] is about the debility of Mars. The 12th lord in the 8th as its upside is expected to kindle interest in healing, gerontology, and could surprise with an unexpected gain or windfall. This windfall thing, I have seen working for Gemini. That's because Mars is also their 11th lord of big gain. For you he is also the 5th lord of luck, fortune and grace. More importantly [here I mean, don't go busting your pay-check on scratch and win tickets now!] both 5/12 houses that Mars lords over are eternal Moksha houses. Your call.

CAPRICORN: The big guy Saturn gets hooked with Mercury and the Sun. And these are scary 6/8 lords of aggression, conflict, enmity, losses, sudden change, unorthodoxy, sickness, surgery and hurt. They are bunched up in the 6th house. True they can give awesome energy, the will to overcome adversity, but they can also cause hurt, as the guy who represents your body [Lagna lord Saturn] is also there. So be cool. Mars neecha does not help either. Being the 11th lord [ of the kama/sexuality trine] his debility can arouse a need for more gratification thru fantasies, and being the 4th lord : emotional problems in relationships, tensions with mother and lack of resources/capital hurting business/projects. Note Mars MB and GD days from Aries.

AQUARIUS: Rahu in the 3rd house, great for prowess, Venus in the 4th for fortune, prestige, success in learning, bliss in the home environment. Saturn, Mercury and the Sun in the 5th house for fortune, and luck, outstanding success in leaning and expanding knowledge, glory to kids, and fulfillment to those seeking soul mates. Jupiter for romance, $$$ thru partner, prestige-travel, and glory in public life. Ketu for long journeys and spiritual expansion. Watch Today-thru to Tuesday 9 am when you commute/travel. That brings us to Mars neecha. He is your 3/10 lord. In the 6th we also get that unexpected raja yoga of a neecha 3rd lord. The downside mostly is weary travel, enmity/hurt on the workplace.

PISCES: This is not to bug you [I get accused of trying into instill fear, like drug companies do when they want to promote their wares]. The Sun in Gemini [see Aries down for dates] can cause hurt/accidents. Note his MB: Jun 27-28, And, the orb of influence with Saturn: Jul 1-15. Note the exact conjunction/on the same degree: Jul 9-10. Take care or be more conscious. Mars and Jupiter will soon team up [dharma/karma lords] See Scorpio. So there is great glory ahead. When Jupiter goes to Virgo, the Gaja Keshari power yoga will start rolling nicely for many Pisces types. The downside of neecha Mars is : losses from speculation, or risky ventures, unexpected expenses on kids, dad, sweethearts, problems with taxes/fines. Peace.

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StarScope: June 20-26
By: Gamini Dissanayake


ARIES: Ruler Mars switched to Pushya yesterday and will stay on it thru to July 10. Pushya is a triangle of 3 faint stars [north and south Aselli and star cluster M44] Pushya means to nourish, and is used in all auspicious events, especially for spiritual maturity, except marriage. For those into deep inner work/meditation [toward attainment of Moksha], marriage and worldly affairs can be an impediment. As Cancer is owned by Moon, the mother, the maternal aspect of providing milk and nurturance is enhanced. The symbol of this nakshatra is the udder of a cow. The ruling deity is Brihaspathi/Jupiter, the lord of sacred speech and prayer. The ruling planet is Saturn, the plodder and stabilizer. Jupiter and Saturn are the lords of fortune/fullness of life and action/karma. Meaning Pushya increases our positive efforts and good karma through hard work and discipline. The dark side manifests a stubborn, selfish nature, full of arrogance, pride and jealousy. And this is what concerns us as Mars is neecha here, especially on his MB/GD mentioned last week. [see other signs]

TAURUS: This week Mars will be on 1-3 padas /quarters of Pushya promoting intelligence, helping gain thru resources of the earth, including mining, and through traveling. The downside is earnings may not be commensurate with effort, loss in speculation, aggressive emotions and ear problems. Most helpful Saturn is now on Punavasu thru to Oct 29. This one consists of 5 stars including Castor and Pollux, primarily in the constellation of Gemini. The ruling deity is Aditi, the earth goddess who grants all abundance. Ruling planet is Jupiter. Due to the influence of Jupiter and Mercury "great potential in the communications fields' can blossom here. The symbol is a quiver of arrows, which reflects the ability to launch successful projects. The flip side is a tendency to over-intellectualize life experiences. Punavasu career interests are performing arts, politics, writing/publishing, mystics and spiritual gurus.

GEMINI: Both Mercury, and Sun [from Monday-Jul 5] are on Ada/Ardra nakshatra this week. This is the bright star Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion and also associated with the fixed star Sirius. Its symbol is a human head, reflecting the emphasis on the mind or thinking capacity. Ardra means " the moist one" and is depicted as a teardrop. Also it is "shining like a gem" The presiding deity is Rudra, the lord of storm and devastation. Ardra reflects the perception of clarity that comes after a spring rainstorm of Rudra or the tears of sorrow. It is a sharp [theekshana] nakshatra which can give power and intelligence, yet, if not managed, can be like a double-edged sword that can lead to destructive acts. As Sun represents power and Mercury , the intelligence, the shadow side of Ardra: potential abuse of power and lusting after material attainments, merits awareness. [see other signs]

CANCER Where the Moon, your ruler is reckoned, this is a nice work-week. Today-Tuesday 2020, the Moon is in Lagna, and with Yoga Karaka [most helpful 5/10 house lord] Mars, whose 'debility" here especially when associated with Jupiter and the Moon, is also a Dhana/Wealth Yoga. A remarkable exception. And for those signs Mars lords over 3,6,8, houses , he gives raja yoga in debility. Cancer people should not be concerned about Mars' neecha. From Leo, Jupiter aspects the 10th house, and tames Rahu [who is in the 10th] thru to Aug 25, as we have discussed in previous columns. Tuesday night- Friday sunrise, the Moon will be with Jupiter, excellent for wealth, power and expansion. Watch the Gandantha Moon, Tuesday 3 pm-Wednesday sunrise. Can cause misunderstanding thru speech/communication and food-poisoning. [see other signs]

LEO: Please see other signs for Nakshatra stories. This week [ in fact thru to July 21] Venus is on Rohini/Rehena nakshtra. In astronomy [ as discussed in Notes from the Universe on June 13 ] Venus is fire and brimstone with a surface temperature of 400 Celsius. Jyotish [ the spiritual science of astrology] begins when astronomy ends. Planetary symbols, movements, qualities, characteristics, interactions expounded in jyotish were by Rishis thru their spiritual or yogic powers. And the essential basis of a spiritual science is self-knowledge facilitated by cosmic knowledge. Venus, according to Sage Parashara, " Is joyful in spirit, possesses a beautiful body, is splendorous and has lovely eyes; she is the inspirer of poets..." etc, etc., Rohini reflects beauty, sensuality, charm and charisma, yet its primary motivation is moksha. [see other signs]

VIRGO: Rohini/Rehena means "the red one", "the red cow" or "the growing one." It consists five stars in the head of Taurus the Bull and is located near the pale rose star of Aldebaran which is considered the red eye of the bull. This constellation [the Hyades] is near the ecliptic, so planets passing through Rohini can be more readily seen. Some of its symbols are: ox cart or chariot [need for travel and movement], temple [spirituality] banyan tree [providing shade and protection to humanity]. Also named "the star of ascent" it gives rise to prominence and influence in society. [See other signs] The ruling deity of Rohini is Prajapthi/Brahma. Its power is shakthi or growth. Fosters fertility, growth and creation on all levels. And Taurus being an earth sign, which means that the fruits of one's actions can be fully realized here. And that is your Venus, lord of fortune.

LIBRA: Your 9th house of fortune is loaded with Sun, Mercury and Saturn. [see Aries down] The Sun in Ardra/Ada is noted for social skills, political consciousness and as the downside restless mind, fierce activity, dishonesty [Ruler of Ardra, Rahu is certainly not friendly with the Sun] But aspected by Mercury, said to support children's success. And with Saturn, challenges integrity and likely to suffer humiliation by women. Mercury on Ada, bestows benefits from supervisors, good behaviour and respect and elevation. Wealth and fortune, sweet speech, high intelligence, and proficiency. Flipside is ear, hip, allergies and blood problems.

SCORPIO: We discussed the neecha of Mars last week. See Aries down for nakshtra connections. And also the downside of Sun and Mercury from Libra above. Saturn switches to 21st degree around 1pm Thursday. Thru to Thursday he is on the Degree of Occultism. It denotes a person who studies spiritual phenomena and higher branches of occult philosophy that fits well with his peculiar power. This degree causes problems in relationships and brings troubles from the opposite sex. The 21st degree [from Thursday] is called the Degree of Clinging: Denotes an individual who clings to others for advantage, and who will be careful and saving money for a rainy day.

SAGITTARIUS: In the nakshatra frame today, let us see how your big guy Jupiter is doing. See Aries down for related stories. Jupiter is on Poorva Phalguni/Puvapal Sep 30, 03-Aug 11, 04. Puvapal is also known as Pubba, it means "fruit of the tree." It is called "the former reddish one," and consists of 2 stars: Leonis and Zosma. The symbol is a hammock representing rest and relaxation. The deity is Bhaga, the God of good fortune and prosperity [In your 9th house of fortune, all these good indications are blessed.] Bhaga also protects conjugal bliss and bestows family inheritance. Great wealth and creative gifts [in the fine arts especially] are acquired here. Simply, it is about fulfillment, good luck, well being, and pleasure that is healing.

CAPRICORN: Last week we discussed the downside of Mars, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. Lets get back to Venus [your most helpful] in the 5th house. See Aries down for related stories. The 5th house denotes children, creativity in general, fortune, luck, grace, creative intelligence, capacity for original thinking, level of intelligence, higher learning, spirituality, dignity, devotion and aspirations, love and passion. And Venus represents love and beauty, sense of harmony, aesthetic sense, our muse in life, sensitivity, refinement, gentleness, comfort and luxury, refinement of wealth. Inwardly, she is the light of inspiration or the morning star, and at a higher level, the star of our astral light. What more do we need?

AQUARIUS: Venus is also your most helpful [see Capricorn and other signs for related stories] On a higher level, Aquarius individuals are strongly humanitarian, and would always like to make sacrifices for the good of all and especially to uplift the down-trodden. Its symbol is the pot or the water bearer and the water the Aquarians bring is that of truth from their intuitive perception. Venus is in her own Taurus, your 4th house. The fourth shows our home and environment both outwardly and inwardly, the mind. Our heart of feelings, our joy, our appreciation of love and beauty, capacity for art, upbringing, education, and refinement in life. Shows land and property, vehicles, masses and our popularity on a public level, our capacity for rest and relaxation, faith and also the evening of our lives.

PISCES: Mars and Jupiter will soon team up [dharma/karma lords] Aug 1-27 in Leo, and Sep 17-Nov 2 in Virgo. So there is great glory ahead. I said last Sunday. When Jupiter goes to Virgo, the Gaja Keshari power yoga/GKY will start rolling nicely for many Pisces natives. GKY is formed when 1. Jupiter is in a Kendra from the Moon or 2. Jupiter is in a kendra from the Lagna. For the first, for example, when Jupiter is in Leo the Moon has to be in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. On August 28 Jupiter goes to Virgo, your 7th Kendra house. If the natal Moon [in your chart] was in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces the GKY would be very strong. For you the Moon is the 5th lord, and Jupiter is 1/10 lord. Imagine the glory. See Aries down.

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StarScope: June 27-Jul 03
By: Gamini Dissanayake


ARIES: Mercury goes to Cancer Thursday-20. He joins ruler Mars who is neecha. The plus side of Mars and Mercury is: success in academic pursuits, profits from resources of the earth, expansion of fixed assets, efforts lead to happiness, good support from a determined mother, gain thru real estate, housing, hotels, transportation, education, land and farming. The downside is: emotional restlessness, family conflicts, obstructions to education, losses in business, and especially , capacity for hurt and vehicular accidents. Note Thursday and Friday when the Moon neecha in your 8th house of stress. . Mercury's Mrityu Bhaga/MB Jul 8 sunrise to midnight, the exact conjunction of Mars and Mercury [on the same degree ] on Jul 11, and Mercury's Cancer Gandantha/GD Jul 16-20.As Mars represents body, be more conscious. Note: Mars is neecha up to Jul 30. MB: Jul 20-22 and GD Jul 26-Aug 1

TAURUS: Mercury to the 3rd house Cancer is nice for positive and progressive support from siblings, friends and aides, prowess and courageous efforts, profits thru artistic and creative expression, sales/marketing and short travels, entertainment, sports and children's affairs. The thing to watch here is the duality of a neecha Mars: who can cause misunderstanding thru communication, siblings and friends, and general lack of coordination. Note the bad days of Mars and Mercury, given in Aries. Be cool with siblings and neighbours, and take care not to hurt your arms, shoulders and neck Thursday-Saturday

GEMINI: Ruler Mercury being the planet which represents speech, communication and commerce, goes to Cancer, your 2nd house on Thursday. This is nice because the 2nd indicates livelihood, sense of taste, intellect and capacity for communication. I have seen neecha Mars giving unexpected wealth for Gemini. The downside is indifference to family obligations, and with Mars, aggressive speech, poor taste, ENT problems, allergies, and challenges to partner's health and financial well being. Since the 2nd is also a Maraka house and these two represent vehicles and hurt, more awareness is urged on their MB/GD's. See Aries.

CANCER Mercury to Lagna Jul 1-20 can make you busy with more travel. Especially job-related journeys, and is nice for energy, success in commerce and persuasion: sales/marketing. Being the 12th lord [and with Mars 5/10 lord] can give high spiritual content, interest in inner work and humanitarian ideals/activities. On the plus side, 3/10 lords together are excellent for shine in career, outstanding performance. The downside is 12th lord is a separative planet who can cause less visibility and lack of focus, interest on the workplace. Ruler Moon also gets neecha Tuesday-Thursday. Two debilitated planets can give success in their Dashas. Yet as Moon is the ruler, it pays to be cool during her neecha and preserve the mental equanimity

LEO: Mercury is the money-man for Leo being 2nd [financial resources] and 11th [major gain] house ruler. He comes to the 12th on Thursday. See Aries. Joins Yoga Karaka Mars who is the lord of fortune and luck. Mars is weak on neecha. But both planets can project a strong spiritual dimension. You will feel very charitable and go overboard or lose sense of proportion which in turn can see you in tight spots financially, lacking funds. Siblings can cause unexpected expenses. Good chance of earning more from import/export, and thru other foreign connections. Note also possible sleep and feet problems.

VIRGO: In theory, a neecha 3/8 house lord can give raja yoga and that is your Mars. Also 3/10 lords can give outstanding success on the workplace. That is Mars and Mercury. Especially on the 11th house of achievement/fulfillment. Again, 8/10 lords together can obstruct career advancement and cause professional jealousies. Also hurt and sickness, knee/joint problems. Especially when two neecha planets Mars and Moon mutually exchanging houses 3/11. Take more care mid week. See Aries down.. The Sun gives natural directional strength /Dig Bala in the 10th house. But for Virgo he is the 12th lord [a separative planet] and cannot help much with career advancement until 16th..

LIBRA Mercury your 9th house lord of fortune comes to the 10th house. See Aries down. This is very nice for career, public life, supports ethical behaviour and gives benign power, success to father. Being the 12th lord, urges to participate in spiritual and humanitarian efforts and can give job related travel to foreign lands. This foreign travel scene is also on Mars' agenda, being the 7th lord. But because of his neecha, he can cause problems in travel, and because the 7th also represents partner, a neecha Mars, can cause some restlessness here. THose running hostile dashas can face lay-offs or get job offers from outside.

SCORPIO: We have a mutual exchange of 1/9 lords Mars/Moon Tuesday-Thursday but both are neecha, and that urges you to be cool with father and teachers. Check father's health and be conscious when you travel especially on bad days of Mars. See Aries. As Mercury arrives at your 9th house, pay more attention to dad's health. Mercury's MB/GD are also given in Aries, and also the exact conjunction of Mars and Mercury. There is also the neecha 6th lord's raja yoga theory and the ability of Mercury to give a surprise gain: windfall, gift, insurance benefits etc. The 10th lord Sun is still stuck in the 8th house with Saturn, again not good for career/public life. Yet Jupiter in the 10th will do his best to protect you. The Sun will move to the 9th house on the 16th.

SAGITTARIUS: A mutual exchange of houses by 8/12 lords, Tuesday-Thursday, is what is called a Vipareetha [Surprise or Reverse] Raja Yoga meaning an unexpected elevation or glory in a foreign land or thru a foreign source, and the capacity to reach great spiritual heights thru inner work. But as both planets are neecha, the results may not be good and give the opposite effects . Can run into debts, face fines and health problems especially reproductive area , feet and sleep problems. Mercury to 8th house is not great for partnerships or glory on the work-place. Yet, it is the Lagna Lord Jupiter who can stave off a thousand evil from the 9th house

CAPRICORN: Last week we discussed Venus and the 5th house and fortune and luck she can bring. Venus will stay in the 5th until Jul 31. Mercury goes to 7th house [see Aries down] and with a neecha Mars be very sensitive to the emotional needs of partner and be very cool in your social interaction. Especially Tuesday-Thursday when Moon is also neecha. The Sun with Saturn in the 6th house urges you to be very careful with money and not to run into debts. Also beware of swindlers and con-artists. Note the days when Mercury goes MB/GD and also the exact conjunction with Mars. These can cause more danger

AQUARIUS: Venus is great in your 4th house for happiness at home your heart of feelings, our joy, our appreciation of love and beauty, capacity for art, upbringing, education, and refinement in life. Shows land and property, vehicles, masses and our popularity on a public level, your capacity for rest and relaxation, faith and also the evening of our lives, like we discussed last week. Mercury goes to the 6th house. See Aries . On the plus side: is nice for service and energy on the work place, and self-improvement and healing. With a Neecha Mars, and Mercury also representing the 8th house, they can be tricky, meaning, they can cause enmity, backbiting, jealousy on the workplace, and you can respond aggressively. Be cool

PISCES: Mars and Jupiter Dharma-Karma would be nice as discussed last week. Mercury goes to the 5th house and joins Mars who is the 9th lord. Conjunction of kendra/trikona lords is very for fortune especially in a good spot like the 5th house , a trikona except for Mars neecha. Yet they can give some good, especially Mercury, like support from mother, success to kids, success in learning. Energises passiion which needs conscious management especially on MB/GD days given in Aries. Mars can also cause health problems to father, and difficulties to kids, childbirth. Pay more attention to kids' health when the Moon goes neecha Tuesday-Thursday

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