Dear Gamini:
When I was allowed to visit Colombo by special permission for only 4 days accompanied by my brother, I am very grateful to you for giving me a consultation even with such a short notice, and the extra trouble you took to rectify my chart.

For the first time I believed in astrology when you asked me whether I was fined or in confinement. And also about my failed marriages. Then I told you what happened to me, the true story.

In Dec 2001 just as you predicted I was given a pardon and now I am a free man again. Thanks also for that protective talisman you arranged for me through that amazing spiritual medium at the Wellagala Rock Temple in SL.

My legitimate travel business is lot better now. I have also stopped eating red meat.

My God bless you

Mohammed. Maldives



Dear Gamini

I am a medical doctor (a Sagittarian) who never believed in astrology but was reading your Sunday Observer column for its color, stimulation and erudition. Yet in just under six months I got immigration to Australia just by acting according to what you wrote.

Later when I asked you to do my chart, and after listening to your tape a few times, I am convinced that I now have better control of my life.

Thanks again for sharing your wisdom

Dr: Chandana. Melbourne



Dear Gamini

When you asked me for my two-year-old daughter’s birth data in Feb 1997 at our first meeting, and had I obliged it could have saved her life. Five years after that terrible tragedy, I now (despite my training as a lawyer) understand life better through your readings of my chart. Like you said I have rebounded

And I am doing more radio and media work [Venus on the 10th house)! I also know what a Saturn Return or Saade Sath means, having experienced it first hand. Since then I have been following your guidance and I am very content with life now. Thanks for showing me the true spiritual path via my vedic chart

Sherry. Toronto




Dear Gamini

Thanks for rectifying my son’s chart [who for 27 years since his birth was given a wrong chart] and getting straight to the point by asking me if he was in detention or something, when I first met you in Mar 2001.

As you correctly predicted he was released from detention in July 2001 but was not able to proceed strongly with his defense. He was deported for overstaying his visa in the US two months later.

Your reading gave me the strength and focus , I very much needed during that crisis.

Rose. Colombo



Dear Gamini

I did not tell you what I was doing in Sri Lanka until you came out with the accident-proneness in my chart.I was being treated for a broken back at an Ayurvedic Center.

Your reading was amazing.

I escaped two more auto-accidents this year.

I am also grateful for giving me the "Henaraja/King of Thunder " talisman through that “KapuMahattaya/medium” I now believe in its power against accidents and hurt.

Helen. Berlin



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