StarScope Special : Jupiter-Saturn in Virgo-Cancer
By: Gamini Dissanayake

Jupiter, the great benefic, is the guide and guru, the spiritual teacher, returns to Virgo after 12 years. He signifies dhamma, the law of our inner nature and self-realization, the truth, devotion, dedication and principles in life, law, religion and philosophy, intelligence including cosmic intelligence, creativity including children, personal fulfillment and joy in living, luck, Divine grace, good health and immune system, musical talent and husband in a female chart.

A strong Jupiter in a birth chart simply denotes fortune, expansion, and Divine protection. A negative or afflicted Jupiter gives unrealistic optimism and generosity, and makes us vulnerable to deceit [deceptive schemes of others], bad judgment, bad luck, conflict with authorities and losses in speculation and litigation. In medical astrology, Jupiter represents liver, spleen, gall bladder disorders and diseases, obesity, fat in the body, diabetes, fever, fainting, ear troubles and laziness. Being a slow moving planet [this applies to Rahu, Ketu and Saturn as well] the diseases caused by Jupiter are chronic in nature.

Jupiter will be on fortunate PushKara Navamsa/PN: Sep 28-Oct 13, Oct 29-Nov 15, May 2, 05-July 9, 05. Retrogrades Feb 2-Jun 5, 05. His MrityuBhaga/MB in Virgo will be Sep 15-Sep 20, 04. His Naksahtra transits are: UttraPhalguni[Uttrapal] to Hasta on Oct 13, To Chitra/Sitha on Dec 31, re-enters Hasta Mar 6, 05, To Chitra on Aug 25, 05

Saturn, who takes approximately 29 1/2 years to go thru the 12 signs of the zodiac, moves to Cancer on Sep 6. He retrogrades Nov 8-May 22, 05, re-enters Gemini Jan 13, 05 and comes back to Cancer on May 26, 05. He goes to Leo on Nov 1, 2006.

Saturn is generally the most difficult of all planets. Feared as Yama or the God of Death, he signifies old age, death and disease, poverty and separation, solitude, ugliness and perversity, negation, sorrow, pessimism, and misery, delay, decay and deformity.

On the plus side he gives endurance, power of discipline, and spiritual life. Death that takes us beyond the limitations of mortal life. As a a strongly placed benefic, Saturn bestows great wealth and stability. In medical astrology, rules chronic and incurable or karmic diseases, legs and feet, nerves, lymphatics, distal part of the colon and rectum, insanity, paralysis, glandular diseases, tumors and cancers, unforeseen dangers, fatigue, depression and melancholy, injuries from falls. Stunted growth, deafness and blindness.

It is interesting to note that Brahma Purana prescribes Bodhi Pooja to alleviate ill effects of Saturn Erastaka. A weak and afflicted natal Moon sitting in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Aries or Sagittarius can cause the ill effects of Sani Erastaka in individual charts when supported by other factors. His PN: Sep 6-Oct 29, Nov 18-Jan 13, 05, Mar 7-Apr 6 05 Rx in Gemini, May 26-Jun 25, 05, Jul 21-Aug 16, 05. MB: Aug 8-16, 05. Gandanatha/GD in Cancer: Sep 24 -Nov 1, 06. His nakshatra transits are: Punavasu to Pushya on Oct 29. Re-enters Punavasu Nov 18.

Rahu and Ketu move to Pisces and Virgo respectively on Feb 22, 05 [calculated as True Nodes, not Mean] and stay thru to Nov 8, 2006.

When badly placed they can be meaner, more difficult and troublesome than Saturn. The nodes have the capacity to cause eclipses that block out the light of the Sun and the Moon. They can show how collective karma shadows the individual life and also collective catastrophes. As shadowy/chaya planets, the nodes take on and magnify the power of the planets they associate with.

A strong Rahu [especially in 3,6,11 houses] gives material wealth and success but not inner fulfillment. The ability to foresee mass trends and movements and psychic powers. Also Rahu can put us in harmony with collective trends. The downside is danger from drugs, black magic, illusion, hallucination, paranoia, neurosis, and other abnormal sensitivities of the mind and nervous system. Danger from toxins, snake bites, diagnostic confusion.

Rahu's GD days are: Jan-Jun 05 [with the orb of influence] MB in Pisces: May 25-Jun 7,06. PN: Apr 14-Jun 14, 06 and Jul 21- Nov 8, 06. His Nakshatra transits: Ashvini/Asvida to Revati on Feb 22, 05. To UttraBhadra Pada/Uttraputupa on Dec 16, 2005. Ketu PN in Virgo: Dec 14,05- Jan 15, 06 and Apr 7- Jun 6, 06. MB; Jul 17-Aug 25, 05.

Ketu is the lesser malefic who creates doubt, disturbance, conflict, narrow vision in life and shows the individual trapped in self doubt and contracted energies, negative, alienated and critical. The positive side is: gives great power to concentrate, powerful perception, capacity for psychic and spiritual insight, liberation, and wisdom. Health problems are generally same as for Rahu. Additionally, leads to diseases of uncertain origin, epidemics, eruptive fevers, viral and infective diseases, deafness, defective speech and surgery. Ketu Naksahtras are: Swati/Sa to Chitra on Dec 16, Hasta on Jul 20, 05. To Uttrapal on Apr 6, 06

Neptune and Uranus will be in Capricorn and Aquarius respectively.

Pluto, the war planet will be extremely mean and explosive on Gandanatha both In Scorpio and in Sagittarius from Feb 8, 05 and when re-enters Scorpio on May 15, 05. Also when he returns to Sagittarius on Dec 6, 05

Please note: To time any significant event in life, we need the blessings of both Jupiter and Saturn -what KN Rao calls the "Double Transit of Jupiter and Saturn"

As usual, please note that the predictions or indications given for the 12 signs are strictly based on transit of planets. Note the periods of helpful planets when they overlap or run together. They are better or best. How they affect your specifically depend on the energies of your individual/natal charts


Career/Education: Both Saturn in 4th house [prestige, learning, joy] and Jupiter in 6th [service, the will to win] connect with the 10th house [success in career, and for students and scholars, their academic activities] and this is great for advancement and shine. If the natal Moon was sitting in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini, Jupiter forms the Gaja Keshari Yoga/GKY for power and expansion. If supported by running Dashas of 1,4,5,7,9,10,11 lords or of strongly placed planets in those houses plus strong Ashtaka Vargas you will experience a significant elevation during the coming year. For Aries, Jupiter as the 9/12 lord in the 6th is great for strong sense of service, justice, legal, medical, defense/law enforcement, humanitarian/community work, fortune overseas, success in litigation. Saturn will elevate and stabilize the career and public life. The Sun in Leo: Aug 17-Sep 17, Virgo with Jupiter Sep 17-Oct 17, Sagittarius Dec 15-Jan 14, in Capricorn: [your 10th house] Jan 14-Feb 12, Aquarius: Feb 12-Mar 14, Aries: Apr 14- May 14, Taurus: May 14-Jun 15, Cancer Jul 17-Aug 17 [these are approximately same for every year] gives more power and lustre.

Finance/Fortune: Jupiter, when associated with Venus, the Sun, Moon and Mars are best for financial fortune. For the Sun: Aug 17-Oct 17, Dec 12-Mar 14, 05, Apr 14-Jun 15, 05 and Jul 17-Sep 28. For Venus: Sep 1-Nov 17, Jan 5-May 30, 05 and Jun 24-Oct 3,05. For Mars: thru to Nov 2, Jan 29-Mar 12, 05, Mar 12-Apr 24, 05 [best when he gets exalted in Capricorn] Apr 24 to end of 2005 and beyond. For the Moon please note the days when she passes Cancer-Virgo, Sagittarius-Taurus from the weekly StarScope column or my site

Romance/Marriage: Venus your 7th lord [long term relationships] can bond relationships or marriage Nov 17-Dec 12, marriage with the blessings of the family Jan 5-29 05, Apr 12-May 6,05, May 30-Aug 13 and Sep 7-Oct 3, 05. The unfavourable periods for bliss and harmony in relationships are. Oct 24-Nov 17, Dec 12-Jan 5, 05 Mar 19-Apr 11, and Aug 13-Sep 7, 05. Also Nov 2- Dec 17 when Mars passes 7th house and the Rahu-Ketu-Axis or RKA and to a lesser extent the 8th house Dec 17-Jan 29, 05, and the 12th house Jun 4-July 19, 05 again the RKA on12/6 house axis.

Family: The best periods of the Sun given for career above are also nice for the success of children and father. If the Saturn is badly afflicted and weak [like with Mars or the Nodes plus Venus] Saturn's stay in Cancer can cause trouble to mother and family, a restricted feeling at home, problems with house and property and emotional challenges. The Sun in Libra [debilitated and on RKA this year] Oct 17-Nov 16, in Scorpio Nov 16-Dec 15, Pisces [again caught up on RKA next year] Mar 14-Apr 14 and in Cancer are periods of challenges to father and kids. With siblings conflicts can arise Oct 31-Nov 24, Mar 19-May 8, 05, and May 26-Jun 8, 05. Note, however, that Jupiter as the 9th lord [father] in the 6th [disease] can cause health problems, falls/hurt, inflammatory conditions to father. Virgo is also the 6th house of the Kala Purusha or the Fixed Zodiac. And the 6th indicates health problems and hurt plus enemy activities.

Health: Unless you are running hostile dashas of badly placed Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn and the Nodes, Jupiter in Virgo cannot challenge your health in a big way. Note Mars in Virgo Sep 17-Nov 2. This is a period that can cause hurt and sickness. A double Vipareetha of Mars and Jupiter here [ 8/12 lords in the 6th house] can give unexpected elevation and fortune and gainful travel, but can also cause sickness and hospitalization if you are running bad dashas. Mars in 7th on RKA Nov 2-Dec 17, and again Jun 6-Jul 19, 05 are periods to watch and take more care. The Nodes in Pisces-Virgo axis [Feb 22, 05-Nov 8, 2006 True Nodes] has got Rahu in the 12th house, whose downside is feet and sleep problems, confinement/hospitalization. Ketu in 6th gives good health and success. Jupiter's presence on the RKA, as said above erects a protective shield.

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Jupiter and Saturn Transit Indicators Part 2

By: Gamini Dissanayake

TAURUS: Career/education. Jupiter may not be your best buddy [because he owns the 8th house] but he still can give material wealth, unexpected gain , research skills and, as always, spiritual wealth and expansion. Virgo your 5th house, is excellent for all these. Saturn, Mercury and the Sun are the ones that help your career: professional or academic. Mercury and Saturn play a major role as they lord over 2/5 and 9/10 houses. For the Gaja Keshari Yoga, your natal Moon has to be in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini. When Saturn gets to Cancer, he aspects your 9th house: fortune, higher learning, benign power, productive overseas journeys. The other good periods for career are: The Sun: thru to Oct 17, Nov 16-Dec 15, Jan 14-Apr 14 and May 14-Oct 17. These are approximately same for every year. Mercury: thru to Sep 25, Sep 25- Oct 12 best, Oct 12-31, Jan 26-Mar 1, 05 next best, May 26-Sep 18, 05, Sep 18-Oct 6, 05 best. If these periods overlap, it would be extra nice and cool.

Financial fortune: Mercury in Virgo naturally is the best period, Sep 25-Oct 12 this year and Sep 18-Oct 6 next year. Mind you this is your ATM or the bank machine, the 2/5 lord gets exalted here. Mercury in 9-11 houses [do not worry about his neecha/debility in Pisces, especially if Venus gets connected] Jan 29-Mar 1, 05 and in Pisces Mar 1-May 8, 05. May 26-Jun 25,05 in Lagna and 2nd house, Sep 2-18, 05 in 4th and Sep 18-Oct 6 exalted again in Virgo. For Venus: thru to Sep 1 in 2nd house, Sep 28-Jan 5, 05 in 3-7 houses, better in 9-10 houses Jan 29-Mar 19, 05 and best is in 11th house Pisces exalted Mar 19-Apr 12, 05, in Lagna and 2nd May 6-Jun 24, 05, and 4/5 houses Jul 19-Oct 6,05. Look for periods that overlap or run together. Saturn is nice. From Cancer he sees 5th and 9th houses and also 12th house. Many productive journeys. Brings the best of your caring and humanitarian ideals. Donating more to worthy causes like helping the vulnerable: kids and elderly persons

Romance/marriage: From the side, the yoga karaka Saturn blesses. For anything to happen we need the blessings of both Jupiter and Saturn [a theory that I have been emphasizing during the past 5 years in this column] Mars your 7th lord is nice when in 4-5 houses thru to Nov 2, better in the 7th house Dec 17- Jan 29, 05 and best in the 9th house [blessed by both Jupiter and Saturn] Mar 12-Apr 24, 05. Nice also in the 11th [the 3rd leg of the Kama Trikona] Pisces Jun 4-Jul 19, 05. Note: Pluto , mean and hostile on Gandanatha/GD is hovering in Scorpio thru to Dec 5 , 05. He can cause stress on GD in individual charts. Check also your correct navamsa chart and its 7th lord, and dashas and other factors for timing of marriage

Family: Mars in 6th Nov 2-Dec 17 [depressed on the Rahu-Ketu-Axis/RKA, in the 8th house Jan 29-Mar 12, 05, and to a lesser extent Jul 19 to end of 05 can challenge the happiness of partner. The good periods given above in romance/marriage, promote happiness and well being of partner. The best periods of Mercury given above are best for the success of kids. Note : Nov 24-Jan 26. 05 involves a parivartana or mutual exchange of 5/8 houses by Mercury and Jupiter and can cause unexpected difficulties, health issues with kids. Also May 8-26, 05 for health problems, possible hospitalization if running bad dasas in charts. If you got teenage kids Rahu and Ketu on 5/11 axis [from Feb 05] can cause problems with passion or addiction. Be very sensitive to their emotional needs. For mother and father the good periods of the Sun given above are nice.. For health challenges: note Oct 17-Nov 16, Dec 15-Jan 14

Health: For possible hurt and auto accidents: The Sun's neecha in Libra Oct 17-Nov 16, in the 8th house Dec 15- Jan 14 and in the 11th house caught up on RKA: Mar 14-Apr 14 and Jun 15- Jul 16 in the 2nd house aspected by Mars from the 11th house on RKA. Mars Jun 4-Jul 18, can be difficult, hooked on RKA. Can cause problems to siblings as well. Venus in the 8th Jan 5-29, 05, in 12th Apr 12-May 6 are the other periods that require more health and safety consciousness.

GEMINI: Career/Education: For Gaja Keshari combination of Jupiter and Moon please see Taurus. Virgo is your 4th house and from here, Jupiter sees his own 10th house Pisces. From Cancer, Saturn connects with Jupiter, the 10th lord, thus fulfilling the requirements for an year that will help your career advance well. All you need is a little help from running Dashas. Other best transits are: Mercury in 4/5 houses Sep 25-Oct 31, in the 7th: Nov 24-Jan 26, 05 [a parivartana with Jupiter, a mutual exchange of 4/7 houses is very helpful during this period] in 9-10 houses: Feb 13, May 8, 05. To a lesser extent in 11th house May 8-26, 05. Then to Lagna and 2nd house Jun 8-Sep 2, 05. and back to Virgo Sep 18-Oct 6, 05 and finally to the 5th house Oct 6-25, 05

The Sun gives good energy in Scorpio Nov 16-Dec 15, Sagittarius Dec 15-Jan 14, in 9-11 houses Feb 12-May 14, in Lagna: Jun 15-Jul 17, and in Leo and Virgo Aug 17- Oct 17.

Venus in 4-5 houses Oct 24-Dec 12, in 7th house Jan 5-29, 05, 9-11 houses Feb 22, 05-May 6, 05. In Lagna and 2nd house May 30,05-Jul 19, 05, and back to 4/5 houses Aug 13-Oct 3, 05. Gives fortune, creativity and status.

Note the good periods of 2 or more planets overlapping, they are better.

Financial fortune: Venus in 5th Libra is the best Nov 17-Dec 12 this year Sep 7-Oct 3 next year. Venus in 9th house Feb 22-Mar 19, 05 is also nice. Her exaltation in 10th house Mar 19-Apr 12, in the 11th house Apr 12-May 6, 05 , in Lagna and 2nd house May 30-Jul 19, 05, in 4/5 houses Aug 13-Oct 3, 05 are also good for $$$. For Mercury note the good periods given above. Saturn in 2nd [9th lord in 2nd] is also helpful and being the 8th lord in 2nd Cancer, can give unexpected fortune. So is Mars in Libra: Nov 2-Dec 17, in Capricorn-Aries Mar 12-Feb 6, 06.

For the Moon, your 2nd Lord of financial resources , check out my weekly StarScope for her good days.

Romance/Marriage: Jupiter to 4th house stabilizes the kendra houses which is nice. Moreover, Saturn will aspect your 7th lord Jupiter thru to Jan 13, 05 and again May 26- Sep 28, 05 which is also great for bonding relationships. So are Venus in 7th house Jan 5-29, 05. Note Venus in 5th Libra, 9th Aquarius Feb 22-Mar 19, 05, in Lagna and back in Libra. These periods are given already.

Family: Jupiter in 4th helps partner expand assets and progress in career/public life. Saturn in 2nd helps evolve your spiritually while remaining in the family environment. At times he can give you a strong sense of detachment though. Mars can cause tensions with partner Jan 29-Apr 24, 05, and cause aggressive emotions toward partner Sep 17- Nov 2, this year. . The good periods of Venus given above are nice for kids as well. Problems in both interaction with and the health of kids can surface Dec 12- Jan 5, 05 and Jan 29- Feb 22, 05 and May 6-30, 05. Mercury's good periods favour the mother, and Saturn can cause hurt/falls to father. Also note Sun in Libra and Capricorn for possible stress to dad and siblings.

Health: Periods that can cause hurt and accidents are when Mars comes to the 4th and Mercury goes to 6th. These are Sep 17-Nov 2 and Oct 31-Nov 24. Check the weekly Star Scope for the bad MB/GD days of Mars and Mercury during this periods. When they go to 8th and 11 houses [Capricorn and Aries] they can cause health problems, cuts, wounds, surgery, blood problems, skin problems, digestive difficulties and in the reproductive area and knees are shown if supported by dasas and other factors in your charts. These periods are Jan 29- Feb 13, 05 and May 8-26, 05 for Mercury and Mar 12- Apr 24, 05 and July 19 - Feb 06, 06 for Mars.

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StarScope Special Report

Jupiter -Saturn to Virgo- Cancer

By: Gamini Dissanayake

CANCER: Career/Education: From Virgo, Jupiter does not see or connect with your 10th house. He can compensate this by connecting with the 10th house counted from your natal Moon. For this, your natal Moon has to be sitting in Aries, Taurus or Sagittarius. If that requirement is fulfilled note the days when Saturn connects with the 10th lord Mars: These are: Sep 17-Nov 2, Mar 12-Apr 24, 05 [best as Mars is exalted here] Jul 19, 05-Feb 6, 06 [very nice as Mars is in his own 10th house] For the Gaja Keshari Yoga to roll, your natal Moon has to be in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini. Thus we note that if you had Sagittarius Moon [check also the Navamsa/D9 and the Dashamsa /D 10 to see if these combinations are present] there will be a truly significant raise in career if supported by Dashas and other factors. Venus and Sun [if placed well in charts] supported by Lagna Lord Moon and Mars, can also help outstanding performance in school or workplace.

Financial fortune: Jupiter is your 9th lord of fortune and from Virgo the 3rd house, he sees the 9th which is nice. In fact, the next 2 years are better. In other words, well planned and executed projects are sure to pay off well in late 2005-07. Mars is very helpful except for the period Apr 25-Jun 4, 05 when he gets hooked in the stressful 8th house. Mars in 8th can also cause problems to career and to kids. Venus good periods are Nov 17-Jan 5, 05. Mar 19-Apr 12 , 05 [best as she is exalted here in the 9th house and seen by Jupiter from Virgo] Apr 12-May 30, 05 in 10/11 houses, Jun 24-Aug 13, 05 in Lagna and 2nd house, Sep 7-Oct 3, 05 in the 5th house with Jupiter [a very nice period for $$$] Also the Sun in 5th house Nov 16-Dec 15, in the 9th -11th houses Mar 14-Jun 15, in Lagna and 2nd house Jul 17-Sep 17. See if above periods overlap or run together and they will be your best of the best.

Romance/Marriage: Your 7th lord Saturn sees the 7th house from Cancer, meaning, ready to help build and bond toward long term relationship or marriage. If the 7th lord in your Navamsa chart also connects with the 7th house and is associated in the running dashas, wedding bells could be heard for miles. Let Venus and Mars crank up some passion too. Nov and Dec this year and especially Mar -Apr 24 , 05 and also Jun-Jul 05 when Venus comes to Lagna.

Family: Unless a weak or afflicted Moon [in Gemini-Leo, we should really count 45 degrees from natal Moon both ways] and a weak Saturn in Cancer with low ashtaka vargas etc, have the capacity to cause adverse effects of a Saturn Return or Sani Erastaka or Elara Sani, your partner can progress well in career and financial wealth. For the kids, the good periods of Mars given above fit. For father, Jupiter is fine and more importantly, erects a protective shield against Rahu who will be camping in the 9th house for 18 months from Feb 22, 05. However, note the MB /GD days of Rahu in Pisces [given in the introduction to this special report] and also when the Sun gets hooked in 8th house and on Rahu Ketu-Axis Oct 17- Nov 16, Feb 12- Apr 13, and in the 12th house Jun 15- July 16 which can cause challenges to his health and well being. For mother, Feb 22, 05- Mar 19, 05, May 30-Jun 24, 05 and Aug 13-Sep 7, 05 can be challenging. For siblings: Sep 25-Oct 31May 26-Jun 8 and Sep 18-Oct 3, 05 are good periods for prosperity. Feb 13-May 26 05, are challenging.

Health: As discussed in family above, a good handle on Saturn in Lagna is necessary. Both 7th and 8th houses that he owns, denote a bunch of stressful things. If a Saturn Return is rolling to boot [which occurs every 30 years] , you need to be real cool and conscious. For less evolved Cancer charts, Saturn in Lagna and Saturn-Jupiter connection [by aspect] can cause aggression that can get out of control if dashas and other factors are supportive.. These are also your 6/8 lords and when they connect [especially when they conjunct] a person can commit harmful deeds. Saturn is seen by Rahu [Feb 22, 05-Nov 8, 06] and when Mars connects with them Jun 4-Jul 19, 05 be more conscious and strive to be cool. Being cool will be a challenge Saturn will be posing in your Lagna anyway. Jan 5-29, 05 is a period that can cause hurt/ auto-accidents.

LEO: Career/Education: Jupiter from Virgo connects with your 10th house. When Venus, your 10th lord connects with Saturn [and if backed by dashas, ashtaka varga/directional strength and other factors] your career and public life will be significantly elevated, to dizzy heights. Note that Saturn also causes a Vipareetha Raja Yoga here [6th lord in the 12th ] and this indicates great glory in foreign lands, foreign assignments, foreign affairs, or in foreign corporations/ agencies operating in your own country. And if your Gaja Keshari Yoga/GKY is also rolling, imagine the glory. [For the GKY, your natal Moon has to be in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini] If these requirements are fulfilled in Navamsa chart/D9 as well, this could be one of the best periods of your life. Here are the days when Venus your 10th lord connects with Saturn: Oct 24-Nov 17 [she is in debility here but as the 3rd lord she can also give raja yoga results] Jan 29-Feb 22, 05, Apr 12-May 6, 05, Jun 24-Jul 19, 05 and Aug 13-Oct 6, 05. Other good transits of Venus are: Nov 17-Mar 19, 05, May 6-30, 05 [best in the 10th house] July 19-Sep 7, 05 in Lagna and 2nd house.

Financial fortune: Jupiter as both 5th lord of fortune and 8th lord of unexpected gain is nice in Virgo, the 2nd house of financial resources, period. And don't forget your bank machine, Mercury , your 2/11 lord of $$$. Naturally, when Jupiter and Mercury connect, its all about financial fortune [if backed by dashas and other factors] Sep 25-Oct 12 Mercury is exalted in Virgo with Jupiter. Nov 24-Jan 26. 05 Mercury in the 5th Sagittarius in a mutual exchange of 2/5 house with Jupiter, very nice. Jan 26-Feb 13, 05 Mercury in the 6th [2nd leg of Artha/Money Trine] May 8-Jun 25, 05 in 9/10/11 houses, and Sep 2-Oct 6, 05 in Lagna and 2nd house. Next, your 9th lord of fortune Mars: Aug 17-Sep 17 in Lagna with the Sun very nice. Sep 17- Nov 2 in 2nd house with Jupiter [and with Mercury up to Oct 12] one of the best periods. Dec 17-Apr 24, 05 in 4/5/6 houses. July 19, 05- Feb 6, 06 in Aries your 9th house. Throw in your big guy, the Sun when he passes Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries , Taurus, Gemini and Leo

Romance/marriage: Saturn as the 7th lord may not be able to help much except for Jan 13- May 26, 05 when he returns to Gemini in retrogression. In fact, Saturn can cause strong challenges to harmony in relationships from the 12th house Cancer. Rahu to the 8th house Feb 22, 05 to Nov 8, 06 is another transit which can cause much stress and financial difficulties to partner. Therefore, check out your Navamsa chart or the D9, and the Moon Chart. If the 7th house and 7th lords are well placed, connected and backed by supportive dashas unfolding, those will be good for marriage. If a Saturn Return is also operative, the period ahead merits lots of cool and sensitivity to partner and consciousness in relationships.

Family: For parents, the good periods of Mars given above are nice for wealth, health and happiness. Mar 14 -Apr 14, Jul 17-Aug 17 and Sep 17- Nov 16 [Sun] and Jun 4-Jul 19, 05 [Mars] are periods that can cause challenges to health and well being of father. For mother: Mar 12-Apr 25, 05 for possible hurt, falls, accidents, Jun 4-Jul 19 health problems and tensions with mother. For kids: Jupiter in Virgo indicates progress and success. For siblings, note the good periods of Venus.

Health: Rahu to the 8th Pisces and Saturn to the 12th Cancer have to be handled consciously or with more awareness/Sathi, as they have the capacity to cause stress and health problems to you and your partner. These two transits occur every 18 [Rahu] and 30 [Saturn] years in a person's life. If the Ashtaka Varga [Sarva of Pisces] and Jupiter's individual contribution of donation are high, like 30+ and 5+, then Rahu's ill effects will be mitigated. Note Rahu's MB/GD periods from the Introduction [to this special report published on Aug 15]. Examine Ashtaka, Nakshatra and other factors for Saturn in Cancer. Finally evaluate the pros and cons of Saturn Return or Sani Erastaka if the Moon was sitting in the 3rd Drekkana [21-30 degrees] in Taurus- 1st Drekkana [0-10 degrees] in Virgo with low ashtaka and on hostile nakshtra etc, Saturn in Cancer can be challenging if the unfolding dashas are hostile..

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StarScope Special: Jupiter-Saturn to Virgo-Cancer

By: Gamini Dissanayake

VIRGO: Career/Education: If your natal Moon was sitting in Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Leo, Jupiter connects with the Moon or the 10th house from the Moon. If that requirement is fulfilled a significant raise in career can be expected when Saturn connects with Mercury who is also your 10th house lord. [Provided, of course, you have supportive dasas unfolding in your chart] These periods are Sep 25-Oct 12, Jan 26-Feb 13, 05, May 8-26,05, Jun 24-Sep 2, 05 and Sep 18-Oct 6, 05 From Lagna, Jupiter connects with 5/7 and 9th houses which is excellent. We have seen Mr. Bill Clinton winning the US presidency when Jupiter was in Lagna. He is Virgo too. Jupiter in Lagna fortifies the Kendras giving you more strength and benign power. He also sees the 7th house of public life. And if the Moon was sitting in Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini, Jupiter forms the Gaja Keshari Yoga with the Moon. Saturn to 11th Cancer is nice for fortune as he connects with Lagna and 5th house

Financial fortune: Jupiter to Lagna and Saturn to 11th are very nice for $$$. If the natal Moon was in Capricorn, there is a beautiful exchange of 5/11 houses by Moon and Saturn, again excellent for wealth if the AshtakaVargas/AV are strong and the two planets are unafflicted. Same with the Moon in Cancer and if the AV are strong and helped by good dasas the Saturn Return or the Erastaka can produce substantial wealth. The other best periods for wealth are when Mercury and Venus connect with Jupiter, plus when they transit 2/4/5 /11 houses. For Mercury these are: Sep 25-Oct 31, Nov 24-Feb 13, 05, Mar 1-May 8, 05, May 26-Sep 2,05 and Sep 18-Oct 25, 05. For Venus: Sep 1-28, Oct 24-Dec 12, Jan 5-Feb 22, 05, Mar 19-Apr 12, 05, May 6-July 19, 05 and Aug 8-Oct 3, 05. Look for the periods of Mercury and Venus that overlap. These are the best.

Romance/Marriage: Jupiter to Lagna also activates the 7th house of marriage/long term partnerships. As Saturn connects with Jupiter from Cancer, it is a good year for those seeking. Best if the 7th lord of your Navamsa Chart also connects with the 7th house, and in running dasas. Rahu who has been in the 8th house [worst for the financial well being of partner and also for your own health] moves to the 7th on Feb 22, 05 for 18 months. Rahu is tricky in the 7th house especially if aspected by Mars in natal charts and when Mars passes Lagna, 2/7/8and 12th houses. They can cause tensions/challenges to conjugal bliss. These periods are: Sep 17-Dec 17, Jun 4-Feb 6, 06. Note the Gandantha of Rahu and his Mrityu Bhaga/MB transits in Pisces, your 7th house. These are: Jan-Jun, 05, and May 25-Jun 7, 06. Rahu can also give long journeys and possible relationships with persons outside your cultural background.

Family: Challenges to partner are the days of Rahu and Mars given above. Jupiter will do overtime to tame the unruly Rahu. Jupiter in Lagna is generally good for partner's advancement as he sees 5,7,9 houses of shine in public life, fortune , and productive travel. It is also a good period for mother, for father and kids. For siblings: Dec 17-Apr 24,05 are the best. Apr 12-May 6, 05 can be stressful to father

Health: We have been discussing the Rahu in the 8th house for the past year: problems in the regenerative area, surgery, danger from toxins, diagnostic confusion etc. The downside of Saturn in 11th house Cancer [due to his ownership of the 6th house of hurt, disease, enmity] can also cause health challenges especially if a Saturn Return is activated with low ashtaka varga, with an afflicted Cancer [like having Rahu, Mars sitting there in natal charts] and supported by hostile dashas unfolding in the next 2 1/2 years. Watch Mars when he connects with Saturn especially from the 8th house Jul 19, 05- Feb 6, 06. And Mars in Lagna and 2nd house Sep 17- Dec 17, 04. Especially Sep 17-Nov 2 when Mars and Saturn connecting with Lagna can cause stress and consequently, anger and aggression.

LIBRA Career/Education: Jupiter to the 12th house can give glory in foreign lands or with foreign sources/agencies operating in your own country. Saturn, the most helpful comes to the 10th house which is excellent. Jupiter does not connect with 10th house. Therefore, he has to connect with the natal Moon sitting in Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn or Pisces. If this requirement is fulfilled, the days when Saturn connects with the Moon are the best for your career and public life. That is when the Moon passes Aries, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. Check the weekly StarScope for Moon transits. The other good periods are Mercury's: Sep 17-Nov 24, Jan 26-Mar 1, 05, May 30-Oct 6, 05. For Venus: Sep 1-Oct 24, Nov 17-Jan 5, 05, Jan 29-May 6, 05. May 30-Aug 13, 05 and Sep 7-Oct 3, 05. Check out the periods that overlap. These are your best. Note also that Rahu in Pisces , your 6th house Feb 22, 05-Nov 06 can give success and prestige..

Financial fortune: If the 10th house Cancer is strong in Ashtaka Varga, like 30+ for Sarva Ashtaka, and Saturn and Moon having donated 4 points/bindus or above [higher the better] and Cancer is unafflicted [like having no links with Mars or Rahu] Saturn in Cancer will be cranking out a good amount of $$$. The other good periods are the ones given above for Mercury and Venus. Note also the Sun's: Jun 15-Sep 17, Nov 16- Dec 15 and Feb 12- Mar 14. These are approximately same for every year. And of course, when the Moon passes Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. As always, the overlapping periods of the above planets are your best.

Romance /Marriage: Rahu who has been causing mischief [and even havoc in extreme cases] first in your 8th house [Feb , 02-Aug , 03] a period especially unfavourable for partner, and thereafter in your 7th house of marriage is finally moving out around Feb 22, 05. Yet, note his GD, MB days from Virgo above and be very cool and conscious. Although Saturn aspects the 7th house which is nice, the best periods for bonding relationships come after Rahu moves out of the 7th. Mars is your 7th lord, and when he comes to Lagna Nov 2-Dec 17, when he gets exalted Mar 12-Apr 24, 05 and when he is in the 5th house of passion Apr 24-Jun 4, 05 and finally in the 7th house itself Jul 19, 05- Feb 6, 06 are the best periods

Family: For partner: Nov 2-Dec 17 and Mar 12-Jun 4, 05 and after Jul 19, 05 are nice. The bad days are: Sep 17-Nov 2, Dec 17-Jan 29, 05 and especially Jun 4- Jul 19, 05 when hooked with Rahu in the 6th house. For mother, a Saturn Return or Erastaka with a weak Saturn and Cancer can challenge her health and well being. Conversely a strong Saturn, Moon and Cancer can usher significant prosperity and fortune. For father, the good periods of Mercury and the Sun given above are nice. For children Saturn in the 10th is nice unless weak in Ashtaka, which can cause hurt and accidents especially when Mars connects as for the partner. Watch Mar 19-May 8, 05 which can cause hurt to kids. For siblings a fair year ahead.

Health: Rahu to the 6th gives good health unless afflicted. Note his MB/GD days for possible GI/Colon/digestive problems, and Mar 19-May 8, 05 for possible health problems: skin, feet, eyes and sleep problems. Jun 4-- Jul 19, 05 is another which can cause hurt, cuts, injury from weapons. That is Mars on Rahu in the 6th house and note also Mars' MB and GD: Jun 12-14, 05 and Jul 13- 19, 05 and thru to Jul 25.

next week: Scorpio and Sagittarius.















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