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Basic Life Reading: US $ 120

You are taken on a weekly basis according to the Dashas - Planetary Periods unfolding in your Personalised Chart for the next 12-18 months. Along the way all the dominant domains of your life are discussed. You are welcome to ask me to focus more on areas of your choice, like wealth, employment, romance The reading is recorded on a 90 minute audio cassette and mailed by First Class Air Mail with a 10-page one-time chart.

Yearly Updates: US $ 75

The reading, generally a continuation is done like above for the next
12-18 months. The audio cassette is shipped by air mail with a relevant update on the chart [pages added]

Detailed Life Reading: US $ 250

Similar to basic reading but much more detailed. Yogas and other planetary placements are explained in detail. Subsequent Dashas analysed for the remainder of your life. The tape recording runs to about 3 hours.

Compatibility Match-Up for Marriage, long term or business partnerships: Using Kootas [Units of Compatibility] and Birth Charts. US $ 120

This amazing Vedic method ensures success and longevity of partnerships.

Written Compatibility reports [in simple terms] are mailed with the Two Birth Charts.

E-mail Consultations: US $ 100 per hour

For clients whose charts have already been analysed by me. When you have specific issues like an unexpected job offer, changing career, launching a new venture, a sudden relationship, etc.

Please note for any of above services, I need your:

Date of Birth (00:00-23:59hours)

Time of Birth (Please indicate the time on the clock at birth. I will adjust the time changes like Daylight Saving or Summer time etc)

Place of Birth City. If a suburb or a hospital the name of the closest city, County, Province, and Country

For any further information, please contact me.















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