US Elections: The Bush Chart
By: Gamini Dissanayake
Toronto, Oct 26

Let's start briefly with a few yogas. Cancer Lagna /Rising Bush's Navamsa [the Harmonic 9th] Lagna is Scorpio.
* Three planets: Mercury, Venus and Saturn sit in the 2nd house from the Sun causing three variations of Veshi Yoga in the Janma Kundali or D1. [Parashara has given us 16 Varga or Divisional charts to work with. D1 is the Janma Kundali or the Natal Chart.] Please note that description of Yogas are straight from the Jyotish classics
* The Lagna has a total of 32 benefic points or Bindus in Sarva Ashtaka Varga or SAV. Briefly, a house which has over 28 Bindus in SAV is expected to give desired good results and acts as a buffer against evil or afflictions. The higher the SAV the better. A 32 means: Honour and recognition, and awards and gifts. The lagna shows our birth, physical body, indicates how we project ourselves on a public level and determines " the whole structure of our outer manifestation.

* Bush has 35, 38, 25 and 32 Bindus respectively for the 10th, 11th, 12th and the 1st house or Lagna. This feature is essential for a successful life, especially for an outstanding career/public life. The simple theory here is: Earnings [11th house] should exceed efforts/deeds [10th] And one should be able to triumph [Lagna} over fears and [separative] challenges [12th house.]

* Mercury here denotes a native who is sweet-tongued, handsome and capable of fooling others. Note: Mercury is the 22nd Drekkana Lord who can be hostile, obstructing, and generally participates in a person's death as well. In Navamsa or D9 [which means Divisional or Varga 9th chart] Mercury in the 2nd house is fine for oratory and great wealth [the 11th lord of major gain the 2nd house of financial resources], and unearned wealth [gifts etc] At birth he has donated a high 6 out of a maximum of 8 Bindus in his Ashtaka Varga-the Binna Ashtaka Varga or BAV. A 6 by Mercury means success in education and ventures.

* The indications of Yogas get modified by a planet's placement, association and other strengths/energies.

* Venus Veshi Yoga denotes a person who is renowned, respectable, virtuous and intrepid. Note however, that Venus sits on hostile and negating Gandantha Navamsa at birth. A Gandantha planet generally gets its energies liberated and can be very mean. In D9, however, Venus is exalted in the 5th house of fortune. Also she has donated a high 5 Bindus in BAV meaning rise in popularity..

* Saturn Veshi Yoga describes a person who is business- minded, inclined to cheat others of their wealth and has malice towards his preceptors. His Saturn sits just outside the first fortunate Pushkara Navamsa [in Cancer] . As 7th lord in Lagna, Saturn is excellent for career/public life but as the 8th lord can make a native very aggressive and spiteful.
* In D9 Saturn sits in the 10th house [which is the highest point in a chart and planets placed here serve to raise the native up] with Moon, Jupiter and Mars [also Uranus] This is a very strong feature in the Bush chart. As the 3rd [prowess/energy] and 4th [prestige/masses/the throne] lord, Saturn is excellent in the 10th house.
* Note that Saturn is the 10th lord of the Kala Purusha or Cosmic Man, and for success in any domain of life, his participation is mandatory. Moreover, Saturn has donated a high 5 Bindus at birth. This is excellent as it yields increase in wealth from profession and business.
* Mars can give harsh speech in the 2nd house while giving mega bucks due to his ownership of 5th [from investments] and 10th [thru career] houses. He has donated only 3 Bindus, and Leo, the 2nd house, is low with only 21 bindus indicating mental unrest, lack of peace of mind and can cause a stutter.
* In D9, Mars as the Lagna /Scorpio Lord is placed in the 10th house for powerful self-projection. Vargottama Mars gives awesome power .
* Mars and the Sun as two natural malefics cause a Lagna Papa-Karthari Yoga denoting a person might have criminal tendencies, strong sexual urge and desire to grab the wealth of others.

* Mars and Sun have mutually exchanged 6/10 houses in D9. The Sun as the 10th lord is exalted here. The 2/6/10 houses form the Artha or material wealth Trine in a horoscope. The 2nd indicates what accrues thru one's labour, the 6th struggle and ability overpower adversity and the 10th, the success in career. A mutual exchange connects the two planets strongly.

* Moon and Jupiter in the 3rd house is excellent for power, fame, wealth, with many friends, engaged in virtuous deeds, doing good to others, consistent in love, becomes the chief in the family. The Moon has donated an outstanding 7 bindus as the Lagna lord to 3rd house Virgo of 29 SAV, and Jupiter as the 9th lord of fortune, higher side of the mind, prime values, father has donated 4 bindus.

* The 7 bindus by Moon gives many comforts and wealth but the 4 by Jupiter can cause loss of vitality, ENT problems and mental unrest.

* In D9 they are together in the 10th house [a Kendra] forming a power-packed GajaKeshari Yoga [literally denotes the combined power of Elephant and the Lion] but not hundred percent as Saturn and Mars [two natural malefics] are there with them. Yet this 10th in D9 is a power house as it contains 1,4,5,9 [Kendra/Trikona] lords. Kendras for power and stability, and the Trikonas for fortune and Divine grace. This is awesome power enhanced by the mutual exchange of Mars and Sun as well.

* Eight major Karmajiva/Career Related Yogas [Source: Brihat Jataka] are caused by this hot 10th house. As Mars is the major player here the inclination for fire, weapons, adventure and macho stands out.

* Mars also forms a Bhratruvriddi Yoga [Sarvartha Chinthamani 4/16] denoting fortune thru brothers who will also be very well off.

* Mars, Jupiter/Venus form a Sarira Sukhya Yoga, bestowing longevity, wealth thru alignment with political/corporate powers.

* The loaded 10th house in D9 also form a bunch of Raja Yogas for power, Bharathi Yoga by Venus [fame, religious, bewitching eyes etc]

* Mars also causes Anapha Yoga [ from the Moon] The person is equivalent to a king, healthy, affable, renowned, an orator, capable, given to many material comforts, pleasant in looks and happy

* Illustrious parents [exalted Sun and Venus and strong Moon] and spouse [SatKalatra Yoga etc ], and children are all there.

* However, his next Saturn Return or the seven and half year Sani Erastaka or Saadhe Sathi/Elara Sani [which darkened the Clinton White House too] technically begins on Sep 22, 2007 strongly supported by Rahu from his 8th [Maraka] house, and Mercury-Mercury-Rahu Dasa starting Sep 18, 2007. With Saturn over natal Mars, conjunct the Gandantha Ketu, and opposed by Rahu can cause a bunch of personal trauma for him. An additional danger here is that the 2nd house [also a maraka house] is low with 21 SAV [strong mental unrest, lack of peace of mind] plus Saturn donating only 1 bindu [major health problems and challenges to well being] Also both Mars and Rahu [here Saturn being the dispositor for Rahu in Aquarius] have donated a low 3 bindus each for the 2nd and 8th house respectively. Saturn's contribution of the [fortunate] single bindu is to the 2nd Kakshaya [a sector, an orb of 3:45 degrees of a 30 degree sign/house] which he would have passed by Sep 15, 2007. In D1, Dasa Lord Mercury is the 12th lord [hospitalization, retirement, confinement, exit from this plane of manifestation etc] and in D9 he is even worse, being the 8th lord and 11th lord [sickness, hurt, accidents etc] And Mercury, as we have seen above is the hostile 22nd Drekkana Lord. In transit, whenever Saturn [occurs every 30 years] and Mars connect with the Nodes, especially, the north Node Rahu, is mostly a period of difficulties. Note also the Brigu Bindu/BB transit of Rahu in the 8th house. BB is when the Lagna Sputa or the Rising Degree- the 14th in Cancer is transferred to the 8th house. The 8th house is said to be the one we have least control of and features like the 22nd Drekkana, the 64th Navamsa [counted from Lagna Sputa as well] BB etc justify its evil. Yet the 8th along with 4th and 12th form the Moksha Trine, the Liberation of the Soul and is excellent for inner work. The theory here is that inner work- yoga and meditation helps mitigate or overcome many worldly challenges and frustrations. By August 2007 Rahu will be in the orb of the BB. In this essay, we only look the elections but will discuss other indications as we go along. I will also be taking up charts of a few other US Presidents with special reference to Kakshaya in Ashtaka Varga or "Digital Astrology" In passing, we will also look at the references of Nostradamus [Ma-Bush, Anti Christ etc]
* Ketu in the 5th house Scorpio is said to be exalted and Rahu at the other end is also excellent as Rahu gives best results [mostly material success and fame] in the 11th house. Their dispositors, Mars and Venus are also well placed.
* Like Venus, Ketu is also on Gandantha [the last navamsa in Scorpio] a feature that supports religious fanaticism. The 5th denotes children, the rational mind, life-long spirituality, Manthra Siddhi, fortune, luck and creativity, investment/speculation and higher learning. Gandantha Ketu can cause confusion of these good indications here. [As 4/5 houses denote the emotional and rational mind respectively, strong afflictions here can cause much trauma like emotional turbulence, lunacy]
* In D9, Ketu is again in the 5th house with exalted Venus. Venus hooked on the Rahu-Ketu-Axis generally brings deep cravings to the surface. A strong Venus helps but not fully.
* The Bush D1 chart, shows a dreaded Kala Sarpa Yoga/KSY as the 7 major planets from the Sun to Saturn are hemmed in by the Lunar Nodes. Yet, we see that they are moving away from Rahu, [not approaching the Rahu's Mouth as the saying goes] thereby greatly mitigating the ill-effects of the KSY. In both D1 and D9, Rahu is best placed , in the 11th house for fortune, and material success, and that helps
* Lets look at a few of the Malefic Yogas.
* Krura Hatya Yoga/cruel arm [Sambu Hora Prakasha] Formed by Mars and Moon on the same navamsa, this yoga will be discussed in detail in a later essay on Ed Gein, the guy who inspired the movies Psycho, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Silence of the Lambs
* Nissva Yoga [Phala Deepika 6/59] caused by the Sun in D1 gives harsh speech and losses thru bad company
* Dainya Parivarthana Yoga. Formed by the 12 lord exchanging house with 2,3,4,5,7,9,10 or 11th lord leads to wicked nature and persistent trouble from opponents
* Two variations of Krisanga Yoga [Sarvartha Chintamani] formed by Lagna lord in D1 and D9 [Moon and Mars] and aspected by Saturn, causing physical pain and suffering [especially in a Saturn Return]
* Vakchalana Yoga [Sarvartha Chinthamani 3/152] formed a malefic planet owning the 2nd house [speech] or without benefic aspect. The person can have speech defect like a stutter
* Vishaprayoga Yoga [Sarvartha Chinthamani 3/143] Again, and afflicted 2nd house [food, taste] The person vulnerable to toxins accidentally or willfully by others
* Two varieties of Arishta Shisnavyadhi Yoga [Sarvartha Chinthamani]involving Mercury and 6/8 lords. Can cause disease of the reproductive area
* Arista Matibramana Yoga formed by the 6th lord and the 6th house afflicted [by malefics] , Mercury and Moon in Trik Houses or aspected by malefics. The person is susceptible to mental disorder
* The contradictory indications of different yogas and placement have to be understood in the larger matrix of planetary relationships and must never be applied blindly or mechanically. High Astaka Varga, friendly Nakshatra, Drekkana and even the individual degree [all 360 degrees of the zodiac are also symbolized.] For example, Saturn on the 3rd degree in Cancer is called the Degree of Misdirection. Its symbol is "a drinking reveler in fancy costume asleep at a table, the contents of his overturned cup of red wine pouring onto the floor." And denotes "a romantic but erratic nature who leads himself to esteem the follies of the world before wisdom. In his pursuit of happiness he will find nothing but exhaustion, fatigue and emptiness." [The Stars and Your Future: MC Jain]Benefic aspects or association mitigate evil indications. The relevant dashas are vital to experience the results. Since nothing is black or white in Jyotish, the behavioural changes of a person, and timing of events are measured by unfolding dashas/planetary periods and other indicators of which only a very few are discussed in this essay.
* Finally, the Nakshatra/Lunar Mansion indications:
* Bush's Janma Nakshatra [that which the Moon sits at birth] is Chitra, the star of opportunity reflected by the fixed star, Spica. "Chitra people are usually attractive, charismatic and possess dynamic personal charm" [ The Nakshatras: Dennis M. Harness]In the 1st Pada/Quarter [the 27 nakshatras mostly used have a span of 13:20 degrees each and a pada spans/orb 3:20] is said to give 2 daughters and death is caused by a weapon or a quadruped. The downside is the tendency to speak without much thinking and the inability to correct oneself, and a demonic/raksha temperament. [Nakshatra:Constellation Based Predictions- KT Shubhakaran] The primary motivation of Chitra/Sitha is Kama or desire. "A smug, arrogant, self-indulgent nature can also result" The presiding deity is Vishvakarma, the celestial architect who is the master of maya and magic who fashioned the thunderbolts of Indra and the chalice of Soma. The Moon here is also the Lagna Lord.

[end. 2320 words. Next: Kerry's and the possible outcome]
























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